Date – 08-02-2019

Internal – Vikranth rai sir


Q. Co2 sytem on board

Q. Difference between low pressure and bulk co2 system

Q. ORB entries after bunkering

Q. Situation:-fire in engine room motorman missing during head count and c/e not available, captain is pressurizing you to release co2 what is your action as 2/E

Q. Checks to be done in dry dock 1 day before flooding the dock.


Q. Type of ship ship sailed and specification and bore of engine

Q. Bosch fuel pump overhauling and markings

Q. After pump overhaul engine started what checks to be done.

Q. One unit temp high reason.

Q. Power card and draw card and what is effect if timing is advanced.

Q. Flame failure reason on boiler

Q. Connecting rod ovality check and what will happen to bottom end bearing clearance if ovality is increased.

Q. Stuffing box wear and clearance


Q. IGBT working

Q. Smart transmitor

Q. Diffrence between smart and analog transmitor and their signal strength.

Q. A/D & D/A convertor and working

Q. Hart transducer.


Q. Safematic system

Q. Variable displacement motor

Q. Hydraulic brake system draw and explain


Q. Cavitation in pump

Q. Water hammering.

Q. Hydraulic position valve something 3/4

Date – 09-02-2019

Internal – Vikranth rai sir


Q. Type of ship and extinguishing system

Q. Difference between bulk co2 and battery bank

Q. Why no high pressure in bulk co2

Q. Your are 2/E what all checks you do just before entering dry dock.

Q. When you are in dry dock major fire occur what you do. Wil you release co2 or not??


Q. Draw draw card and power card

Q. Now assume this is for 0.95 specific gravity and now draw for 0.98 speific gravity Oil

Q. Advantages of oil cooled piston

Q. Your engine aux. Blower not working and you are not able to increase rpm more than half ahead how you reach port for repairs.

Q. All unit exhaust temp are high way all the reasons

Q. At present boiler is in 5 bar, how you open the manhole door for inspection

Q. AE lube oil consumption increase why


Q. Smart transmitter or smart controller

Q. Vfd

Q. Application of vfd onboard

Q. Purpose of valve positioned

Q. Hart

Q. Purpose of hart


Q. Counter balance valve

Q. Shock valve

Q. AE cylinder head overhaul, checks

Q. orb entries after bunkering lube oil

Q. checks to be done as 2e just before entering in dry dock

Q. Boiler back fire reasons and remedy.

Q. Smart transmitter

Q. Difference between smart and analog transmitter and their signal strength.

Date – 09-02-2019

External – Visawanathan sir


Q. Hong kong convention

Q. Unclos

Q. Regulation in annex 6

Q. Chapters in annex 6

Q. Sox nox reduction methods

Q. Ums class requirements

Q. Latest ammendment to annex 5

Q. Admiralty coefficient, formula

Q. What is MRV in annex 6


Q. Type of engine

Q. Details

Q. Liner wear (everything)

Q. Anti-polishing ring

Q. Difference between mcc, mcb, mec


Q. Dry dock complete why, procedure, jobs, dry dock list,

Q. Docking survey, survey list, onboard management of jobs

Q. Duration of docking

Q. Boiler safety valve overhaul

Q. Pressure accumulation test


Q. Windlass safeties

Q. Ingress protection

Q. Enclosure types

Q. Type of insulation, type of motor casingin hazards situation

Date – 18-02-2019

Internal – Gadkar sir

External – Chowdhary sir

Function-4b, 6

Q. Static balancing

Q. Main engine lube oil temp high alarm reason action

Q. Me mc engine difference

Q. Tev working

Q. Main engine most imp slowdown alarm and trips

Q. Difference in piston ring groove of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine

Q. Vibration critical rpm detuner dampers

Q. Engine not starting on air reason

Q. Boiler survey

Q. Draw fuel pump

Q. Major overhaul in ae

Date – 18-02-2019

Internal – GADKAR sir


Q. What is MARPOL

Q. What is Annex 6, explain

Q. Tier 3 nox values

Q. Current Sox values

Q. What is SOLAS

Q. What is SOPEP

Q. SOPEP items

Q. Quantity of OSD in SOPEP locker

Q. Permeability

Q. Angle of loll

Q. Garboard strake

Q. Coffin plate

Q. Free surface effect

Date – 18-02-2019

External – Chowdhary sir

Internal – Gadkar sir


Q. Stuffing box in place overhaul

Q. Procedure for cleaning up and maintenance of Oily water separator

Q. As a 2/e what all preparations to do for boiler survey

Q. How to check the performance of main air compressor?

Q. In A/C, what action to take if galley complain for hot air and bridge it is comparitively cooler

Date – 18-02-2019

External – Chowdhary sir

Internal – Gadkar sir


Q. What is MARPOL? Explain.

Q. Explain Annex-5 in detail. With Garbage Categories,

Q. Which Garbage can we discharge and where, Garbage Record books, why and where are 2 GRB’s used, what

entries do you make, who maintains them?

Q. What is Prismatic Co-efficient? Importance of Cp.

Q. Angle of Loll and GM explanation.

Q. Can Angle of Loll occur while sailing?

Q. A-60 partition with temp details.

Q. What is Reserve Buoyancy? Why and how do we have

Q. Reserve Buoyancy? What contributes towards Reserve Buoyancy?

Q. Difference between Free Fall Lifeboat and On-Load release Lifeboat?

Q. What do you understand by Free Float Release?

Q. Explain the Fixed Fire-fighting system onboard your ship. I had CO2 System.

Q. Certificates for Marpol Annex-6

Q. IMO structure with all Committees and sub- Committees.

Q. Explain very very carefully the Procedure of CO2 release and what is your action after releasing CO2? Like

from where will you make entry, where will you do boundary cooling, plan of action stepwise.


Q. You are on watch and suppose ME Liner cracks. Tell me Symptoms and Reasons for Liner Cracks.

Q. Reasons and Symptoms of Piston Ring Failure.

Q. Boiler Accumulation Pressure Test.

Q. MAC 2nd stage Relief Valve is lifting. Causes.

Q. How will you convert HFO Px to DO Px.

Q. Stern Tube LO system in detail with details and values like SW head pr and S/T pump pressures.

Q. What is Nitriding, Normalising, Flame hardening.

Q. Your Main Engine details with ME-C characteristics.

Q. Bearing clearances.

Q. Material Fusible Plug material.

Q. Where do you use Case Hardening in the ER.

Q. What is Cloud Point?

Q. What are requirements of Cylinder LO?


Q. Piston hydraulic testing procedure.

Q. Bottom End bearing and Cross Head Bearing

Q. Clearances and Survey. Includes Procedure and Location of crosshead clearances.

Q. How will you check tightness of Stern Tube seals from outside in dry dock.