Date – 25-01-2019

Surveyor – Vishvanathan sir


Q. Co2 pressures, critical temp, why Co2 used, difference between low pressure and high pressure fixed Co2 system

Q. Risk assessment- define risk, how to carry out.

Q. Angle of loll- what will happen to ship if acted by external, draw the GZ curve.

Q. Chap 12 of solas full detail

Q. Sheer, vertical keel, sheer strake- thickness of the same compared to the shell plating

Q. Sewage discharge criteria, what is moderate rate of discharge?

Date – 28-01-2019

External – Vishvanathan sir

Internal – Sekhar sir


Q. How you will clean FO tank

Q. How to calibrate gas meter

Q. Certificates of Annex 6

Q. How do you know 85% Co2 discharged in 2 min.

Q. UTI tape define and its safety


Q. Draw chain arrangement, draw individual chain link

Q. Air Compressor PV diagram explain

Q. Centrifugal pump operational curves

Q. Thin shell bearing

Q. Pump room safeties


Q. Thermister, Thyristor

Q. Diode testing

Q. Safeties of steering motor

Q. Lead acid battery maintenance



Q. Bilge pump not taking suction reasons

Q. How Liner calibration carried out?

Q. After Pump overhaul how to do shaft balancing.?

Q. Annealing

Q. AE con rod what shape and why?

Date – 28-01-2019

External – Visawanathan sir

Function-4b, 6

Q. Draw and explain centrifugal pump characteristics curves.?

Q. While sailing aft bilge well is full, you started pumping out but bilge level is same reasons and actions.

Q. Boiler soot blow procedure.

Q. Horizontal pump overhauled, how to check the shaft alignment.

Q. What to do if, you found chisel is blunt?

Q. Pre tensioning of bolts, why and where do you find in engine room?

Q. Why I section is provided for generator con rod?

Date – 28-01-2019

External – Saini sir

Internal – Shekhar sir


Q. ISM in total detail.

Q. Solas chapter 12 complete.

Q. Lifeboat regulations and markings, lowering etc. Marpol Annex 4 in complete detail. certificates, dicharge working of sewage plant etc.

Q. Intact stability criteria & gz curve explanation.


Q. VIT total explanation, working, working principle, adjustment, etc.

Q. Air compressor troubleshooting

Q. Safety and interlocks in B&W ME Engine.

Q. ME Engine working principle of tacho system, and complete concept of ME. how everything is controlled electronically.

Date – 28-01-2019

Internal – Shekhar sir

External – Vishwanathan sir

Function-4b, 6

Q. Difference between mcr and ncr

Q. What condition ship running in mcr

Q. How refer comp. Cut in

Q. Purifier brake why provided

Q. How to fabricate new pipe with new bend and flange

Q. You have received a new valve how to come to know whether cast steel or c.i.

Q. Draw power card how to calculate i.p.

Q. Aft side exhaust smell is coming what action you will take.

Date – 30-01-2019

External – Negi sir


Q. Precautions to be taken before loading chemical cargoes.

Q. SOLAS chapters. Name Ch 13 & 14. Explain Ch 13.

Q. Latest amendments in MARPOL Annex 5

Q. CO2 fixed fire fighting system. Requirements for discharge, Safeties, working of alarm delay unit, maintenance at different intervals.

Date – 30-01-2019

External – Aneja sir


Q. Intact Stability criteria for general cargo

Q. Codes under Solas chapter VII

Q. Certificate issued on Solas chapter XI-1&2

Q. kN curves and GZ curves

Q. load line markings and survey

Q. Condition of assignment

Q. kyoto protocol and gases

Q. Annex 1 slope 1 discharge criteria

Q. Annex II

Q. Double hull tank diagram


Q. Flammability diagram & explain


Q. Dry dock

Q. Checks on rudder full including pressure test

Q. How to check starting air valve leakage

Q. Stern tube

Q. Cavitation on propeller

Q. Big end bearing survey and cross head survey

Date – 30-01-2019

External – Aneja sir

Internal – Gadkar sir


Q. Boiler tube leaking. Action to take

Q. Centrifugal pump o/h. Things to check/renew

Q. Charging of refrigerant

Q. Clearances in t/c. Vta type and it’s advantages

Q. Maintenance on E/G


Q. Loadline survey, markings, fw allowance

Q. Angle of loll. How to correct it

Q. Safety conventions. Explain ch 14 of solas

Q. Co2 system safeties and maintenance and associated certificates

Q. Container ship x-section, why torsion box


Q. E/G solas regulations

Date – 30-01-2019

External – Aneja Sir

Internal – Gadkar sir

Function-4b, 6

Q. Types of engines, ships and boilers done.

Q. Starting air line system of your ship draw and explain.

Q. Draw starting air valve block digram.


Q. Explain Full Anneling.

Q. Explain Draw card and power card.

Q. Explain tri Metal bearings.

Q. What is material of Propellor.

Q. Actions to be taken if fuel oil traces are found in hot well.

Q. How can fuel oil enter the system.

Q. How to know if your boiler combustion parameters are proper.

Q. How much excess air in boiler and aux engines.

Q. Checks to be done while preparing boiler for survey.

Q. Write down all pms jobs hours, day, week, month, year wise for your boiler.

Date – 30-01-2019

External – Vishwanathan Sir

Internal – Shekhar sir


Q. Disadvantages of double hull tankers?

Q. Slops discharge criteria?

Q. What is TPC? TPC is more in SW or FW?

Q. What fixed fire fighting system was onboard?

Q. CO2 room regulations?

Q. What is International shore coupling? What is it’s purpose? Where is it kept? Where do you connect it?

Date – 30-01-2019

Surveyor – Sekar sir


Q. How trip in generator operats…how fuel rack shut how solonoid valve reset limit switch operation and lots of cross question

Q. Nox technical file what it contains what all entry done how it is compared and some cross questions

Q. Eeoi formula and how this index calculated and compared


Q. Boiler water level controller proportional, differential and integral controller.

Q. Types of heat exchanger which is better and why

Q. Refrigeration start and stop signal for compressor and at what pressure it starts and stops