A crew member of container ship LOG-IN POLARIS (IMO 9852365, capacity 2700 TEU, flag Brazil) was hospitalized on Mar 16 with covid symptoms while the ship was in Amazonia, Brazil, and 3 days later died from viral pneumonia, according to death certificate. He and 5 other crew were tested positive. All other crew remained healthy, the ship underwent quarantine, resumed her voyage and reached port of destination Manaus on Apr 5. 
A 63-year-old Filipino crew member of bulk carrier VITA FUTURE (IMO 9697870, dwt 81938, flag Liberia) was hospitalized at Santos, Brazil, on Apr 5, and died on Apr 12, he was tested positive, but no details of his death were given. He died and he was tested positive for covid. The rest of the crew are healthy. The ship was moored at Santos early Apr 2, taken to anchorage on Apr 4, and as of Apr 15 remains anchored at outer Santos anchorage, being under quarantine. 
Bulk carrier FLORINDA (IMO 9423499, dwt 58600, flag Marshall Islands) arrived at Santos on Apr 4 to be loaded with sugar, Ukrainian crew member was hospitalized with covid symptoms, the rest of the crew remaining healthy. The ship was taken to anchorage and put under quarantine until Apr 22. Ukrainian seaman has reportedly, recovered from whatever illness he has. 
There’s an ongoing upsurge of positive tests among crews worldwide, including recent (ongoing) cases of tanker and laker in Canada. 
All in all, there were three seamen deaths attributed to covid since the beginning of this year, though in no cases authorities provided enough details and proofs, to verify that the deaths were caused by covid. All we know is the fact, that for more than a year, there wasn’t one single death caused by covid, on board of merchant ships. Why sudden upsurge now, after mass vaccination was launched? It must be the other way around.

Posted in Accidents by Mikhail Voytenko on Apr 15, 2021 at 16:01.