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Q. Types of transformers and hysteresis

Q. Loop diagram

Q. Zener diode

Q. Brushless exciter

Q. Heat detector

Q. Types of controllers and applications

Date – 05-03-2020

External – Kapoor sir

Internal – Vikrant rai sir


Q. Types of certificates comes under ISM and their validity

Q. SMC and DOC audit

Q. What is EEDI, EEOI & SEEMP, certificates issued under EEDI and their validity

Q. What is annex 5 and latest ammendments in annex 5

Q. How many types of life boat. what is free fall lifeboat, regulations of lifeboat

Q. what is sheer strake, bilge keel, camber

Date – 06-03-2020


Q. Full form of function

Q. What is work

Q. Fundamental requirements of MLC

Q. GZ curve

Q. Damage stability

Q. Types of stability

Q. Power and speed relation

Q. Frauds number

Q. Angle of Loll

Q. What you studied in NA what is the syllabus of NA why we study NA


Q. Marpol

Q. New amendment

Q. Ship speed 10kn and power 10000kw, after derating power to 5000kw. What will be the speed

Q. What is camber

Q. What is rise of deck

Q. New sulphur cap

Function-4b, 6

Q. Types of engine

Q. MC and ME piston difference

Q. Types of Crankshafts

Q. What you will do if crank pin scoring

Q. How to take tappet clearance

Q. How many revolution you have to turn 4-Stroke engine for tappet

Q. What is cold ironing

Q. Your main engine at 20°C for 1 month because of lay up. After 1 month when you warm up to 80°C what will be the change in bed plate?

Q. Why W shape exhaust v/v seat

Q. Drydock

Q. Types of paint

Date – 05-03-2020


Q. Main engine

Q. Rt-flex engine basic operation fiva valve wecs and related cross questions

Q. Engine room crane safeties

Q. Main bearing removal procedure

Q. Interlocks in main engine

Q. Bottom end bearing and main bearing clearances how to check

Q. Dynamic balancing moment compensator


Q. Drydocking related questions

Q. Rudder all clearances with diagram

Q. Propeller all checks

Q. Propeller drop

Q. Icing on suction side of compressor reason

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Internal – Senthil sir


Q. Constructional difference in ME & MC engine? what is design difference in both crosshead  bearings?

Q. A/E con rod design? and many cross questions

Q. Refer compressor safeties? Why LP cutout is given?

Q. Main air compressor safeties? Purpose of bursting disc

Q. Air lock in centrifugal pumps? Why?

Date – 05-03-2020

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Internal – Senthil sir


Q. Indicator diagram of vit engine

Q. Light spring diagram of choked exhaust valve

Q. Stuffing box diagram and cross question

Q. Blowdown ring diagram

Q. Friction welding

Q. Critical period of drydocking

Q. Eutectic point

Date – 06-03-2020

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Internal – Raut sir


Q. Angle of loll & cross questions

Q. Inclining experiment, purpose, explain how its carried out and calculations

Q. What is camber, rise of floor, sheer, bow flare. Bow flare advantage , garbord stake

Q. Draw load lines. Freeboard or draft, from where it is measured

Q. Total chapters in Solas. What are 13 & 14 ?

Q. Chapter 12 explain

Q. Safeties in air compressor and air lines

Q. GZ curve and cross questions


Q. Vibration meter provided on crankcase. Purpose

Q. Total vibrations in main engine

Q. What is damper and detuner

Q. What is cold corrosion.  effect on liner. Which region

Q. Ring provided at top side of liner. Name, purpose, material

Q. Crankshaft materials

Q. Types of safety valves for boiler. Details in high lift safety valve

Q. Nomenclature 5S50MC, 7RTA48T

Q. Uniflow scavenging introduced in which sulzer engine first. Advantages


Q. How electricity produced onboard, alternator working, brushless exciter, Related laws

Q. Maintenance on Alternator

Q. Detailed procedure for Alternator insulation resistance checking along with all safeties and work permit details

Q. Zener diode


Q. Preparation for drydock as Second engineer.

Q. Propeller drop measurement procedure

Q. Rudder drop measurement procedure

Q. Jcw temperature rise. Will go above 100°C ? why

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Q. Isps objective how to set security level and parcel on security 2

Q. FSE how to reduce formula I stand for

Q. Co2 maintenance

Q. Bulkhead type

Q. Annex 6 about ods, Nox, Sox

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Q. When did RA got ammended in ISM chapter

Q. ISPS chapters

Q. What is DOS? when do we sign DOS? if port at security level 1 & ship at level 2 then do we need to sign DOS with port?

Q. SOLAS regulation for sprinkler head? water pressure at sprinkler? how automatic sprinkler system is activated in engine room?

Q. Freefall lifeboat annual maintenance and launching procedure? how to check release mechanism?

Q. Types of resistance

Q. Construction of bulbous bow and how it is connected to hull? uses of bulbous bow

Q. What is bleve? where comes in picture in case of bulk carrier


Q. Difference between MC and MCC

Q. Chain drive? how many chains?

Q. Cold corrosion and hot corrosion and wer it takes place

Q. Brinelling

Q. Accumulation pressure test


Q. Brushless alternator and AVR function? what is the voltage sensing value of AVR?

Q. Insulation test of motor

Q. Safeties on motor

Q. Preferential trip

Q. Difference between HRC and MCB? value of HRC for sea water pump


Q. How to do cross blowdown of boiler guage glass

Q. Main bearing removal of 4 stroke engine procedure? tool used

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External – Pakrasi sir

Internal – Srinivas prasad sir


Q. Solas chapter and explain briefly

Q. Isps explain and different types of levels in isps

Q. What security measures you take in security level 3

Q. If port is at security level 3 what level ship has to maintain and will the go for berthing

Q. Ism certificate and explanation

Q. solas requirements for steering gear


Q. What are new piston rings model material and drawing, explain

Q. Piston ring coating purpose

Q. M/e fuel pump lead lag , purpose, how to measure.

Q. Main engine model and explain each term

Q. Difference between mc and me engine


Q. Battery room safeties

Q. How to know batteries condition (specific gravity)

Q. Specific gravity for fully charged and discharged batteries

Q. Trickle charge why it is provided and many more cross questions

Q. Types of insulation

Q. Wires material

Q. Armoured cable , where it is used


Q. Classification certificate purpose

Q. Certificate validity and requirements

Q. Main Bearing removal procedure, drawings of tools

Q. Crevice corrosion

Q. Fully corroded globe valve seat change procedure

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Q. Mean piston speed and how it is related to air pollution prevention.

Q. Types of lubrication and application of each type of lubrication.

Q. vit and super vit and hell lot of cross questions.

Q. Caustic embrittlement and location of occurrence

Q. Stress corrosion

Q. What is brinelling

Q. What is true brinelling and false brinelling

Q. Condition of class.


Q. How to remove seat of globe valve.

Q. How to repair hull plate if damaged

Q. What is pickling and galvanization

Q. What is eutectic point.