Capesize bulk carrier crew multiply health problems: 1 crew reported dead; 1 medevaced


Reports emerged on Apr 18, saying that the crew of Capesize bulk carrier HEROIC encountered multiply health problems, including one death and one medevac, according to Bulk carrier arrived at Kaloi Limenes Good Ports Anchorage, southern Crete, in the morning Apr 18, and was anchored. She arrived from Sokhna port, Egypt, via Suez. While under way in Mediterranean, several crew members reported health problems, understood during Apr 16-17, one crew died, another one, 59-year old Chief Engineer, was in need of immediate medical assistance. He was airlifted by helicopter to hospital in Rhodes on Apr 17. Understood medevac is confirmed, but no confirmation or clarity yet of another crew death.

Posted in Accidents by Mikhail Voytenko on Apr 18, 2021 at 14:42.