Date – 30-01-2019

External – Kar sir

Internal – Sekar sir

Function – 4b

Q. Type of ship & engine type, name plate it’s particulars

Q. Crankcase relief v/v draw & explain

Q. Boiler burner type draw & explain.

Q. Draw trunk type piston & explain

Q. Air compressor running long hours

Function – 6

Q. Crankcase inspection n checks

Q. Lub oil properties

Q. Refrigeration safties n cut in and cut off values of L.P

Q. O2 analyser calibration

Q. IG system safeties

Date – 30-01-2019

External – Kar sir

Internal – Sekar sir

Function – 4b

Q. Difference in cross section between 4 stroke and 2 stroke con rod

Q. How many pairing disk in purifier, function of operating disk (more than 1 function)

Q. Boiler safety valve, all types of safety valve, settings

Q. Vapor compression cycle indirect question, total explaination Use of compressor (5 uses)

Q. Oil ring in 4 stroke Piston, construction & explain

Date – 30-01-2019

Internal – Sekar sir

Function – 4b, 6

Q. Liner wear and iron content test.

Q. All kind of lubrication on board with example.

Q. Stuffing box figure with explanation.

Q. Automatic combustion of boiler, how a/f ratio controlled drawing of controller

Q. Fwg principle and various troubleshooting.

Q. Air compressor all pm maintenance with running hours, overhauling, bumping clearance, shim adjustment drawing.

Q. Main engine lub oil contaminated, all reasons, action and working of purifier.

Q. AC is running but not getting cool the cabin, all possible reasons with explanation

Date – 31-01-2019

Internal – vikrat rai sir

Function – 3

Q. GRT, NRT what is unit for passager ship

Q. Co2 system, bottle filling ratio

Q. Angle of lol, garboard strake, bilge keel, sheer, types of floor

Q. Reason for scavange fire

Q. Annex 1 discharge criteria

Function – 5

Q. Types of starter and draw dol starter and explain

Q. What is current and voltage, explain full

Q. What is short circuit and what will you do

Q. Draw change over circuit diagram of starting of emergency generator automatically start

Q. MSB and ESB safeties

Internal questions:-

Q. How you connect two battery

Q. What is resistance which factor it is depend

Q. High voltage advantage and disadvantage

Q. One circuit draw on paper and ask how short circuit happens

Date – 31-01-2019

External – Kar sir

Function – 4b

Q. No. Of pairing discs in ALCAP purifier, their functions. Function of operating Water Ring.

Q. Purpose of external equalizing line in Reefer System. Which systems are they fitted? What is Vapour compression cycle?

Q. Types of Safety valves in Boiler according to lift. Draw Winged and Wingless valve.

Q. Main criteria to judge Fuel oil. Specifically One criteria.

Q. In RT-Flex fuel oil system, arrangement to maintain Fuel Oil pressure in the common rail.

Function – 6

Q. Complete procedure to overhaul a Centrifugal pump.

Q. Hydraulic jack working principle with diagram. Name of components of the jack.

Q. After overhaul of a plate type evaporator, vacuum isn’t building. Causes and remedies.

Q. In a purifier the heavier phase is discharging with the lighter phase. Causes and remedies.

Q. ME Cylinder liner calibration.

Date – 04-02-2019

External – Saini sir

Function – 3

Q. How many fire pumps in ship as per the solas ( 3 is the answer (fire and gs pump, emergency fire pump ))

Q. Co2 maintenace ? Who dose this ? ( Like wight test, pressure test ? Procedure ? Etc )

Q. Load line drawing with the dimensions ( as per solas )

Function – 4b

Q. He is asking as per the engine, I said sulzer, differances between rta and rnd engine ( refer Deven aranha) we was looking for cylinder head differences

Q. Piston decarb of main engine ( prior inspections mainly and clearances )

Q. Cross head lubrication of your engine

Q. Interlocks in your engine

Q. Main engine performance ( diagram and units of the pm and other values )

Function – 6

Q. As a 2nd engineer how will you do gas charge refrigerant ( he mainly wants to hear ppe mainly and recovery bottle should be of the same type of the gas we are using in the system )

Q. Air handling unit suction line icing reading ( gave tev fault and moisture in the system in system as answer )

Q. Bottom end bearing clearance ( position of the piston and in place clearance )

Date – 04-02-2019

External – Saini sir

Internal – Vikrant rai sir

Function – 4b, 6

Q. Draw reversing of your engine

Q. Turbocharger how axial thrust is transferred draw & explain

Q. Crosshead bearing clearances

Q. Material of all bearings

Q. EGE fire

Q. Why refer compressor has no relief v/.v

Q. A 10 min procedure to stop leak of bilge v/v he dont want to hear putty & lathe

Q. Main engine bearing clearance procedures

Q. Relief v/v testing & overhaul

Date – 05-02-2019

External – Deshpande sir

Function – 3


Q. Types of floor,

Q. Types of garbage, types of plastic

Q. Tier 1,2,3

Q. Machinery space oil discharge

Q. Why centre girder?

Q. What if no centre girder

Q. Rise of floor

Q. Camber

Q. Tumble home

Q. Transom space?

Q. Watertight and weathertight bulkhead?

Q. How to test watertight bulkhead?

Function – 4b

Q. Air in the suction of compressor

Q. Air in steering gear

Q. Hunting gear

Q. Equalizing line?

Q. Testing of fuel valve, what all test?

Q. Double evaporation in boiler?

Q. Difference in lubrication of bottom bearing in 2s and 4s

Date – 05-02-2019

External – Deshpande sir

Function – 5

Q. Avr explain and draw

Q. Auto transformer draw, advantages?

Q. Preferential trip, what is non essential loads? Can you change tripping time for the same?

Q. Over current relay

Q. Turning gear what type of motor?

Q. Alternator maintenance,

Q. Air gap why? What if less and more?

Q. If more voltage increase or decrease?

Q. Thermocouple and thermistor

Q. Lead acid and alkaline battery difference?

Function – 6

Q. Overhauled Air starting valve fitted on engine, how will you check leakage without starting ME?

Q. Crankcase inspection

Q. Foundation bolts

Q. What is function of expansion tank

Q. What is de-aerator