Date – 21-02-2020

Internal – Vikrant Rai Sir

External – Pal Sir

Q. Introduction and experience

Q. Type of ships and ME you have done? I said Product tankers, MC-C & ME-B engines

Q. What is RO code & it’s purpose

Q. ESP Code, ESP for oil tankers in details & what all surveys under  ESP

Q. you have non-compliant fuel onboard, what will you do as CE

Q. Has India ratified BWM convention. If vessel from other country who has ratified, comes to India, then can PSC carryout inspection of vessel with respect to BWM and why?

Q. What is SSP & who prepares it?

Q. What is difference between SSO & CSO?

Q. What is Marking and Carving note, who issues it & whole procedure wrt registration of Ship?

Internal Questions:-

Q. Since you have done ME-B engines tell me what technical problem you have faced on ship & how you tackled the problem.

Q. You are CE, 2E is phillipino & 3E is Indian, 3E always keeps complaining about 2E, what action you will take as CE.

Date – 24-02-2020

Internal – Kamath sir,

External – Pakrassi sir.

Q. Type of ship sailed on?. Since i have sailed on gas ship, so he asked me.

Q. What action will you take once you change from propane to ammonia?

Q. Pv valve function.

Q. Propane to ammonia change over procedure.  How sampling method used.

Q. Condition of assessment requirement.

Q. Common law and civil law.

Q. Types of paints.

Q. Paint used on your last ship.

Q. Marpol regulation 22a.

Q. Steel plate renewal assessment as chief engineer.

Q. Action as chief engineer if you stuck with non-comp fuel onboard?

Q. Prepare  contigency plan as a ce.

Q. Esp program in details.

Q. What is polymer in paints?.

Internal questions:-

Q. Windlass testing.

Q. Hull plating renewal going on you as ce at what all points you will stop the welder during the jobs.(looking for step by step welding procedure starting from surface preparation).

Q. Connecting rod bolts inspection using ndt?.

Q. Registration of ship?

Q. Give at least 5 points why classification society is required?.

Q. Material of hull plating and material of tank on gas carrier?

Date – Unknown

External – Pakrashi sir

Internal – Kamath sir

Q. ITLOS where is headquarter and any case Indian case in ITLOS


Q. Bank guarantee and letter of credit

Q. Ism code, entry into force, 1st major amendment eif and it’s detail, ism applicable to which ships

Q. Statutory certificate on tankers, who issue afs certificate and it’s validity

Q. what are the legal system used in marine industry

Q. what is reg 22 in marpol annex 1

Q. Onshore complaint procedure, to whom complaint in Indian port, who is the highest authority in India and timelines for complaints

Q. Onload and offload mechanism of lifeboat

Q. Review in ism, input to management review

Q. Welding onboard what will you do as CE he wants technical aspect

Date – Unknown

Internal – Kamath sir

External – Gadkar sir

Q. Experience as 2nd

Q. Type Ship sailed

Q. Ism elements relevant to CE

Q. N.C how to close NC

Q. Certificate as per statutory surveys convention vice

Q. PA & GA

Q. Types of insurance

Q. Which insurance covered by whom then according  to clc bunker convention who pays to whom

Q. Tier 1,2,3

Q. New amendment in 2020 in marpol

Q. III code

Internal questions:-

Q. Class vs statutory survey

Q. How Propeller manufactured casting or forging, crack in propeller how to find which non destructive test is perform on propeller to find crack

Date – Unknown

Internal – Kamath sir

External – Gadkar sir

Q. Experience as 2nd, on LNG Ships

Q. What is special survey?

Q. How is your dfde ship efficient than steam propulsion ship.

Q. What is methane slip.

Q. Explain millers cycle

Q. Draw and explain Otto cycle, diesel cycle

Q. Microbial degradation and what are your actions as a CE

Q. Explain Sulphur cap 2020, what is your action as a CE if there is non complaint fuel onboard

Q. Enclosed spaced entry procedures and details about the permit, what are the hazards in cleaning f.o tanks

Date – Unknown

Internal – Kamath sir

External – Gadkar sir

Q. Type of ships done

Q. Type of cargoes carried and properties

Q. Hong kong convention and how you implement

Q. Nairobi wreck convention and definition of wreck

Q. Latest fuel oil edition and what fuels introduced and explain

Q. Load line survey  and how will you prepare

Q. HSSC  and survey details

Q. Propeller curve

Q. BWMS and definition of active substance

Q. Bridge equipments VDR, AIS and speed log

Date – Unknown

Q. Causality investigation code. as per imo and as per dg

Q. Different type of insurances

Q. Difference between h and m  and P&,I

Q. Salvage convention

Q. Article 13, 14, scopic, LOF. cross questions on different condition

Q. Nox technical file

Q. EEDI technical file

Q. Difference Eeoi, eedi and various conditions

Q. All certificates and documents as per marpol

Q. Container safety convention new amendments

Q. Sulphur cap and regarding FONAR on Indian perspective

Q. IMDG dangerous goods classification and some cross questions

Q. MOL COMFORT incident and after what changes in IACS rules

Q. SCR- ship construction rules

Q. Latest amendments (2020) in solas

Q. How EIAPP certificate is issued

Q. Mlc insurance certificates and latest amendments and so many cross questions

Q. Who issues FONAR form

Date – 18-02-2020

External – Pakrasi sir

Q. Shear force and bending moment where maximum in bulk carrier.

Q. Draw bending moment and shear force diagram.

Q. KN curve.

Q. When ism came into existence. what cause ism to come. what are consons in RORO ships

Q. Stiff ship and tender ship. what happens to GM when ship is stiff and tender.

Q. How to register a ship in india.

Q. Propeller curve.

Q. MLC how many chapter and title. it is a biptrate or tripitrate.

Q. Green engine.

Q. Double evaporation boiler.

Q. Five principles of marine insurance.