Function – 4b

Surveyor – Mitra sir

Q. How surge line is find out

Q. Nox how charge air mass is increased

Q. How intermediate stage pressure is increased on air compressor

Q. Vit and super vit difference all the things break point an all

Q. Vane type steering gear

Q. One unit liner ovality reason.

Q. Fuel pump lead.

Q. Piston removal procedure, how centering of piston done.

Q. How auxiliary steering connected to rudder.

Q. How to repair carrier bearing.

Q. Liner calibration, max wear

Q. Stuffing box overhaul and clearance measurement.

Q. Piston locked in cylinder. How to run the engine?

Q. Metal locking procedure.

Q. Plasma welding.

Q. Exhaust boiler tube leak. What to do?

Q. Difference between brazing and welding.

Q. Liner removal and cross questions

Q. A/E main bearing removal

Q. Cylinder lubrication depending factors of M/E

Q. Alpha lubrication system.

Q. Surging of T/C , and cross question.

Q. Rotary vane steering gear, how vanes are connected and everything.

Q. Boiler foaming.

Q. Refrigeration system, COP explain, degree of superheat explain.

Q. Ignition delay and fuel specification ccai

Q. Top bracing purpose and its testing where fitted in engine body

Q. Economizer leaking in voyage

Q. Bursting disc rupture in main air compressor during manuvering how to run

Q. Swell and shrinkage how to rectify

Q. Cop of refer how to increase super heat and sub cooling

Q. Purifier Vibration after overhaul.

Q. Safematic system, 50% redundancy.

Q. Engine room crane maintenance band checks.

Q. IGG system basics, deck seal type.

Q. Turbocharger surge line.

Function – 4b

Surveyor – Bhowmik sir

Q. Thin shell and thick shell bearing difference, material of thin shell bearing

Q. Steering gear hydraulic system safety, qualities of hydraulic oil

Q. Piston cleaning ring diagram, function and material, how to remove if stuck

Q. How to prevent internal and external corrosion of steam pipes, material of steam pipe

Q. Main engine system oil contamination reasons

Q. Accumulation pressure test

Q. Checks on liner

Q. Exhaust valve working? damping pin?

Q. Boiler combustion system all devices and safeties?

Q. Steering gear pump types? Hw pump is connected to floating lever? locking arrangements in pumps?

Q. Alpha lubricator system? How quills attached to the liner?

Q. Alpha lubricator

Q. Pressure setting of safety valve

Q. Oil carried over with refrigerant in reefer.

Q. Checks in AHU unit

Q. Crankcase inspection in short n long time.

Q. Chrome liner removal

Q. CPP, FPP how CPP work n all

Q. Vit and super vit

Q. Draw card

Q. Dp transmitter

Q. Radial piston pump

Q. Torsional vibration and silicon damper

Q. Sea chest inspection

Q. Boiler accumulation pressure test

Q. Tail shaft crack test by magnetic particle test

Q. Seized fuel injector procedure

Q. Magnetic particle inspection on tail shaft and how it is different from DPT?

Q. Crankshaft checks after rough weather

Q. Holding down bolt tightness check procedure and reasons for slackness in holding down bolt

Q. What are the reasons for boiler fuel oil consumption high?

Q. TIE BOLT in long stroke engines

Q. Screw pump working

Q. Draw card

Q. Steering gear how signal transmitted to tiller

Q. Boiler water treatment

Q. Alpha lubrication complete

Q. Axial vibration source, other then gas forces tell, I told propeller thrust, he agreed..asked it’s remedies.

Q. Why compressor valve, plate types, their materials?

Q. Dry dock survey of aft chrome liner. How to remove the chrome liner and aft seal.

Q. Refer system pressure test safeties and procedure.

Q. M/E crankcase inspection after rough weather.

Q. Metal stitching

Q. Reversing process, mechanism.

Q. Alpha lubricator, input and response.

Q. Bacteria in ac system. Cause and remedy.

Q. Stern tube radial seal diagram.

Q. Air distributor, diagram and function.

Q. Grey, white nodular cast iron.

Q. Checks when flooding after DD

Q. Cross head bearing overhaul, checks.

Q. Welding defects.

Q. Rt flex how to detect FCM fault, tracing fault, why 7 FCM in 6 unit engine.

Q. RTA engine how to adjust cylinder lubrication feed rate?

Q. ME engine hydraulic pump not developing pressure, what are effects and how to trace fault?

Q. How to isolate damaged turbocharger, how to isolate in case of multistage turbocharger?

Q. Boiler blow back, reasons and actions?

Q. Tie rod found loose hw to check, problem, tightening procedure

Q. Soot blower procedure precaution, why a particular angle rotation of soot blower

Q. M/E foundation bolt loosen, indication, cause, consequence, immediate action

Q. Boiler tube leaking indication, immediate action, management

Q. location and function of puncture valve, bleed valve and control valve

Q. Face seal working and attachment in stern tube .

Q. Refractory defects and how to maintain refractory in good condition.

Q. Turbocharger isolation procedure and precautions

Q. Air condition relative humidity-70% and temperature-30 degree .how to make it in comfort zone.

Q. Checks before flooding in dry dock and how to check rudder alignment

Q. Oil in gauge glass in boiler

Function – 4b

Surveyor – Paul sir

Q. What is reason for slipping of overhead crane, when we lower piston rod.

Q. How we sure that stuffing box gland working without opening the stuffing box.

Q. Why boiler tank called cascade tank and what is cascading means.

Q. How to you sure roller bearing is in good condition.

Q. Which part of pump take load when a big ballast pump running or not running.

Q. High energy plug in boiler

Q. Stoimetric chart applications in air conditioning system. Relative humidity, absolute humanity, comfort zone.

Q. Type of engine, concept, which tire, nox unit. Tier 2 nox value, why it is different for different speed of engine.

Q. Tube type and plate type heat exchanger, type of flow( turbulent streamline), velocity of liquid, why high speed of liquid advantages and disadvantage of higher velocity.

Q. Hybrid t/c

Q. Chain tightening and second order moment

Q. Excessive and insufficient penetration effects.

Q. Caustic embrittlement, where will you find?

Q. Refer room safety

Q. Bedding of bearing

Q. How to check binding later of white metal bearing

Q. Liner overhaul and assembling.

Q. Boiler inspection,

Q. Air bottle pitting, repairs

Q. Miller cycle and turbo cooling

Q. Annealing

Q. Corrosion in boiler

Q. Hot corrosion, where, how

Q. Safety valve accumulation pressure test

Q. Checks after ship grounding

Q. Bonding test of bearing

Q. TEV malfunction, how will you maintain temperature of room

Q. How to measure tail shaft drop

Q. Hybrid Turbocharger

Q. Cold corrosion

Q. Lube oil additives chemical name

Q. Sensing bulb, TEV

Q. ECA area regulations FO properties of fuel used in ECA area.