Function – 4b

Surveyor – Mukhopadhyay sir

Q. Exhaust valve operational problems

Q. Turbocharger latest developments

Q. Crosshead latest development

Q. Viscotherm principle

Q. Which engine. Stroke to bore ratio. Pcomp, Pmax Exhaust pressure and scavenge pressure details.

Q. How exhust valve work.Exhaust valve not functioning properly. Causes

Q. Axial damper details.

Q. How to take main bearing clearance.

Q. Which type of control in jacket cooling water. Why used.

Q. Torsional vibration damper

Q. Causes for exhaust valve malfunctioning

Q. Types of Lubrications, How they are different from each other

Q. Alpha Lubricator, what all sensors are there

Q. CPR, Material, Advantage, Liner Material

Q. Boiler heating from cold condition.

Q. Axial vibration damper

Q. Cylinder oil lubrication position, clover leafing y n how ..your ship sfoc and cylinder oil per day consumption.

Q. Reversing explain, if not reversing what action

Q. Boiler water test

Q. how to decide firing order and overlap period

Q. Difference between short, long, super long exact stroke bore ratio

Q. Vit and super vit difference ? How to adjust?

Q. Auxiliary boiler water treatment. Chemicals and tests

Q. What is turbocharger surging? Reasons remedy

Q. What does each letter in 6S 60 MC C stand for.

Q. Draw compression card. Show ignition lag. Factors responsible for ignition lag. Draw light spring card. Draw light spring card if exhaust valve is chocked .

Q. You might have taken crankshaft deflection. How many readings do you take and what do you conclude from each reading ?

Q. You are in engine control room. Scavenge fire has taken place. How will you come to know. What actions you will take. Factors responsible for scavenge fire. If the main engine is at sea and running how you will come to know through which unit blow past is occurring ?

Q. Developments in Turborcharger.

Q. What is actual speed of centrifugal pump.

Q. How does viscometer work.

Q. What takes load for rudder . Function of upper and lower pintle.

Q. Function of back pressure valve .

Q. What takes load for purifier ?

Q. Piston developments in MAN B&W

Q. What maintenance you do on Tie rods

Q. Arrangement for preventing cavitation in fuel pump.

Q. M/E cooling water tests. Why we use nitrite why not any other alkaline chemical. Nitrite of which metal is used?

Q. Main bearing clearance. What is max value of clearance allowed, what percentage of journal dia??

Q. What are the improvements from SMC to ME in MAN B&W engines?

Q. With regards to Fuel injectors what is sac volume? What are the latest improvements in injectors and Why in latest injectors sac volume has been reduced or done away with and How?

Q. With regards to design of piston explain improvements in MAN B&W SMC engine?

Q. What is the maximum Allowable butt clearance for reuse of piston rings?

Q. What type of engine?

Q. Oros piston advantages

Q. Name physical and chemical additives used in lube oil?

Q. Why initially 1 then 2 then now days 3 injector used?

Q. How is the safety valve attached to the stem? How is the pin surface mating ?He gave me 4 options

Q. If thrust bearing is there so it can also take axial vibration  then what is the need of axial dampers ?

Q. Which engine you worked on? As far as reversing is concerned how it is done in MCC engine? Explain with drawing how roller move on cam?

Q. In steel there is carbon percentage how it affects the steel? How strength varies with percentage?

Q. Ows survey? What the surveyor will practically check during the survey? Wants to hear 15 ppm and 3 way valve

Q. Boiler water testing and which chemicals are added? Why no NaOH?

Q. Ro mineralizer? Which minerals are added?

Q. MC MC-C difference, high top land and oros piston, material and temp effect due to oros design cross.

Q. Vit and super vit difference, explain how achieved in man B&W, and what do you mean by adjustable break point.

Q. swell and shrinkage in boiler?

Q. Axial vibration damper why, how it works, and construction?

Q. Main engine jacket water treatment, chemical used? Why these? Why not other? What is the use of doing this?

Q. Difference between ME-B &ME -E engine

Q. Working of exhaust v/v ,and faults

Q. Diffrence between super long stroke & long stroke. one difference in related to material science.

Q. Boiler water test & what chemicals will you use.

Q. Ship is in bad weather purifier not coping up with engine demand.

Q. Fuel combustion process

Q. Demulsification  of lube oil

Q. Swell in boiler

Q. Purifier full operation

Q. Turn down ratio in boiler burner

Q. Type of engine, advantages of super long stroke engine.

Q. Cylinder oil lubrication system, calculation.

Q. Oros type piston

Q. Piston ring renewal criteria

Function – 6

Surveyor – Mukhopadhyay sir

Q. How to identify steam and water flange

Q. Holding down bolt is loose in watch, action to take

Q. Purifier manual operation, who takes the load of bowl,

Q. Injector working and test, sac volume diagram , how it is zero, and cross questioning, little space or not

Q. Boiler chemicals to add and why

Q. Difference between air compressor design and reliance comp. On lpg

Q. Primary and secondary additives in lube oil

Q. First stage discharge valve of air compressor leaking slightly .How to check

Q. Lube oil property

Q. Difference Between air compressor and life boat engine.

Q. Flange difference between high pressure and low pressure pipe

Q. Boiler safety valve. How the stem is connected to the seat is it welded. Threaded or pinned ?

Q. AE Main bearing removal and inspection

Q. Cylinder liner worn out, how to find out when running. Actions to be taken if AE to be operated.

Q. Air line intercooler and aftercooler purpose and arrangements to remove moisture from compressed air system.

Q. Cascade control in ME JCW system.

Q. Centrifugal p/p not developing head reasons & remedy.

Q. How to fix blade of  a hacksaw blade ? Which way hacksaw blade cuts forward stroke or backward stoke??

Q. Plate type and shell type heat exchanger difference, maintenance.

Q. Different types of valves used in engine room. Describe them .Example where they are used. Action to be taken if sea water pipe after sea chest filter and valve is leaking .

Q. What are the physical properties of L.O of auxiliary Engine. State chemical properties too.

Q. What chemical treatment in boiler. How to remove oxygen from boiler water . What excess oxygen will do to boiler water. Why boiler water test is performed at 25 degree Centigrade.

Q. How to adjust bumping clearance of compressor? What type of valve is used in compressor, specific name?

Q. After overhauling a purifier you found that tachometer is not working and you don’t have spare, What will you do?

Q. How weight of bowl is transferred to ship? He wanted diagram from bowl to vertical shaft, body and then bottom plate.

Q. Which bearing take weight of rudder. Function of top pintle and bottom pintle.

Q. Starting arrangement of lifeboat engine.

Q. Difference between L&S stroke and advantage of S stroke

Q. Nox reduction method

Q. Piston development from start to present day

Q. Purpose of pintle

Q. How to make flange from 10 mm thick plate

Q. Boiler water test and cross questions

Q. How is purifier bowl’s weight is supported?

Q. What are different types of bearings? Where they are used and why?

3. I give you a used bearing which is shining and polished like a new bearing. How will you ascertain if it can be used or not?

Q. How is rudder supported? In a semi balanced rudder what is the purpose  of sole piece and bottom pintle?

Q. What is the use of bottom pintle

Q. Where each type of valve is used, gate globe, butterfly etc.

Q. Name of the valve in compressors

Q. Difference between gas welding and gas cutting in detail

Q. Crank pin ovality. How to grind?

Q. Which valve is there in air compressor? Why it is used? In a two stage compressor if first stage delivery valve is partially leaking how will you know?  What are it’s peculiarities?

Q. How will you measure propeller drop? Where to take? How to take?

Q. Working principle of incinerator and IMO and non IMO approved incinerator

Q. What do you mean by dehumidification of oil? What are it’s effects?

Q. where will you use reamer? Material?

Q. Greenhouse gas calculation difference between EU and IMO data sheet

Q. Criteria so that refrigerant can be used until 2020

Q. Pyrolysis in incinerator

Q. 10 mm bolt spanner required

Q. Value of bore /stroke ratio long, super long, significance

Q. How to achieve zero sac volume in fuel injector . Draw

Q. How to prevent cavitations of main engine fuel pump

Q. Draw after burning in spring diagram and draw card.

Q. Boiler dosing all chemical name. Ratio of phosphate reserve to alkalinity.

Q. How spool valve work.

Q. Exhaust valve boiler tube leaking action.

Q. Tempering done in engine room parts.

Q. Dog spanner

Q. Reefer charging

Q. Annealing, what it does and where you do ?

Q. Bumping clearance and effect of increased and decreased clearance and how to rectify

Q. Ows function, what surveyor checks during inspection

Q. Engine 6S60MCC , what is S if it would be L then what does it mean ? Stroke bore ratio of Main Engine

Q. In Boiler safety valve, how Spindle is attached to valve.

Q. Fuel pump feeling cavitation , how to rectify ?

Q. Use of Upper pintle bearing and lower pintle bearing in Rudder.

Q. Vessel is not sailed for last 3 weeks , as the vessel sails, unusual vibration, tank drained, oil is coming after some time again drained, water is coming , problem ?

Q. RO plant on ship.

Q. Purifier type, Bowl is seated on which part, type of bearing

Q. 2 similar plates welded, Dia of electrode, how to order 2.6 mm dia electrode.

Q. Centrifugal pump mechanical and electrical part is fine, feeling vibration, causes.