Date – Unknown

External – Pakrasi sir

Q. Ism functional requirements, 6 requirements

Q. What is ITLOS

Q. What is HSSC?

Q. All about MEPC 74

Q. Functional requirements of UMS ships

Q. Limitations of co2 as fire extinguisher at least 10 points.

Q. Adoption of convention, ratification accession etc lots of cross questions


Q. What are the types of bill of lading he wanted to listen atleast 7 – 8 types that doesn’t include clean and dirty BOL

Q. Why do we issue 3 original bill of lading, some more cross questions

Q. Recognised organisation

Date – Unknown

External – Pakrasi sir

Q. Management review vs masters review

Q. Msc 101 discussions, Mass

Q. Fuel specification used currently

Q. Paretto principle

Q. Marslows theory, explain self actualization

Q. Ship statutory certificates

Q. Life boat onload release gear how interlock released when release manually?

Q. Free fall life boat checks

Date – Unknown

External – Gadkar sir

Internal – Vikrant Rai sir

Q. Intro: Number of ships after class 2, type of ships sailing on.

Q. List all conventions that apply to your ship.

Q. What is UNCLOS?

Q. Your responsibilities under UNCLOS?

Q. No more favourable treatment?


Q. Tacit acceptance, and how conventions are enforced?

Q. Noon slip details.

Q. How will you evaluate ME performance. Draw propeller curve.

Q. Hull vibrations. Reasons.

Q. Propeller damage. Types and repairs.

Internal questions:-

Q. On what Basis PSC conducts ship inspection. Why FS worried about detentions.

Q. Boiler derating.

Q. Anniversary date.

Q. If crack in one side TST, what will be your risk assessment. He wanted to hear check other side tank because it’s a stress fracture.

Date – 21-01-2019

Internal – Vikrant Rai sir

External – Gadkar sir

Q. Types of charter and CE duties on voyage and time charter

Q. Pr 17

Q. IACS, how many members and it’s relation to imo

Q. tcm or tmon notation requirement

Q. Noon report

Q. Performance of engine, draw card, power card.

Q. Grades of steel

Q. 0.5 sulphur effects on engine and how to handle 0.5 percent fuel

Q. P and I scope and h and m scope, who insures what

Internal questions:-

Q. Imo documents

Q. Fonar

Date – 22-01-2020

Internal – Vikrant Rai sir

External – Pal sir

Q. Esp in detail ( His favourate asked to almost everybody)

Q. IMO 2020 difficulty, fonar

Q. PSC detention codes 17, 30

Q. Salvage convention, Scopic

Q. OPRC convention

Q. You are required to release co2 in engine room after head count you found 4e missing and then 3e told that 4e is dead near engine will you release co2

Date – Unknown

External – Gupta sir

Internal – Kamath sir

Q. As a C/E How will you prepare ship for loadline survey

Q. ESP, applicability

Q. What is substantial corrosion, how will you tackle substantial corrosion

Q. How you carry out Risk assessment

Q. How will you prepare for SEQ survey

Q. What is parametric rolling

Q. Auxiliary engine crankshaft damaged, how will you prepare for h & m claim

Q. Which ship will roll more

Date – 23-01-2020

Internal – Kamath sir

External – Yadav sir

Q. First start with introduction, what type of ships, how many month after class 2 then start does your company follow MLC.

Q. As per Mlc what is seafarer contract of agreement cross questions. What is cba, How wages are decided., What is Rpsl, Who pay Rpsl , did you they ask any fees form seafarer, what is your action if they ask money, whom to report

Q. What is difference between intermediate survey and annual survey cross questions. What you check during intermediate surway, what is your action if surveyor found some defective condition.

Q. What is your action as chief engineer when collision in way of engine room, cross questions. what all things you check, what you check  on main engine from out side.

Q. How you prepare for h & m survey in case of auxiliary Engine crank shaft broken cross questions how h & m surveyor satisfied.,

Q. what is pr 17.

Q. What is condition monitoring cross questions give example, what is benefit for owner for obtaining condition monitoring

Q. What are the tools of surveyor while doing intermediate survey, What did surveyor check in hull part, if surveyor find out defect for example vents which other certificate affected. what is your action as ce.

Date – Unknown

External – Yadav sir

Internal – Vikrant rai sir

Q. CE taking over new ship, actions and responsibility as CE

Q. Compliant fuel unavailable- actions

Q. From CE stand point, what items will you look at during unit overhaul.

Q. Role of class

Q. Management of change. What is it and how explain

Q. Anchor not heaving up. Actions if both windlass fail.

Q. Log book and standing order book contents and requirement

Internal questions:-

Q. Sewage discharge criteria

Q. Vibrations in aft end. Commercial pressure , what will you do

Q. India is on grey list of Paris mou. What it means.

Date – 24-01-2020

Q. As C/E how will you prepare for load line survey.

Q. Difference between rules and regulation

Q. What is controlled document and  uncontrolled document.Example. what’s is standing instructions.

Q. 2/e not obeying your orders and not willing to work. company says you to manage. what will you do?

Q. Explain ISGOTT and what is background.

Q. Statutory certificate

Q. Class NK to llyods. change of class. how will you prepare your ship.

Q. Explain Miller cycle. Advantage

Q. What is UNCLOS. Statutory requirements of UNCLOS

Date -30-01-2020

Q. Maximum density of cargo can be loaded on board.

Q. Applicability of Marpol and solas.

Q. What if ship is below 500 gt.

Q. How India enforce convention. Many cross questions regarding entry in to force.

Q. ISO standard for 0.5 sulphur.

Q. Why iso/pass 23263 what it says about sulphur contain.

Q. Action as CE if sfoc increased.

Q. Difference between IBC and BCH code.

Q. Correction, corrective action and PA.. Said explain with example.

Q. Latest Imo meeting

Q. On November 2019 which convention india rectified.

Q. Ship is going to dry dock, your preparation regarding framo pumps.