Date – 18-02-2019

Internal – Gadkar sir

External – Chaudhury sir


Q. As a 2nd engineer what is your actions in loadline survey Eedi, seemp

Q. Annex 6 full

Q. All sox nox values

Q. What certificates you will carry out onboard

Q. Nox technical file


Q. Static balancing

Q. MAC suction discharge valve drawing

Q. In Boiler how air fuel ratio controlled

Q. Purifier function and working


Q. What is the function of capacitor

Q. In Batteries 2 cell damaged how will you check

Q. Dol starter working

Q. Overload relay settings


Q. Purifier motor rpm increased what can be the reasons

Q. Phosphate reserve ppm

Q. Why this test carry out

Date – 18-02-2019

External – Rajendran sir

Internal – Gadkar sir


Q. Types of governer

Q. What type used in AE and ME.

Q. What does it do!

Q. Tie Rod Function

Q. What forces acting on them.?

Q. Domestic fridge moisture content how will you know?

Q. How will you remove moisture?

Q. Shut down of ME. How will you reset?

Q. What interlock can you bypass and from where?

Date – 19-02-2019

Internal – Gadkar sir


Q. Condition of class, conditions of assignments,

Q. Balance rudder, semi balance rudder

Q. Tender ship, stiff ship

Q. Transverse metacenter

Q. Drydocking and shell expansion plan

Q. Marpol annex 6 completely


Q. Which type of ship and engine

Q. Framo system, diagram and explain ( where to purge air and how to purge) too much cross questions on Framo

Q. Aux. Engine starting air motor function line diagram and explain

Q. ME water cooling treatment

Q. Propeller drop

Q. Boiler firing sequence ( he particularly wants pilot burner, primary flame and secondary flame at this position air controlling motor positions )

Date – 19-02-2019

External – kapoor sir


Q. Annex 6 chapters mrv seemp latest amendments eedi


Q. Annex 5 lastest amendments

Q. Admiralty coefficient

Q. Fuel coefficient

Q. Life boat ration n food

Q. Tankers life boat in details

Q. Lifeboat regulations

Date – 19-02-2019

Internal – Gadkar sir


Q. IGC Code content

Q. Gas carrier cargo tank safeties

Q. If your ship drydock is not able to carried out on time, how much window period is provided who will give ?

Q. IOPP certificate content. what are all data’s provided.

Q. New amendment s in marpol annex 6

Q. Angle of Loll: how you will correct it?

Q. Freeing port

Q. Loadline marking, plimsoll marking diagram, needs to know about distance


Q. Starting air distributor functioning

Q. Quick closing valve how it operates

Q. Difference between 2s & 4s connecting rod

Q. Indicator diagram..what are all things you will come to know.

Q. Tailshaft monitoring survey


Q. Insulated and earthed neutral difference

Q. ICCP working

Q. Reverse power relay working and valve for generator

Q. Star Delta starter working

Q. Alternator maintenance. mainly safety aspects before working

Q. Shore connection data’s you check at drydock, he needs to know about energy meter monitoring


Q. As a 2/E what are checks you will do in drydock

Q. Boiler survey complete operation

Q. All clearance value of crosshead bearing, bottom end bearing, main bearing and where to take clearance

Date – 19-02-2019

Internal – Gadkar sir


Q. Alarm and trips tried out on IG system before arrival discharge port, wants alarms and alarms/trips separately.

Q. Why is PV valve given.

Q. What is overpressure setting for PV valve

Q. What do you mean by mm of water guage.

Q. How do u test SSAS

Q. Hows is ISPS security level determined.

Q. Marpol annex 6 pollutants

Q. What are SOx and NOx limits…wants SOx emission limits not F.O. Sulphur percent.

Q. As a 2/E How will you prepare for Loadline survey.

Q. For IOPP survey, as a 2/E, what preparations you would do?

Date – 19-02-2019

Internal – Gadkar sir

External – Kapoor sir


Q. ME engine advantages over Mc/MCC

Q. Differences in parts of ME engines and MC engines

Q. Servo oil system


Q. Define accumulation

Q. Lip clearance

Q. Water not found in gauge glass, Actions

Q. Stern tube

Q. L.O tests onboard

Date – 19-02-2019

External – Kapoor sir

Internal – Gadkar sir


Q. SFOC calculation

Q. Safety valve types & their differences, lip clearance, show in diagram?

Q. What is ME-C engine & all developments & there advantages in detail?

Q. 2 stroke Bottom end bearing clearance? Where to take clearance when Piston is at TDC?

Q. Crank pin overhaul your actions?

Q. Properties of cylinder oil?

Q. Fuel pump total stroke, effective stroke? How fuel timing & quantity controlled?


Q. Why ship goes to Dry dock, what checks you do on rudder, propeller, hull etc. ? How to check propeller drop, rudder drop? Why? Values? Jumping clearance?

Q. Main bearing survey

Q. Boiler accumulation pressure test

Q. ME chain tightening procedure.

Q. Rudder types, their differences, which one mostly used & why

Date – 19-02-2019

External – Choudhary sir

Internal – Gadkar sir


Q. Liner wear and their types

Q. Cloverleafing

Q. Piston checks

Q. Vit everything about it what point it comes into operation and what point it ends

Q. Boiler foaming and priming, How to reduce

Q. Safematic steering gear system


Q. Avr

Q. Synchronous motor and induction motor main difference

Q. Dashpot


Q. Vacuum not developing in fwg

Q. How to take bottom end bearing clearance

Q. How to do piston pressure test

Date – 20-02-2019

Internal – Gadkar sir


Q. Timing criteria for ows for changeover of discharge.

Q. ISO 8217 name of chapters in it.

Q. In BDN what supplier declares he wants the regulation no.

Q. Types of TLV

Q. What is freeboard definition.


Q. Bilge discharge criteria.

Q. Loadline with all values exact.

Q. Construction safeties of yr ship.

Date – 20-02-2019

Internal – Gadkar sir

External – Kar sir


Q. Sewage discharge criteria

Q. Why two separate valves are provided in CO2 pilot valves

Q. How to test Hypermist system?

Q. He shown me bulk carrier cross section and told me to name different parts

Q. If ship with some trim goes from SW to FW. What all things will change?


Q. Tell all fuel pumps parts. Why suction valve is given?

Q. Function of pairing disc in purifier

Q. Why external equalizing line is given in TEV?

Q. What is blow-off pressure of safety valve? What is it’s value?

Q. What is VIT and it’s function?

Q. Indicator card types?

Internal questions:

Q. He again asked testing of Hypermist System.

Q. How to carry out accumulation of pressure test? Why is it carried out?

Q. List of Statutorily certificates carried onboard with name of convention.