Date – 03-01-2019

Surveyor – Despande sir


Q. Ibc & bch code difference

Q. Types of chemical tankers

Q. What is class survey? Why you need class survey?

Q. Type of bulkhead classes

Q. What is VOC? difference between volatality and flammability

Q. Mast riser fire fighting system

Q. Why cargo residue in oil tanker can’t pump out in special areas?


Q. MCR & NCR difference

Q. 4s & 2s timing diagram

Q. Why 4s piston same material & 2s piston is different material

Q. Turndown ratio of boiler

Q. ocm working priciple: why light scattering method not used

Q. Double evaporation of boiler


Q. ICCP working & diagram

Q. MGPS working & diagram

Q. Reverse power relay diagram

Q. Shaft generator working principle

Q. Brushless alternator working, why old carbon brushes & slip rings

Q. PID controller & pi controller – main difference

Q. Why scr is used? What is the advantages


Q. Cast iron/cast steel composition

Q. You are in deck, you are getting exhaust gas smell ? What will be your action

Q. Your chisel is in blunt condition. How will you sharp it?

Q. Rapson’s slide mechanism

Q. Steering gear motor which pump is used

Date – 03-01-2019

Surveyor – Yadav sir


Q. Eedi & Eeoi

Q. Annex 6

Q. Sox – after 2020 do all ships have to use 0.5% sulphur fuel

Q. What if you don’t have this fuel

Q. What will you do with the previous fuel

Q. Nox control and regulations

Q. Stcw Work rest hours

Q. Why ig is required, why not for bunker tanks

Function-4b, 6

Q. Stuffing box

Q. A/E fuel pump overhaul and markings to check

Q. Catfines and its effects

Q. One unit exhaust temp going up

Q. Draw card power card

Q. Fuel changeover from do to hfo rpm will increase or decrease

Q. Old bunker density 0.98, new bunker 0.95 what will be the effect on engine

Q. Aux. eng bottom end bearing clearance, what will happen if clearance decreases


Q. Igbt

Q. Vfd- variable frequency drive

Q. Smart controllers

Q. Safematic steering

Q. More questions related to controllers

Date – 04-01-2019

External – Singh sir

Internal – Vikrant rai sir


Q. Which grt vessels have ig

Q. Ig regulations

Q. Ig alarms and trips

Q. Lifeboat regulations

Q. Deck foam fire fighting system

Q. Define garbage and discharge criteria

Q. Ism and objectives certificates


Q. Types of corrosion in boiler

Q. How main bearing and conrod bearing lubricated

Q. Turbocharger surging

Q. Ahu unit icing reasons


Q. Safeties and precautions taken while working on live electrical equipment

Q. Brushless alternator working

Q. AVR working

Q. Alternator not producing voltage reasons

Q. Msb safeties

Q. Reverse power relay setting limit

Q. Shore power connection and safeties

Q. Power management system

Q. 440v generator producing only 380v reasons

Q. To increase battery capacity how will you connect two batteries


Q. Piston checks and procedures during decarb

Q. Fuel oil tank inspection and procedure and areas to inspect

Q. Aux engine lube oil cooler tube leaking and how to find

Q. which tube is leaking and rectification procedure

Q. Air compressor relief valve testing procedure

Q. Air compressor 1st stage relief valve lifting reasons

Q. How will measure sfoc onboard and what parameters required

Q. Aux. Engine lube oil cooler how many passes

Q. By opening end cover how will say it’s a single or double pass heat exchanger

Q. Why baffles are provided in heat exchanger

Q. Seawater line corroded and need a replacement how fabrication done

Date – 21-01-2019

Surveyor – Saini sir


Q. Expalin fixed foam fire fighting system, type of foam, capacity, requirements as per solas.

Q. CO2 discharge criteria, how you discharge CO2 in engine room when you are incharge of Co2, what checks you will carried out after Co2 discharged in engine room(stepwise),

Q. Critical temp of CO2, what will happen when fire in Co2 room.

Q. Life boat engine requirements as per solas,

Q. solid floor purpose

Q. Garboard strake,


Q. Why t/c required in engine

Q. Why MAC is multistage why not single stage.

Q. Power calculation of M/E.

Q. Latest type of ME thin shell bearing material.

Q. Sfoc of main engine.

Date – 21-01-2019

External – Pakrashi sir


Q. Ism major nc definitions & examples

Q. Solas chapter- 12

Q. Bleve

Q. Smoke detectors

Q. Mepc 73 deliberations

Q. Kn curve


Q. Torque & speed curve for IM

Q. Peizoelectric effect

Q. Soft starter

Q. Navigation lights alarm ckt

Q. Loçation of navigation lights

Q. Gmdss

Q. High voltage advantages & disadvantages.

Q. E/R Overhead crane safeties

Q. Navigation lights location & angle

Date – 25-01-2019

Surveyor – Vishvanathan sir


Q. Reserve buoyancy

Q. Isps

Q. Security levels

Q. Co2 calculation

Q. Co2 System

Q. Deck line

Q. Margin line

Q. GZ curve


Q. Gear pump parts overhaul

Q. Fuel pump overhaul

Q. What happens if delivery valve leaking

Q. T/c in & out temp same reasons

Q. If turbocharger temp difference too much reasons.

Q. Paring disc function

Q. Gravity disc function & cross questions.


Q. High voltage safeties.

Q. What is earth & earth fault.

Q. Different types of synchronising

Q. Star delta starter

Q. Draw starter motor connections

Q. How to test diodes

Q. If alternator winding temp high during manoeuvering, your action no spare ae