Q. What is steam trap? Where is it located? Its function? Is there a strainer before it?

Q. Position of steam trap in bunker heating steam line?

Q. Feed water line diagram? How will u know oil on feed water line?

Q. What is priming of boiler?

Q. How may safety valves are there on Auxiliary Boiler and how does it works with diagram.

Q. What are all the safety checks u will carry out before starting a boiler?

Q. Why vent provided on boiler?

Q. Boiler mountings?

Q. Why easing gears?

Q. Purpose of expansion tank. How to know the tank is empty or full, if you are not able to see the level in gauge glass.

Q. Purpose of boiler register draw n show

Q. Why 2 Boiler gauge glasses? How to find if both functioning correctly?

Q. About safety valve. Gagging of valve and its purpose.

Q. If oil goes into the boiler how will u come to know? Already INSIDE the boiler

Q. Boiler water treatment: how salt formation takes place though FWG water has salt content 2ppm?

Q. Boiler water level is going down – reasons?

Q. Boiler gauge glass blow down.

Q. Boiler accumulation of pressure. Test of accumulation of pressure. What is importance of Boiler lowwater level trip and alarm. How to try out /test?

Q. Types of boiler burner? Explain any 1?

Q. Boiler furnace inspection, how will you prepare for that?

Q. Draw Boiler feed water line. In which line is the feed water regulator? Is it in the main line or auxiliary line?

Q. If one gauge glass show half level and other showing fluctuation what does it mean?

Q. How to know if oil is there in boiler water? What are boiler water treatments?

Q. pH of boiler water? Why alkaline? What acidity hazards? Scaling hazards?

Q. What if Chloride contents increases?

Q. Hydraulic pressure testing of boiler. Why & How?

Q. What is soot? Why soot blow? Draw arrangement of soot blowers on your ship. Piplani

Q. Draw cross section of boiler and all the feed water and steam outlet connection and where fitted location-wise. Or Sketch boiler of your ship with all details

Q. Safeties on Boiler?

Q. Boiler CW Test, Values & Action

Q. Boiler Water Treatment, what if chloride content increases, blowdown procedure, what if Chlorine content continue to increase even after blowdown?

4BL32 What is boiler steam temp? I said 100deg saturated steam? Then he asked- How does 100deg steam heat fuel oil up to 140deg?

Q. Boiler feed water line diagram

Q. What type of steam trap on deck cargo steam line?

Q. Hot well overflowing reasons

Q. Boiler water tests? Values? What to do when value rises? How is phosphate test done and why is phosphate test done?

Q. What information is provided on safety valve?

Q. Boiler safeties

Q. There is no water in the boiler – What action will you take?

Q. Boiler gauge glass, boiler leak off alarm why?

Q. Why do you blow down boiler and how?

Q. What do u mean by boiler panting?

Q. What do u mean by boiler running in?

Q. Purpose of ignition transformer?

Q. Effects of water getting carried over boiler

Q. Boiler double banking

Q. How much was the pre and post purge time. Can u change that and how to find the min amount of purge time(if there is no manual)?

Q. What is boiling point of a liquid ?

Q. Floating of boiler safety valve is done during drydock survey

Q.  How is boiler feed water control connected to boiler combustion control.

Q. Manual firing of boiler

Q. Why feed water p/p lose suction if feed water temperature is too high?

Q. How to adjust air fuel ratio in a boiler?

Q. How to fire the boiler manually?

Q. Methods for detection and taking out oil from hotwell?

Q. What is Primary and Secondary Air Combustion in Boiler?

Q. Why multistage pump for blr feed water?

Q. What actions to be taken for the following-for boilers

1. low ph or acidic condition

2. high alkanility

3. high tss

4. hydrazine.

Q. What will happen if steam traps are not used in steam system?

Q. What is the voltage supplied to pilot burner in boiler and how ?

Q. Why rotary cup burner is preferred in boiler?

Q. How would you find out if oil has entered inside the boiler steam drum?

Q. Prepurging & postpurging time for boiler?

Q. Chloride content of boiler water: normal range?

Q. What is the purpose of a gland steam?

Q. Why are the two safety valves in a boiler set at different pressures ?

Q. Types of steam trap . Working . Purpose and location

Q. Types of steam trap . Working . Purpose and location

Q. Reason for boiler feed water cascade tank overflow while manoeuvring?

Q. Why a high lift safety valve is called high lift safety valve?

Q. Why at start the air damper after pre purge cycle not closed fully?

Q. What is wing clearance in boiler safety valve?

Q. Boiler precautions to be taken before starting.

Q. Why you open vent of boiler during cold starting

Q. Boiler gauge glass blow through procedure

Q. What will you do if one of the boiler gauge glass is showing very low water level and PID controller how it works?

Q. On-board your ship boiler automation failed, safety valve not lifted. What will be your immediate action?

Q. How will you continue boiler at low firing rate – If your boiler fuel oil pressure control valve is not working?


Q. How will you detect moisture in ref system? What will u do to remove it?

Q.  What is condenser and evaporator pressure?

Q. State of refrigerant before and after TEV?

Q. What is short cycling and reasons?

Q. Explain TEV?

Q. In refer plant if there is oil in the evaporator, how will you clean it?

Q. Detailed drawing of refrigeration system

Q. Reasons for domestic refrigeration not undergoing HP trip.

Q. Refrigerant used in air conditioning system?

Q. Reefer plant. Why back pressure v/v? What is the function of solenoid?

Q. Cut in cut out -cross questions

Q. Low refrigerant – How will you get to know?

Q. Leakage detection. You carried out leak test rectified and still refrigerant is leaking. Why and from where?

Q. Capacity of recovery bottle?

Q. Reefer short cycle

Q. A/C not providing cooling. Reasons?

Q. Ref charging methods? Where is the point for charging? Where else you can have the point to charge the refrigerant? Explain method of charging

Q. Loading & unloading of AC compressor – Explain

Q. Difference between AC compressor & Air compressor unloader

Q. Why in Refrigeration system there is Equalising line? What about which is not having Equalising line. How superheat is created in it ?

Q. Difference between AC compressor and air compressor crankcase design and its venting arrangement ?

Q. Reefer compressor unloading with diagram

Q. Draw refrigeration cycle and principle of refrigeration?

Q. Refrigeration lines- Overcharging, short cycling, what if moisture is present? Where heat is added and where heat is removed in refrigeration system?

Q. Procedure of refrigerant charging (gas) in ac plant, and what precautions are taken for personal safety?

Q. Working of TEV?

Q. Location of drier in domestic reefer

Q. Domestic Refrigerator Compressor type

Q. Draw refrigeration cycle? Lots of cross question on this. What is latent heat etc? Everything he wanted to know is how?

Q. Safeties on reefer. Why belt driven?

Q. Difference between cut out and trips in reference to refrigeration plant ?

Q. How A.C system capacity control takes place?

Q. How to fill Lub oil in a refrigeration compressor?

Q. How is the load decided on AC compressor and how does it work?

Q. How is the cold room temperature maintained?

Q. Whats the difference between air compressor lube oil and refer lube oil properties?

Q. Air vent of refrigeration & air compressor difference?

Q. Difference between LP cutout and LP controller?

Q. what is cascade refrigeration system. tell me construction, how temp is maintained to -165 degree.

Q. Lube oil charging in ref compressor durin running, Construction of charging v/v

Q. What all parameters to be checked in a refrigeration compressor?

Q. What are the reasons for suction line getting hot/ cold?

Q. Frosting in the suction line, Causes?

Q. What is a back pressure valve? And where it is used?

Q. AC compressor short cycling reason

Q. Ref compressor- air is present- What will happen?

Q.  How to charge refrigerant in the system?

Q. Type of compressor for AC on your ship? Was vent provided in crank case on it?