Function – 6

Surveyor – Bhaumik sir

Q. Surface preparation of hull and HRA

Q. AE crankshaft broken into two half cause and instructions  to watchkeeper

Q. Refer charging.

Q. Long layoff time compressor start.

Q. Boiler accumulation pressure test purposes and process

Q. Refer charging as per IMO he is not satisfied with normal charging process

Q. Intermediate shaft bolt removal process

Q. Bedding test of bottom end bearing

Q. Main sea chest filter checks in dry Dock including all about mgps

Q. Difference between shrink fit and interference fit

Q. How and why to do boiler water accumulation press test

Q. Welding defects and why these defects occur

Q. How load test of crane is carried and the precautions.

Q. What are the clearances to be taken for rudder and propeller in dry dock and the values.

Q. Except meat room all other rooms are maintaining set temperature. Reason?

Q. Criteria for piston ring to discard

Q. Reason for main air compressor performance low.

Q. Rudder and Propeller clearances in dry dock.

Q. Domestic refrigeration- checks and maintenance

Q. Precautions before using bridge gauge for Main bearing removal

Q. TC vibration- cause & action.

Q. How to do zero setting of A/E fuel pump. What to check before installing pump on a/e. What do you mean by zero setting.

Q. MAC performance reduced. Reasons ?

Q. Where and why steam strap is fitted. How it affects boiler water.

Q. How to carry out e/r crane load test. What is the name of the instrument? How it works.

Q. How to join 2 copper pipes. All details about brazing.

Q. Zero settings of fuel pump

Q. Crankcase inspection

Q. Rudder testing method

Q. Locking of rudder

Q. What are the checks you will do during ME decarb and how will you decide to change the Piston rings??

Q. How to remove shaft coupling and construction and working??

Q. How to remove oil in the refer system?

Q. Purifier is wobbling suddenly during running what are the causes and action will you take??

Q. OROS piston & Draw it.

Q. what provision is there for tube expansion in water tube boiler? Draw OGEE RING.

Q. Main air compressor performance deteriorates. Reasons.

Q. Steering working (from bridge to rudder).how signal is transmitted?

Q. Purpose of Super VIT? its working and details. VIT & SUPERVIT difference.

Q. Chrome steel liner removal procedure in dry dock. what all checks and inspection you do after removal?

Q. Major difference between TIG and MIG? Where used??

Q. Steering gear locking arrangement? which one is easy? At what position will you lock the rudder while your ship is being towed??

Q. Hull crack, repair in dry dock.

Q. Crosshead lubrication in M/E. How is it different than other lubrication like main bearing lubrication? Difficulty in lubricating Crosshead.

Q. Crosshead lubrication in MAN B&W  and in SULZER.

Q. M/E main bearing clearance measurement by bridge gauge?? what checks before taking measurements? what if crankshaft is not resting on journal?

Q. Piston is out side, how you will check completed alignment

Q. Alumunium welding difficulties and how are they dealt with?

Q. Turbocharger clearances how to take?

Q. one unit deflection taken by juniors wrong what may be the reason?

Q. What to check before flooding on stern tube ?

Q. M/E on D.O. while manouvering, speed not coming up quickly. Reasons?

Q. How to open interference bolts of intermediate shaft coupling?

Q. What to check while overhauling of boiler safety valve ?

Q. High pressure cut out, what are the reasons ?

Q. How do you weld steel with aluminium for superstructure. What filler metal used for TIG in this case.

Q. Sea chest inspection.

Q. Fuel injector is stuck. How to remove. Precautions to prevent it.

Q. Crosshead bearing inspection.

Q. Initial check in drydock

Q. Reason for fall of compressor

Q. Checks in cam shaft chain drive.

Q. How to take me piston out during decarb

Q. When you decide to discard piston ring.

Q. Welding

Q. Surface preparation and paint  used in e/r

Q. Crankcase inspection after long sailing having short time for inspection

Q. Windlass sliding clutch operation, Defects

Q. Aft Chrome liner take out, What checks to make in chrome liner

Q. Purifier overflowing what to do first action

Q. Pitting found in hull boot topping area actions

Q. Interference fit bolts how will you take out

Q. Foundation bolt tightening procedures

Q. Foundation bolt loose for particular section reasons and remedies

Q. Refer system heavy oil deposits action

Q. Ovality of connecting rod check

Q. Surface preparation before painting

Q. Sea chest inspection

Q. Bedding of propeller

Q. Ship aground, what checks of main engine ?

Q. Accumulation pressure test of boiler

Q. Welding of pipe

Q. Anti polishing ring.

Q. reefer charging. What precaution as par annex 6.

Q. Reefer routine leak test. Which area to be paid attention from safety point of view. Why belt driven

Q. Fitted and interference bolt, explain with diagram

Q. Crankcase quick inspection after rough sea.

Q. Chrome liner renewal

Q. AE / ME pump zero setting

Q. Sea water pump inspection. What takes load in a vertical type .

Q. Scavange manifold crack. How to find and what to do

Q. Excess air in boiler . Effects in boiler and superheater

Q. Mac valve type? Why plate type? Advantage?

Q. Accumulation pressure test of boiler in details? Why we do? When we do?

Q. Controllable pitch propeller working? Arrangement of oil channel? How pitch changes?

Q. Drydock preliminary survey? Under water parts inspection? what are the things you will check from forward to aft?

Q. If you have to tow a ship? In which position you will keep rudder? Explained mechanically and hydraulically locking?

Q. How the signal is transmitted from bridge to the steering gear. Rotary vane steering?

Q. Alkaline non-alkaline salts? From where it come? How it forms, reaction? How you will get to know? Preventive measure? Chemical name? Reserve phosphate range?

Q. Welding defects and causes.

Q. Boiler combustion system safeties.

Q. Ship grounded, what all checks to be done in crankcase?

Q. In drydock, what are the checks to be done in sea chest and he want to listen thickness measurement of plate.

Q. Type of paints. under water which paint is used.

Q. Crankcase inspection after grounding.

Q. Interference fit bolt. Wants diagram and explanation from the diagram.

Q. Fresh water generator production reduced. Checks and action.

Q. Main engine fuel pump zero setting.

Q. Steering gear locking arrangement n wt position rudder while towing a ship

Q. Bedding of bottom end bearing. At What position What u do if 40% bedding  for new bearing?

Q. Accumulator boiler water test? Why and when done. Procedures complete. Meaning of 110%.

Q. Air compressor performance going down, reason n remedy*(piston ring damage, bumping clearance, wants to listen)

Q. How is temperature and Humidity regulated in am Air Conditioning Plant?

Q. Crank Case Inspection, which all things will you check?

Q. What are the Initial checks you will carry out for Hull just after water is removed in a Dry Dock?

Q. Difference between TIG & MIG; where are they used?

Q. Hull preparation for painting

Q. Crank pin bearing removal and survey of bearing n crank pin inspection

Q. Interference fit & shrink fit

Q. Lube oil contamination