Date – 05-02-2019

External – Despande sir


Q. Type of ship sailed. (i told passenger and bulk carrier)

Q. Safety certificate difference between passenger and cargo ships.

Q. validity of both certificates?

Q. Bitter end arrangement?

Q. Draw aft seal, purpose of aft seal and header tanks.

Q. Chrome liner location and wether it will move or not.

Q. Free surface effect and how to reduce it by construction?

Q. Bulbous bow purpose?

Q. Bow thruster in detail?

Q. Why and when to perform inclining experiment?

Q. What is TPC?

Q. SOLAS chapter 12 in brief.


Q. Passenger ship emcy power regulation and duration?

Q. Star and delta connection?

Q. Full wave and bridge rectification with application?

Q. Brushless excitation draw and explain?

Q. PLC? advantages?

Q. What is kvar?

Q. how to check power factor of parallel running DG?

Q. Shore connection with less frequency what you will do and why? what checks you will do?

Date – 06-02-2019

External – Viswanathan sir


Q. Difference between bulk carrier stability & oil tanker stability

Q. Heel & list how forces affect your ship

Q. Ballast water management regulations

Q. Co2 system for cargo hold how to detect & extinguish.

Q. Tank vent diagram


Q. Kw kva kvar

Q. Diode test

Q. Air gap

Q. How you specify a generator

Q. Excitation


Q. Meat room tev defective action

Q. Performance for main cooling sea water pump

Q. Horizantal pump alingment

Q. AE bottom end bearing clearence without removing

Q. After rough weather checks in ER

Date – 06-02-2019

External – Vishwanathan sir

Internal – Shekhar sir


Q. Draw chain tightening diagram. Why idler is given & function of it

Q. What is detuner .why it is given & its location. What is inside detuner.

Q. Draw centrifugal pump characteristics curve. why head in metre & discharge rate in m³/hr

Q. How to calculate SFOC

Q. Why 4-stroke con rod in I & H shape, what is whip loading

Q. IG blower & motor connected which type of coupling.


Q. What is provision is given to start single phase motor

Q. What is follow up & non follow up

Q. How battery crank emergency generator & start emergency generator

Q. What is Exd & Exi


Q. How to check accuracy of torque spanner

Q. How to secure ER crane before sailing

Q. AE lube oil leaking, how to find,  how to do pressure Test of shell & tube cooler

Q. How to prepare pipe having 90° bend in flanges, he has given me some data.

Date – 07-02-2019

Internal – Vikrant Rai


Q. Cross section of Tanker.

Q. Complete IG system. ( 8 to 10 cross question)

Q. Msb safety ( cross question)

Q. Deck firefighting system ( cross question)

Q. Cruise Stern and Transom Stern diagram (cross question)


Q. Type of engine and complete specifications of engine.

Q. Complete overhaul of fuel pump and checks ( cross question)

Q. Complete Decarb of ME ( cross question)

Q. What is torsional Vibrations.(D tuner, Vibration Damper, top braising)

Q. Types of T/C explain both axial and radial.


Q. Circuit diagram of navigation light

Q. Circuit diagram of bilge pump

Q. Over current protection, Fuses, Relays

Q. Types of circuit breaker explain any two.

Q. Explain Preferential trip circuit diagram and explain the sequence of trip


Q. Crank pin has oval out how to rectifier it on vessel

Q. Checks in gear drive of A/E

Q. How to check A/E fuel pump plunger barrels clearance.

Q. How to find by visual inspection the 3 phase motor has become 1phase

Date – 07-02-2019

Internal – Vikrant rai sir


Q. Types of ship sailed, i said chemical

Q. IBC code lots of cross Questions

Q. Safety regarding chemical tanker

Q. Nitrogen generator working principle

Q. How to start plant what parameter to record

Q. what is buffer tank, what is the use of it.

Q. Condition of class.

Q. If condition of class failed to rectify the ship will allow to sail??

Q. CSM survey

Q. How to calibrate portable gas meter

Q. How to calibrate explosive meter

Q. Working principle of explosive meter?


Q. What is ovality of crank pin ?

Q. How to rectify it

Q. Types of engine AE and Main engine.

Q. How to check conecting rod ceretion both half for crack

Q. NDT test

Q. How to use MPI test to fing out defect on it.

Q. what is TLV.

Q. What is BOD.

Q. Fuel timing of AE

Date – 07-02-2019

Internal – Vikrant rai sir


Q. Brushless alternator

Q. Single phasing

Q. Navigation light circuit.

Q. If one of light get off, fault how to identify.

Q. Types of starter

Q. Explain why to use auto transformer starter, where to use on board??

Q. Any syncronous motor on board??

Q. What is difference between induction & synchonous motor.

Q. How to measure temperature of winding of alternator?

Q. What is shaft generator, describe.

Q. If electric motor is present on deck of chemical tanker & gas tanker what type of motor? any regulation.

Q. How to measure alternator winding temperature.


Q. condition of class

Q. life boat equipment

Q. Draw cross section of chemical tanker

Q. Draw forward arrangements

Q. what is MEP

Q. Draw indicator diagram & cross question early injection & late injection.

Q. Short cycling of refrigeration causes & remedies.

Q. What is purging & gas freeing

Q. What is venting arrangement

Q. What is pv valve its values

Date – 08-02-2019

Internal – Vikrant rai sir



Q. What will you do if LNG falls on Deck

Q. Fire fighting system in car carrier

Q. Solas requirement for ventilation in car carrier

Q. Solas requirement for release of bulk CO2


Q. Difference between high voltage and low voltage ships

Q. Value of NER on your ship

Q. Difference between auto transformer starter and star delta starter

Q. Exi and Exd where is it used

Q. Single phase motor starting

Q. How will you prepare the ship for load line survey


Q. Why AE con rod I section

Q. How to prevent rotation of thin shell bearing

Q. Draw pump characteristic curve


Q. How to differentiate between cast steel and cast iron valves

Q. How to check alignment of horizontal pump and motor.

Q. what is the tolerance

Q. What will you check after you reach a port after rough weather

Q. How will you check if the running in of the piston rings have taken place