Date – Unknown

External – Pakrasi sir

Internal – Senthil Kumar sir & Mukhopadhyay sir


Q. Registration, certificate of registry contents, who issues, where in Mumbai issued

Q. 2 stage Turrbocharger.

Q. Standard contract / agreement for sale of vessel

Q. PSSA area, criteria for PSSA

Q. VIT & SUPER VIT, difference, break point

Q. Inventory management techniques

Q. Claim under H& M insurance


Internal questions:-

Q. You get a call gas entered in engine room, action

Q. What items to check during handing over

Date – 18-03-2020

External – Gadkar sir

Q. Intro and how many ships after class 2.

Q. Types of ships done

Q. Propeller curve. Draw and explain.

Q. Contents of P&A manual

Q. Ballast water management. What is G8 & G9 standards.

Q. What are active substances

Q. Drydock. What all documents required. What is capacity plan.

Q. How will you know if your ship is complying with all the Conventions.

Q. Condition of Class. How will you know if your vessel has got a COC.


Q. Tailshaft removal

Q. Types of steel grades for hull

Q. Steering gear fail safe

Q. Fire structure plan


Q. PSC, under what regulations

Q. Boiler corrosin on top near Main steam valve, action as CE.

Q. Difference between H&M and P&I

Q. Special survey

Q. Types of chemical tankers

Q. Plate renewal, how to go about it.

Date – 17-03-2020

External – Pakrashi sir

Internal – Senthil sir

Q. UMS requirements on ship as per SOLAS?

Q. How will you develop a contingency plan as a chief engineer? What type of contingency plan did you have on board?

Q. Institute time clauses?

Q. Hart protocol?

Q. Djibouti coder?

Q. Bunker check list not filled auditor gives non-conformity your action?

Q. As a special project you have been asked to advice how much steel will be required for renewal in dry dock? Your action.

 Q. Steel plates are available in m² but order is given in tons? How will you convert

Q. Types of keyless propellers?

Internal questions:-

Q. Why tonnage certificate is given? How will you connect tonnage and SOLAS convention?

Date – 18-03-2020

Internal – Gadkar sir

Q. 3 tiers of oil pollution damage compensation

Q. Hot and cold corrosion, how to distinguish cold corrosion?

Q. EGE tube leak indications and how to locate leaking tube, draw digram?


Q. Tailshaft monitoring

Q. H&M and P&I scope

Q. Laycan and laytime

Q. GA & PA

Q. All conventions and their respective certificates

Q. Loadline survey scope

Q. Watertight and weather tight access

Date – 17-03-2020

External – Pakrashi sir

Internal – Senthil sir, Mukhopadyay sir

Q. Ism functional requirements?

Q. Management review inputs and outputs?

Q. vit and super vit difference and functioning?

Q. Cyber security imo guidelines what and how?

Q. External auditor gave NC onboard and how to go about it?

Q. FSS code contents? testing procedures?

Q. MEPC 72 ?

Q. IMO resolution number on fatigue and contents?

Q. latest fuel pros and cons?

Q. ows inoperational what to do?

Date – 18-03-2020

Internal – Gadkar sir

Q. 3 tiers of oil pollution damage compensation


Q. Bulk carrier Damage and Intact stability

Q. Draw tailshaft end

Q. What are various drydock plans, draw capacity plan?

Q. Draw propeller curve. what is its significance and how you will check.

Q. Co2 system checks

Q. Tailshaft removal and criteria for it


Q. MOU ? when formed, how many? Risk Profile?

Q. Solas and Marpol Applicability

Q. Substantial corrosion, why is it so specific in ESP. who decides allowable limits for thickness

Q. HK recycling ship goes for recycle, what happens to ships certificates?

Date – 17-03-2020

External – Pakrasi sir.

Internal – Mukhopadhyay sir and Senthil sir.

Q. All statutory certificates for bulk carrier

Q. Why load line exemption certificates.

Q. If you are dpa and doc audit is going on.  Aiditor found one of the vessel has departed from india with ows not operational.  Is it a major non confirmity.

Q. Challanges with lsfo and how to tackle.

Q. Why chiller is used.

Q. Load line survey

Q. Conditions of assignment.

Q. Multiple load lines.

Q. MEPC 72

Q. HART protocol.

Q. Propeller has a  crack action as ce.

Q. Under water survey requirements.

Q. What types of primer and paints used on ur ship hull.

Q. How many reviews in ISM. what are inputs and outputs of management review.

Q. What is aspect ratio of Turbocharger. Its significance, Two stage.

Date – 17-03-2020

External – Pakrasi Sir

Internal – Senthil Sir & Mukhopadhyay Sir

Q. Set up PMS of taken over ship as per ISM.


Q. Requirements of IWS for ships?

Q. Dry dock what all plans and drawings required. How will you estimate the steel required?

Q. Select equipment as Critical. What is score and how to calculate it?

Q. UMS requirements for ER as per SOLAS?

Q. Dry docking planning and procedure. Budgeting

Q. What is friction stir welding?

Q. CSR, how many parts of it, Explain all.

Q. Different methods of fitting keyless propellers on shaft? Different methods of fixing propeller boss?


Q. Types of Bill of lading and explain few.

Q. What you get from Model test/Tin test?

Q. Latest in paints? Anti-Thrombogenic property explain?

Q. Class notations explain?

Internal questions:-

Q. What as a CE you will get from Main Engine Performance?

Q. What is Coastal state and Flag state as per UNCLOS?

Q. What you get from Model test/Tin test? What is principle followed in Model Test?

Q. Any special certificate your vessel type (last vessel-tanker) was having?

Date – 18-03-2020

External – Gadkar sir

Q. Introduction


Q. Container class notation

Q. RSCS –  route specific

Q. Container stowage

Q. Propeller curve – lot of cross question

Q. PSC, MOU, How information is exchange

Q. A60 Bulkhead – I told sustained up to 80*C

Q. Unseaworthy & unsafe ship

Q. Co2 fixed fire fighting 1,2,5,10,15 yearly Maintenance

Q. Accumulation of pressure test for safety value

Internal questions:-

Q. Container ship – E/R bilges

Q. Pollution outside ship. Comes under which convention


Q. Office, flag, IMO database

Date – 19-03-2019

Internal – Barik Sir

External – Vishwanathan sir

Q. What are the 2019 Marpol amendments?

Q. Eedi and eeoid? Differences, units, implication, Phase 3

Q. CA, PA, Correction? Differences, Procedure followed?

Q. Different method for tailshaft survey In detail, TMON notation? extension

Q. Difference between defect list and repair spec?

Q. India stand in Imo

Q. Latest Convention aceeded by India

Q. CIF ? what are all cost involved?    

Q. Specification of latest fuel, Problems involved?

Q. Engine Family, Engine Group Differences