Date – 18-02-2020

External – Pakrasi sir

Q. Admiralty coefficient and fuel coefficient

Q. Miller cycle

Q. Common law and civil law

Q. Admiral law and maritime law

Q. Free surface effect

Q. Man b&w new development in piston ring pop type

Q. Letter of credit and bank guarantee

Q. Action as CE in calculation in steel renewal in dry dock plan

Q. How will train junior engineer and different type of competency

Q. As per ism , during bunkering external auditor came and bunker checklist not filled what action as chief engineer .

Q. Shear force and bending moment, where it is maximum as through out length of ship.

Date – 18-02-2020

External – Pakrasi sir

Q. Shear force and bending moment where maximum in bulk carrier.

Q. Draw bending moment and shear force diagram.

Q. KN curve.

Q. When ism came into existence, what cause ism to come.

Q. What are consons in RORO ships.

Q. Stiff ship and tender ship.

Q. What happens to GM when ship is stiff and tender.

Q. How to register a ship in india.

Q. Propeller curve.

Q. MLC how many chapter and title, it is a biptrate or tripitrate.

Q. Green engine.

Q. Double evaporation boiler.

Q. Five principles of marine insurance.

Date – Unknown

External – Pakrasi sir

Q. Solas certificates and cross question about safety equipment and safety radio.

Q. Admirality coefficient.

Q. Green engine.

Q. Imo instruments used by PSC for inspection.

Q. CSR- class structural requirements.

Q. PSSA, how many PSSA are there.

Q. What is Heat no.

Q. How to register a ship in india.

Date – 20-02-2020

External – Pakrassi sir

Q. Brief intro, written result, type of ships, experience as 2/e

Q. ISM, When and where incorporated in solas. In how many stages was it enforced depending on ship type. Latest amendment to ISM in 2010 as cyber security is not yet in force.What is the implementation date for cyber security amendment.

Q. CSR in ISPS Code. What all forms in it. Contents of form 1. How to update in case of change of flag. Can the new flag issue new form 1 if the old flag has not issued form 1 for change of flag.

Q. What is the difference between admiralty coefficient and fuel coefficient.

Q. HART Protocol

Q. ITLOS full form. Comes under what convention. What is the purpose. Where are the headquarters.

Q. What happens in dry dock during critical period. Draw and explain.

Q. Fatigue/human element in ISM. Comes under which element. Name the imo resolutions on fatigue/human element.

Q. Preparation for dry dock as c/e. Specifications for dry dock. Drawings required for the same.

Q. Difference between load line and sub division load line.

Date – 18-02-2020

External – Pakrasi sir

Q. Ism latest amendment, cyber security list out the vulnerable points

Q. Hart protocol

Q. Substantial corrosion and side shell repair

Q. Load line survey as chief engr and how would you come to know whether the plimsoll marking has been tampered with or not

Q. Explain how power is calculated for engine when it is on test bed at shop trial

Q. Sea trial manoeuver, explain

Q. Green engine

Q. Latest development in piston ring

Q. Noise code and what is frequency used for A and C weighted curves

Date – 20-02-2020

External – Pakrasi sir

Q. Introduction, experience

Q. Ism

Q. As a C/E How will you train a new joining TME as per Stcw?

Q. What are contents of TAR book?

Q. Djibouti?  Which areas applicable? How many countries? Functions of the countries?

Q. Risk and Hazard?

Q. Soft skills, where is mentioned in Stcw?

Q. Situational awareness

Q. Shipboard training, where in Stcw?

Q. Paints? Latest in paints?

Q. What is EN? What all contents in table?

Q. Types of anchors?

Date – 21-02-2020

External – Pal sir

Internal – Vikrant Rai sir

Q. Types of chemical tanker, cargo carried in each type, construction difference. Discharge criteria.

Q. CSR in details

Q. BIMCO role in IMO, what they do ?

Q. 2nd Engineer injured and need to take rest for some days how you manage, if he signed off and no reliever available then action as CE ?

Q. MLC rest and work hours .

Q. Vessel grounded action as CE ?

Q. If oil pollution after grounding ?

Internal questions:-

Q. In port, 2 generators are not working, no repair, no spare, need to do short voyage for discharging cargo. Action as CE

Q. Company told you to reduce co2 emissions from ships. Action as CE

Q. 16 to 5 bar boiler, derating.

Date – 21-02-2020

Internal – Vikrant Rai sir

External – Pal sir

Q. Introduction and experience

Q. Types of chemical tanker, construction difference, discharge criteria.

Q. Esp applied to which type of vessel. Why it’s not applied to chemical tanker

Q. Latest amendment in MLC

Q. What is latest IMO short term strategy

Q. Principle of marine insurance.

Q. 3e has done oil spill and not accepting it instead blaming 2e. Your action as ce.

Q. Oil spill in high seas action as ce

Q. Limitations of RO in certification and surveys

Q. What is IACS. Why it’s required.

Internal questions:-

Q. Oil spill at high seas action as ce.

Q. Esp

Date – 21-02-2020.

Internal – Vikrant rai sir

External – Pal sir

Q. Started with introduction and experience.

Q. Registration of ship.

Q. ESP, Have you seen ESP? how does it looks like?

Q. Why coating is required, types of coating

Q. What is galvanization, Impressed Current cathodic protection system what is function of reference anode.

Q. How you will reduce GHG from running ship.

Q. What we are achieving from regulation 22A Marpol.

Q. What is cold ironing?

Q. What is Difference between Unclos and IMO. What do you mean by frame work Convention?

Q. What is Statement of Compliance and what is difference between statement of compliance and certificate of compliance.

Q. What is FUND convention,

Internal questions:-

Q. What is Cold ironing? What do you want to achieve from that.

Q. What is requirement of dry dock, explain requirement?

Q. What do you want to achieve from regulation 22A Marpol.