Q. What is the function of commutator in DC motor?

Q. What is Fleming’s law?

Q. What are the emergency generator requirements as per SOLAS? How will you confirm that the emergency generator has come on load within 45 seconds?

Q. How to carry out insulation resistance test?

Q. MSB safeties? (Lots of cross questions on this)

Q. AVR with diagram

Q. Brushless gen with diagram

Q. Reverse power trip with diagram

Q. Limiting value of IR at which motor will keep on running with insulation leaking

Q. Megger testing, how to connect probes

Q. How current moves in a conductor.

Q. What is the difference between AC & DC?

Q. Compare AC & DC with stresses.

Q. What will you do if there is low insulation when you start a motor. How will you correct it

Q. Overhaul of motor

Q. Alarm or trips on steering gear motor.

Q. Maintenance on Alternator

Q. Safeties on MSB

Q. Reverse power trip & testing

Q. Power factor definition. How will u calculate it?

Q. Wheat stone bridge principle. How it’s balanced? Relation between R1 R2 R3 R4

Q. Megger why used? How to test its working? Types of megger? How does it measure insulation when you are setting a voltage range on it? How will the dynamo work on non-battery type?

Q. Type of transformer in welding machine?

Q. What is function of fuses?

Q. Different kind of fuses

Q. Motor protection

Q. Open circuit fault

Q. Earth circuit fault

Q. Reverse power trip

Q. Generator safeties

Q. Protection in motors for short circuit

Q. Safeties on MSB?

Q. Earth fault indication alarms activated. What step you will take?

Q. Black out occurs on your ship. What will be your action?

Q. Paralleling of Alternator: Conditions and Manual procedure

Q. What is single phasing?

Q. Paralleling of generators? (mention all the 4 conditions)

Q. Preferential trip

Q. Power factor

Q.  Trickle charge

Q. Actual electrical parameters on-board your ship and cross question

Q. What is IP number? What the two digits of it indicate? What was the IP number for motor in the engine room, and for MSB?

Q. What is Insulation resistance? What is the temperature value for class F insulation?

Q. What is earth fault? Why it occurs? Is there any system to monitor in continuously? What is the minimum value of it is allowed?

Q. What all ratings of motor are given on its nameplate?

Q. What is IP for MSB?

Q. IP and significance for motor, what was IP of E/R motors in your ship?

Q. Induction motor principle.

Q. Starters, why it is required?

Q.  Star delta starter diagram and explanation.

Q. L51 AVR diagram and working. Why it is used?

Q. Reverse power trip

Q. Preferential trip, what are essential and non-essential loads?

Q. Zener diodes.

Q. Intrinsic circuit. Where it is used?

Q. Explosion proof motor and where it is used.

Q. Safeties on overhead crane.

Q. Electrical hazards.

Q. Fire class motors .

Q. Overhead crane limit switch value.

Q. Star circuit. Power calculation. Power factor. What is phase angle?

Q.  Safety of ESB.

Q. Emergency generator Safety.

Q. Types of batteries? Sp Gr? Voltage? Reaction? How will you know battery fully charged? What battery on board? It’s rating? What is voltage for charging? (26V) Battery maintenance? Hydrometer? Principle of Hydrometer?

Q. What all types of power supply on board? Why 440V in ER and 220/110V in accommodation? Why not opposite?

Q. Types of motor on board? Principle? Synchronous vs induction motor? Where synchronous motor used?

Q. How to parallel generator? How do you know incoming generator in phase? Synchroscope diagram?

Q. Fleming left and right hand rule? Lenz’s law?

Q. Under voltage trip diagram

Q. If two generators are sharing equal load but amps are different

Q. How is electricity produced? From where it is tapped?

Q. General electrical safeties?

Q. What general safeties you will find in a starter box or near the starter box?

Q. Esb safeties 440v earth fault alarm

Q. 220v earth fault alarm

Q. Battery charging failure alarm

Q. IR alarm

Q. How is earthing given to the ship? What is NER? What purpose? If not given what would happen?

Q. How is earthing given on the shore?

Q. Starter maintenance?

Q. How to test insulation resistance? On the whole what should be the value for entire ship how much it should be? How will you check it for the motor ?

Q. ESB 440v supplied to ?

Q. Emergency generator : means of starting

Q. Paralleling,

Q. Synchroscope diagram

Q. Transformer principle

Q. MSB block diagram

Q. MSB safeties: Physical and Electrical

Q. Emergency generator starting requirements, procedure

Q. Power management system block diagram and working

Q. Induction motor working diagram and principle

Q. Battery maintenance

Q. Battery Room Safeties

Q. Draw explosimeter

Q. What are safeties in E/R overhead crane? What is fail set mechanism?

Q. What is intrinsically safe equipment?

Q. How do you measure SG of battery acid? Then what is Hygrometer? What is working principle of Hydrometer & Hygrometer?

Q. E/R crane safeties

Q. E/R crane motor safeties. Fail-safe of brake & Brake Diagram.

Q. Alternator routines

Q. If your generator working ok but alternator not producing proper voltage? (avr)

Q. Motor maintenance (Megger IR check etc)

Q. Motor safeties

Q. Motor speed control

Q. Difference between synchronous motor and induction motor

Q. Synchronous motor where used in ER

Q. Synchronising how done dark lamp etc circuit diagram

Q. MSB safeties

Q. What happen if generator overload?

Q. Preferential trip in detail

Q. Emergency supply goes to where

Q. Power factor in detail

Q. How to calculate on-board power factor?

Q. When we get power factor=1?

Q. Ships Power Supply system (No diagram but verbally explain it is combination of S/bs, Transformers, fuses, contacts, CBs, diff voltages etc.)

Q. Why Starters fitted- function of DOL Starter?

Q. What is Isolation Transformer?

Q. Principle of Transformers- what happens to current and voltage during transformation?

Q. Draw and explain Brushless Generator. Residual Magnetism etc

Q. Navigation Light Panel.

Q. Motor Safeties.

Q. Single Phasing, How will you come to know which phase has gone, how will you test?

Q.  Megger working. How to test IR resistance. Why you can’t use multimeter for the same??

Q. How to use megger, multimeter and tong meter?

Q. Safeties of MSB, why 0.6 m gap is given behind

Q. Battery checks

Q. Procedure for entering battery room

Q. Insulation resistance, minimum acceptable value

Q. Open circuit fault

Q. What are the ESB safeties as per SOLAS

Q. What is MCB and what all trips are provided on MCB

Q. What type of fuses is used in ER? If HRC fuse is blown off what test will u carry out?

Q.  What is reverse power trip and how will u carry out the test to check the trip is working?

Q. How to check reverse power trip? Prime mover will be running or not? Then take the gene again on load.

Q. Types of fuses? Explain semi enclosed? Is semi enclosed present in ship?

Q. Power factor. Lot of cross questions

Q. Types of fuses in engine room, how to test a ceramic fuse, what position will you keep the knob of multimeter when testing the fuse? ans is on continuity or resistance,

Q. What type of crane on deck?

Q. MCB trips,

Q. How to check that a 3 phase motor is star or delta connected just by looking at the terminals. Draw the arrangement.

Q.  Types of motor use in engine room

Q. Types of induction motors

Q. Lead acid batteries its safety battery room ventilation

Q. Welding circuit

Q. Single earth fault, short circuit fault

Q. Short circuit fault safeties

Q. Navigation lights – AC / DC?

Q. DC motor on board?

Q. Difference b\w AC and DC motor?

Q. Rectifier? How it works? Example?

Q. Transformer? Working?

Q. Megger testing

Q. How to detect earth fault?

Q. Generator trips

Q. Alternator trips

Q. Describe preferential trip

Q. Electric principle of welding

Q. How emergency generator does comes on load when main power fails

Q. Synchroscope function

Q. Power distribution system with diagram