Date – 21-08-2020

Internal – wankhede sir

External – Gupta sir

Q. Introduction. Type of vessels sailed , experience as 2E, company name.

Q. What do understand with word administration?

Q. What is MLC.

Q. Documents under MLC.

Q. MLC forms 1 to 7. How ML certificate issue?

Q. Annual load line survey. Purpose of it.

Q. For passenger ship what certificate issued by PSC

Q. PSC inspection &  its need. also tools of PSC.

Q. FSI and PSC difference?

Q. Flag state enforcement where mention.

Q. Flag state responsibility

Q. ME fuel consumption increase gradually action as c/e.

Q. What is slip. It’s significant.

Q. Why thermal efficiency reduce over the age of vessels.

Q. Fund conversation. Its liability limit. when it use.

Date – 21-08-2020

Internal – Vikrant rai sir

External – Pakrashi Sir

Q. Introduction and Experience

Q. Certificates of statutory survey and class survey on oil tanker?

Q. Class certificates Other than certificate of class?

Q. Boiler survey requirement?

Q. What is statutory survey?

Q. ESP applicable and where mention in solas? Which ships,?

Q. How do you know it is esp vessel?

Q. What needs to be done for esp notation?

Q. 10 years old oil tanker prepare for esp?

Q. What to check? He wanted specific areas on tanker?

Q. Budgeting? Prepare for engine side under what Heads? Expects simple answer.

Q. Functional requirements of ism?

Q. GZ kN curves difference? Practical value of KN ?

Q. BOL? When it becomes contract of carriage? Issued based on what?

Q. Electronic BoL concept?

Q. Loadline survey? Where mentioned details for conditions of assignment?

Q. Multiple loadlines?

Q. Types of audit for SMC? Additional Audit when?

Q. Ows malfunction just reaching port? Actions as CE for convincing PSC? Who will verify these?

Q. Static and dynamic stability definition?

Q. Disadvantages of double hull tanker from stability point?

Date – 21-08-2020

Internal – Kamath sir

External – Gadkar sir

Q. Introduction, experience as 2E, type of ships.

Q. Dry dock interval, and in case of Tmon DD interval.

Q. Withdrawal of propeller, checks before withdrawal.

Q. Checks on rudder in dry dock

Q. Drydock before flooding checks, all checks at intermediate stages of flooding

Q. Tmon, condition for assigning tmon notation.

Q. Procedure for fitting seals in place

Q. Elements of ISM for engineered

Q. How to prepare list of critical spares.

Q. Statutory certificate for oil tanker.

Q. Bunker convention

Q. Emergency pump not working in port action as CE

Q. PSC codes for detention and for deficiency.

Q. Checks during sea trial

Date – 21-08-2020

Internal – Kamath sir

External – Gadkar sir

Q. What is contractual liability?

Q. Third party liability?

Q. Limitation of liability

Q. In a 2nd hand ship, how you decide which machinery is to be critical?

Q. Explain IMO structure?

Q. What are CE duties as per STCW?

Q. You are arriving to a port, you crew is fatigueg, your actions as CE?

Q. What is Laycan?

Q. Explain about CO2 fixed fire fighting all surveys.

Q. Whats is HSSC? Why it came into picture? Which is one certificate not aligned with HSSC?

Date – 21-08-2020

External – Gadkar sir

Internal – Kamath sir

Q. Difference between statutory survey and Class survey

Q. Certificates under statutory survey and Class survey.

Q. What is special survey

Q. Significance of propeller curve to chief engineer

Q. Motorman died due to crankcase explosion how you will prepare his case to get compensation

Q. MOU, PSC convention and regulation, why psc is required if we have flag state

Q. Flag state and port state difference. Duties of flag state and port state.

Q. Who give power to psc

Q. How as a chief engineer you plan for ship recycling

Q. where you will find if your ship has a psc deficiency

Q. GISIS and what information is needed to put in gisis to know the deficiency

Q. Vessel has collided and there is a dent how you will proceed for plate renewal. How you will measure the depth of the dent.

Q. What is shell expansion plan

Q. Subdivision index

Q. Fire in purifier room, How as a chief engineer you will proceed

Date – 19-08-2020

External – Gadkar sir

Q. Tell me about yourself / your experience as second engineer

Q. Tell me about tail shaft survey / Methods / interval /TMON requirements

Q. You are going for tail shaft survey what all items will you prepare / tools / spares / then he asked me the name of propeller nut then he asked me how it works / asked me explain push of propeller. Graphs details


Q. You are going to take a ship on time charter as a C/E what are the two most important things that would want to check

Q. IACS / what is the different between UI and PR

Q. Boiler survey interval

Q. SFOC is minimum at what load ? why do you slow steam at much lower load then?

Q. How do you deal with MNC of ISM?

Q. P&I. if H&M is taking ¾ why you need P&I

Q. You are on a ship and a motorman died on board. How will you proceed to make sure that you get compensation?

Q. Noon report

Q. Difference between real slip and apparent slip / what is your interpretation of Apparent slip.

Date – 21-8-2020 

Internal – Wankhede sir 

External – Gupta sir

Q. Origin of ism,

Q. You have joined ship as chief engineer how will you check effectiveness of ism on your vessel, loadline survey

applicable to which ship and Which ships exempted

Q. vessel has run aground actions as chief engineer .

Q. Where you will find what actions arer to be taken, main engine performance has deteriorated what can be reasons, esp code and what is esp survey substantial corrosion esp file, detainable deficiencies under psc.

Date – 21-08-2020

Internal – Wankhede sir

External – Gupta sir

Q. ISM Implementation on ship

Q. As CE how wil you make sure ship comply with ism code/ accident triangle

Q. MLC 2006

Q. Rest hour violation

Q. CE action and reporting

Q. Sea trail and shop trail

Q. Ship recycling convention

Q. CE duty and IHM

Q. Substandard ship

Q. Unsafe ship

Q. Paint scheme

Q. Anti fouling latest paint

Q. Main engine deteriorated action as CE and cause / performance