Date – 19-08-2020

Internal – Wankede sir 

External – Gadkar sir

Q. What are 4 pillars of imo

Q. What is dmlc in this mlc convention

Q. What are sp surveys

Q. What are statutory surveys & class surveys do both have sp surveys

Q. What all check you will tell to conduct your 2 engineer with respect to safecon survey.

Q. Suppose you take over a new bulky what all certifictes you should have

Q. What all under annex 6 i.e. certificate

Q. What is given in nox tech file

Q. What all checks in lifting appliances basically wanted to hear annual testing and certification

Date – Unknown

External – Pakrasi Sir

Internal – Kamat Sir

Q. First details about yourself & experience

Q. Ism implementation onboard

Q. How will you check ism is effectively impelemeted

Q. Marine Casualty Investigation and reporting.

Q. Honkong convention.what all certificates. How as a chief Engineer you will plan for recycling

Q. Safety measures for bulk carrier.

Q. Certificates under solas for bulk carrier

Q. Dijbouti code.


Internal questions:-

Q. As a chief Engineer how will go for guarantee claim on a machinery failure. Select amy machinery you like.

Date – Unknown

Internal – Vikrant rai sir

External – Pakrashi Sir

Q. Introduction and Experience after Class 2

Q. How as C/E you will make sure that IHM is remains implemented throughout the life of the ship

Q. What do you mean by IHM what does it include

Q. What will be the initial checks you will carry out as C/E

Q. W.r.t. TMON notation how as C/E you will make sure that it remains implemented during the  lifetime of a ship

Q. What are the different Methods and their implementation

Q. A motorman dies onboard during crankcase explosion how you will ensure that the case is represented properly and his family gets the claim

Q. What type of insurance he was covered under

Q. What is P& I insurance and what are the inclusions in it

Q. What is third party

Q. ISM elements for engineers

Q. Types of Charter Parties

Q. Important items to be maintained in Time Charter Party

Q. What are the surveys carried out in a Time Charter or what all things are checked.

Q. Your Vessel has collided and there is a dent now how and class has given Condition how you will proceed and prepare to put an insert at the location of dent

Q. How you will identify the location and inform your Superintendent

Q. What can you identify from Shell Expansion plan?

Q. Types of steel

Q. How you will make sure that correct type of steel is ordered.

Date – Unknown

External – Kamath sir

Internal – Vikrant Rai sir

Q. Class vs statutory surveys

Q. SMC all in details

Q. Fuel consumption increase action as ce

Q. Propeller damage, repair actions as ce

Q. Propeller curve in details it’s significance


Q. Classification societies

Q. Laytime laycan

Q. Marine casualty and some more questions

Date – 20-08-2020

External – Pakrasi sir 

Internal – Kamath sir

Q. State and class certificate of container ship. All certificate and any specific.

Q. Why class required.

Q. Parametric rolling. Why, how, preacution, how to avoid

Q. Heavy weather  damage on ship, prepare for H&M claim. All documents

Q. RPSL function , why required Where in MLC.

Q. Dry dock. What all drawings need to send to yard. Drawing for tailshaft removal, drawing for shell plate renewal.

Q. Taking over new ship in yard.

Q. How to go about ISM implementation till requesting for initial survey.

Q. Marine insurance principle

Q. Abraham Maslow of motivation. Pyramid

Q. Anchor not coming up.

Q. At deep sea c/o has lowered anchor fully now not coming up. Explain, What to do.

Q. Dead ship or dead man roller on windlass

Date – 20-08-2020

External – Gadkar sir

Internal – Wankhede sir

Q. Introduction, background as 2E

Q. Joining as CE on new vessel , ISPS implementation? Interim ISSC , Full term ISSC

Q. CSR, in details FORM 1,2,3


Q. Tailshaft survey methods ..

Q. MLC certificates, documents to carry on-board..started with 7 years of MLC enforcement completed today …

Q. ME lube oil consumption increases ?

Q. Psc usually points out 1 wrong entry into ORB . what is that entry? Daily sludge generation and entry …

Q. ESP in details ( history and purposes ), when 1st ESP survey will start for tanker ? Survey programming, survey questionnaires

Date – 20-08-2020

Internal – Vikrant rai sir

External – Gadkar sir

Q. Name 5 imo instruments

Q. How will you ensure your ship complies with solas

Q. What are the certificates under solas

Q. What all surveys required to complete safcon

Q. Duration of safcon

Q. What is Bnwas, requirement and date stored for how long

Q. Psc elements, conventions with regulations

Q. Under which unclos is psc..what is unclos and where will you find if your ship has psc deficiency

Q. Seemp and requirement

Q. Pr17

Q. What on a second hand ship will you check as a ce

Internal questions:-

Q. Which company and types of ships

Q. What is eedi significance

Q. What is the duration of docking survey

Date – Unknown

Internal – Vikrant Rai sir

External – Gadkar sir

Q. General introduction, how many months after class 2, which ship type

Q. 3 tier of oil pollution damage and its compensation limit in CLC?

Q. Which convention applies to Mauritius incident?Bunker convention applies to which ships?

Q. Arbitration

Q. Psc who gives the power?

Q. Propeller damage How will you come to know about the damage?what is the effect of the damage?

Q. How will you know about the propeller efficiency?

Q. Noon report

Q. Checks carried during drydock flooding.

Q. Checks on rudder during drydock

Internal questions:-

Q. How will you prepare for Ship recycling ?

Q. Wages not paid for 3 months

Q. What  factors you consider while you change the company and from you get the info?


Q. Generator 1 is not working, what are your actions