-First commercial ship in the U.S with 3D design process under construction.
-ABS, Robert Allan, Signet Maritime and the U.S Coast Guard took part in this venture.
-The vessel will be certified by the USCG and Signet will build it to ABS Class.
-The vessel features advanced rotortug design, developed by RAL and Rotortug.

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Robert Allan (RAL), Signet Maritime Corporation and the United States Coast Guard (USCG) have developed a commercial vessel using an end-to-end 3D design process, says an article published in Offshore Energy.

•Certification and construction

The vessel, which the companies claim is the U.S.-first, will receive its certificate of inspection from the USCG and will be built and operated by Signet to ABS Class.

•Next-generation vessel production

“This landmark achievement sets the bar for future projects both in the U.S. and internationally. Together with our forward-looking partners, we have realized a long-held dream of the industry to leave behind 2D paper plans and move to the next generation of vessel production,” said Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman, President and CEO.

•Advanced design

According to the companies, the vessel will feature advanced rotortug (ART) designation, jointly developed by RAL and Rotortug (KST) BV to enhance the performance for ship-handling, terminal support and escort towing.

•Access to same complete model

“3D design review ensures the designer, engineer, production manager, fitter, welder, and surveyor all work from the same complete model. Each individual has access to both the micro (component) and macro (complete assembly) with which they are working to better understand the bracket, frame, or bulkhead as it relates to the module, section, and ship,” Timothy S. McCallum, Signet Vice President, Engineering and Dynamics concluded.

•3D digital model for class approval

In April 2020, ABS completed a pilot project that used 3D digital models for class surveys, thus becoming the “industry-first” to support any shipyard or designer that wants to submit a 3D model for class approval.

Source: Offshore Energy