A fire broke out on a ship docked in the Beirut port, where a massive explosion occurred last August, reports Alarabiya News.

The cause of the fire remains unknown, according to the reports, but teams from the Lebanese Civil Defense headed to the scene to extinguish it.

•Beirut explosion

On August 4 last year, a deadly explosion at the same site killed over 200 people injured around 7,500 others. Large parts of Lebanon’s capital city were also destroyed.

Lebanon has been suffering from an unprecedented economic crisis since 2019, heightened by the coronavirus pandemic and the port blast.

On Thursday, Prime Minister designate Saad al-Hariri announced that he would be stepping down from his role. Lebanon had already been without a government for nine months, and the prime minister-designate’s announcement is expected to plunge the country into further chaos and uncertainty.

The country has been reeling from an economic crisis that the World Bank has described as one of the world’s worst in the 19th century.

•Incident Update

Members of the Civil Defense extinguished a fire that broke out in invalid tires placed to prevent frictions between the Nellore cattle ship, and Oil/Chemical Tanker CAPTAIN NAGDALIYEV that are both docked in the Beirut port.

This as the Directorate General of the Civil Defense reported that its members worked on evacuating the workers on board of the Nellore cattle ship and to ensure the safety of all of them.

The two ships were also inspected to verify that they were free of any danger.

Source: Alarabiya News