Q. Purifier overflowing reasons

Q. Boiler blowdown procedure?

Q. What is main function of gravity disc? What shape? What passes through, what effect of its sizes, how it exactly controls oil water interface? What will happen with wrong selection? How to select exact size?

Q. Principle of purifier, draw diagram, why it is necessary to heat the oil, temperature you maintained on your ship for FO and LO? And why that much temp only?

Q. How to start purifier?

Q. Approach towards rectifying a fault in the purifier and what if oil is leaking?

Q. How to select gravity disc?

Q. Why we stop purifier with the help of hand brake everytime?

Q. e line in purifier

Q. Why brake on purifier?

Q. Why purifier brakes are applied during stopping. Is there any arrangement that the critical speed is bypassed very fast for purifier.

Q. Why do we apply break to purifier at the time of stopping? And what is the arrangement to overshoot the critical rpm at time of starting?

Q. Why brake is given to purifier?

Q. How is the vertical shaft and horizontal shaft of purifier alligned?

Q. What is the function of the friction clutch mechanism used in purifiers?

Q. Safeties on Purifier

Q. Purifier working principle

Q. Manual desludging of purifier?

Q. Safety in purifier ?

Q. Purifier overflow,

Q. Purifier speed not building after start.

Q. Purifier – how the shaft is connected to the motor? what are the arrangements for that?

Q. What are friction pads? How are they placed and arranged?

Q. In the running purifier how will u come to know that the friction pad is wear down?

Q. What are imp parameters in purifier? Explain its effects.

Q. Purifier not desludging – reasons & actions

Q. Why a Purifier vibrate? What is there to control it?

Q. Purifier overflowing reasons? Differences in conventional Alfa Laval and ALCAP purifier?

Q. Purifier leaking; reasons

Q. Oil from water side of purifier

Q. Gravity disk selection

Q. Purifier Overflowing, what all things will you check? Probable causes of overflowing

Q. Purifier Dissembly

Q. What exactly is the paring disc? Is it centripetal pump or water paring device? Given differently in Alfa Laval & McGeorge


Q. Why compressors are there in more than one stage? (Lots of cross questions on this)

Q. Why we use intercooler & after cooler?

Q. Bumping clearance and cross question.

Q.  What all factors effect vol. efficiency?

Q. Air compressor overhaul and valve overhaul. How to test its properly overhauled?

Q. Bumping clearance. What will happen if it is more and if it is less? How is it?

Q. PV diagram for Air compressor – Difference between Isothermal/Adiabatic Compression

Q. Multistage compression, why, operation, principle, what type of compressor

Q. Compressor unloader working, if 1st stage suction and discharge v/v leaking what will be the effect, how lubrication is done, profile for lubrication in comp crankshaft, exact profile.

Q. What are different types of compressor valve?and pls dont tell hp and lp and if valve seat goes how to repair ? Can we lap valve seat?

Q. Compressor 2 stage PV diagram

Q. Compressor specifications and inspection inside crankcase

Q. Where safety valve is fitten? Which side and why?

Q. Compressor safeties

Q. Multistage Compression, PV Diagram, Safeties.

Q. Starting air bottle safeties

Q. What happens when the fusible plug melts?

Q. What all you will check in air compressor crankcase?

Q. Why is an air compressor started unloaded?

Q. How does the air compressor start and stop automatically?

Q. What will happen if the suction and discharge valve of air compressor got interchanged after overhaul?

Q. Will the reciprocating compressor work, if direction of motor changes? Explain?

Q. In a two stage tandem air compressor adjusting the first stage bump clearance will effect the bump clearance in the second stage,so how does it work out?

Q. Can we use shims to adjust bumping clearance in air compressors?

Q. How does the air compressor start and stop automatically?

Q. Compressor Valve Inspection.

Q. If vlvs of air comp are leaky what will happen? Indication of 1st stage discharge vv leaking?

Q. MAC capacity reduced & longer time to fill up the bottle. Reasons?

Q.  How to start air compressor in manual

Q. Compressor taking time to fill the bottle, reason?

Q. Compressor intercooler use? Draw 2 stage on graph? What is that graph called?

Q. Starting Air Compressor Safeties

Q. How will u come to know that your main air compressor is working efficiently, if your 2/E tell you to check the efficiency, what all things you will check?


Q. Multi stage pump and its diagram,

Q. NPSH of pump

Q. Class survey of ballast pump what are your preperations

Q. While you stop purifier it starts vibrating – What could be the reason other than critical speed?

Q. Casing ring & wear ring location its function

Q. How multistage centrifugal pumps connected in parallel &series? It’s application

Q. OWS 3 way valve testing

Q. Different types of pumps used in engine room

Q. Rudder drop. Why rudder drop happens? Jumping Clearance

Q. Where you will use centrifugal pump and where you will use reciprocating pump?

Q. What is NPSH? Factors affecting NPSH?

Q. Draw diagram of gear pump.

Q. Why Pump Vibrates?

Q. OWS – how it works? What principle? Why do you fill it with sea water?

Q. If you start main sea water pump and it trips wht are the reasons?

Q. Centrifugal p/p – clearance between wear ring & casing

Q. Cargo pump type and their bearing lubrication, details

Q. If there are two different types of cargoes in two adjacent tanks- one greater than another. Pump is tripping

on overload which discharging higher SG cargo. So how will you discharge cargo of that tank? (Something else, other than heating and cooling)

Q. Where emegency bilge suction is fitted ? Which pump and why? How will you test? Who will test? Procedure

Q. Mechanical seal diagram and function. Function of lantern ring in centrifugal pumps.

Q. Bilge line not taking suction?

Q. Centrifugal pump – part names

Q. If you start main sea water pump and it trips. What are the reasons?

Q. How to start sea water pump?

Q. Centrifugal p/p cross-section, working and for some reason diag of rotation. Wear ring. Gland.

Q. Difference between mech seal and oil seal?

Q. Bunker line pressure test

Q. Why gear pump not used for emgcy fire pump as it develops high pressure?

Q. Difference between centrifugal and gear pump

Q. How to check the correct working of 15 ppm alarm?

Q. Bilge pump suddenly lost suction. What will u check first and after that?

Q. Clearances in Gear Pump to be checked?

Q. Wear Ring replacement procedure?

Q. Wear ring use? Clearance? (0.3 mm)

Q. Draw mechanical seal? Uses?

Q. Centrifugal pump O/H checks?

Q. Replacement procedure for Mechanical seal

Q. All S.W. pumps are shut also valves are shut. Start sequence by sequence

Q. What is the purpose of spring in mechanical seal?

Q. How to select gland packing?

Q. Sea water on ME lube oil pump – what is your action?


Q. What is Safematic system?

Q. Hunting gear, oil flow and safety in steering gear.

Q. Steerig gear test before departure

Q. Hydraulic system of windlass. What is the hydraulic symbol of pump and motor?

Q. How winches operated on your ship?

Q. What are the primary purpose of hydraulic fluid on board?

Q. Difference between steering gear motor and other motors onboard

Q. Why the high pressure line (eg: Steering gear system) has Square type flanges and not round ??

Q. Draw the 4 ram steering gear and explain how it works? How are the pumps controlled?

Q. What is 100% redundancy?

Q. What are the follow up,non follow up,and automatic systems of control systems in steering gear?


Q. Vacuum loss occurred in fresh water generator. How will you come to know without pressure gauge?

Q. Fresh water generator principle?

Q. Start the fresh water generator, principle of fresh water generation, working of ejector?

Q. How will you start FWG?

Q. Fresh water generator.working. Eductor pump working. Salinometer working.

Q. FWG not producing vacuum – Reasons

Q. Fresh water generator working and problems

Q. Principle of FWG? Reverse osmosis and vacuum FWG?


Q. What is plasticity & elasticity?

Q. 2E asks you to cut threads using lathe. How will u carry out the job? Speed of lathe machine? Tools used?

Q. Steering gear failure. It is not responding from bridge – Causes?

Q. What is the maximum angle did your hose lifting crane moved?

Q. Difference b/w cut-out & trip?

Q. Why air vents are provided in tanks?

Q. What is jumping clearance?

Q. What are the types of welding?

Q. How many seachest on board, why high sea chest in port?

Q. Difference between relief valve and safety valve?

Q. In bunker analysis report what all items are given? (he need details of impurities)