Function – 4b

Surveyor – Mitra & Rao sir

Q. Miller cycle

Q. How subcooling done on refrigeration

Q. In Steering gear function of hydraulic telemotor

Q. Why we don’t use balanced rudder.

Q. Spark coming out from funnel in night what could be cause

Q. Thrust pad temperature rising, reasons? How will you take thrust bearing clearance.

Q. How to increase the efficiency of refrigeration plant.

Q. How to increase the volumetric efficiency of rotary vane type steering gear pump. How many vanes are there?

Q. What causes boiler water foaming?

Q. In Draw card what are all you get.

Q. Boiler flame failure principle explain

Q. How sealing is achieved in Rotary Vane steering gear. Draw and explain.

Q. How oxide corrosion occur in main bearing, indication appearance

Q. Refer high pressure cutout reason.

Q. Vit and super vit, adjustments

Q. Intercooler after cooler purpose.

Q. Boiler automatic combustion control

Q. Scavenge fire

Q. Steering gear regulations, 50% 100% redundancy.

Q. What is miller cycle. what you will do to increase the air flow to compensate for low air flow and power loss.

Q. Why ridge is forming on liner because of fuel problem.

Q. Rotary vane steering gear. how many vane are there. how sealing is provided..

Q. In two stage air compressor how intermediate stage pressure is getting. why need to do calculation. what is regulation for compressor capacity of air bottle for reversible engine.

Q. Purpose of tev, function of tev.

Q. Alpha lubricator, cylinder oil lubrication will depend on what factor, position and frequency of injections.

Q. Boiler water level valve positioner.

Q. Purifier driving mechanism, arrangements of bearing, vibration is taken care by what.

Q. Rotary vane steering gear what will happen if two vanes.

Q. Why thrust is more in astern direction.

Q. Swelling of boiler gauge glass why, how to prevent.

Q. Float chamber, DP  transmitter, transduser.

Q. Rotary vane type steering, how vanes are fitted, and how many are there.

Q. Engine not starting in astern why, but starting in Ahead only, reason and action.

Q. Type of engine

Q. Type of lubricator system

Q. How is feed rate set? What are the factors on which the feed depends

Q. Purifier. What does it remove.

Q. How are cat fines formed. How removed. Chemical name

Q. What is cracking process.

Q. Boiler safety valves, types and differences between them.

Q. Type of ship and type of main engine, in mcc engine cylinder l.o injection depend upon what factor. From where you check the load .

Q. Why super vit name given to vit  to fuel pump of main engine   all description  about.  Super vit range of load for working why not  below 40%.

Q. About vane steering gear description then how sealing is achieved .

Q. Procedure of accumulation test why need to do . Why for water tube only 7 min.

Q. In multi screw pump how axial thrust is compensated what is there to take the thrust.

Q. Regulation regarding capacity of air compressor & purpose of inter cooler one important purpose .

Q. RT-Flex fuel injection system

Q. Caustic embrittlement in boiler

Q. About S/G telemoter receiver type and working and hunting gear and how linear moment of the ram is converted in to rotary moment of rudder what type of bearing used for this moment

Q. When boiler load increase what happen in fuel and air system and how air flow is controlled in boiler and type of controls

Q. How oil is get in to the boiler feed water system and how to find out

Q. SEEMP measures

Q. Safematic steering gear


Q. How axial thrust is compensated in double stage centrifugal pump

Q. Sac volume

Q. Piston ring clearance, specially about butt clearance . How and where

Q. Oily water separator 15 ppm alarm check

Q. What is Brinnel hardness and how to calculate and where apply

Q. What we will check in T alkalinity and how

Q. Fair curve alignment how to check specially about graph of fair curve

Q. Exhaust valve knocking reasons .

Q. During crankcase inspection what you will check in crankcase relief valve.

Function – 6

Surveyor – Mitra sir

Q. Crosshead bearing bottom half survey procedure

Q. Hydraulic deck crane safeties .lint switch location

Q. Rudder pintle bearing purpose and measurement of clearances

Q. Swell and shrinkage in boiler how to overcome.

Q. Cascade control where used and working.

Q. Cable what parameter decides it’s current carrying capacity.

Q. Alternator neutral earthed or unearthed..cross questions

Q. Battery capacity test

Q. Shore connection supply, prior to dry dock what to check.

Q. OCR how to check.

Q. How cylinder lubrication  is done, how quantity is calculated when injection occurs and frequency of injection.

Q. Steering gear how locking is done, how excess pressure is taken care off how reversing of motor is prevented.

Q. How axial thrust in screw pump is taken care off

Q. Boiler water alkalinity level going down why

Q. Boiler combustion control

Q. In main engine bottom end bearing on inspection bearing surface found bulging out with black colour why

Q. Why we do DT and NDT testing what is yield strength how it is calculated for ferrous and non ferrous metal

Q. Purifier after overhauling starts vibrating, possible reasons.

Q. What all details you will give to port authority before entering to drydock.

Q. Type of valve used on board, butter fly where used, why. Where you used sluice valve, why?

Q. Heat treatment types, annealing normalising tempering, differences. Can be do normalising onboard?

Q. You have taken raw bunker not exactly raw, during purification intermittent oil leakage occurs through seal ring, due to which purifier capacity dropped and it is not meeting the required consumption . You have to reach port not much delay slight delay is allowed, what you will do.

Q. Cross head bearing survey

Q. Thrust bearing clearances how to take one pad abnormal what to do.

Q. Deck crane speed control and safeties

Q. Crosshead bearing survey in detail.

Q. Bottom brng bolts damage 1unit.

Q. Boiler survey and which boilers to be surveyed.

Q. Thrust bearing temperature high action in detail.

Q. Windlass heaving speed and load test.

Q. Piston ring calibration, cross questions

Q. If liner is coated with chrome, what will be coating on piston ring and cross questions

Q. How to test low and high water level alarm on a boiler

Q. Repair of Rudder Carrier bearing

Q. Main engine main bearing removal

Q. Purifier vibrations causes

Q. Foaming in boiler .reasons and action

Q. How to weld aluminium and steel

Q. Top bracing function. And location and test

Q. Crosshead bearing survey

Q. How odd no. Of impellers take thrust in centrifugal pump

Q. Purifier start vibrating on giving feed. Reasons

Q. Air compressor intercooler bursting disc burst every time the compressor starts, reason

Q. Boiler safety valve inspection

Q. MC engine measures from manufacturer side to control nox

Q. M/E liner ovality reasons, piston alignment.

Q. Type of boiler safety valve, difference between high lift and improved high lift.

Q. Viscosity controller not working, how will you maintain the viscosity of fuel oil.

Q. FWG capacity reduced, reasons.

Q. Arrangement for prevention of oil ingress in the boiler.

Q. M/E bottom end bearing removal, and survey.

Q. Refer compressor hp cut out, reasons.

Q. Main Air compressor capacity, how to check.

Q. Type of steering gear on your ship, shock absorbing arrangement, how many vanes and their sealing arrangement.

Q. Thin shell bearing composition, layers, material and their function.

Q. Piston clearances

Q. Windlass brake description

Q. E/R crane brake functioning

Q. Procedure to remove bottom end bearing

Q. Main engine bracing

Q. Crosshead survey with minimum removals of parts

Q. Rudder drop, how to take, where are the markings.

Q. Hydraulic winch brake testing, minimum speed of hoisting

Q. Crankshaft deflection purpose

Q. Top hydraulic bracing use, location, attaching points, and testing