Date – 18-03-2020

External – Kar sir

Internal – Kamat sir


Q. What is value of propeller tip clearance

Q. What is quality management system

Q. How to find if its a used lube oil and their value

Q. In bdn except sulphur content what else is given pertaining to sulphur

Q. All safety alarms of boiler and all trips

Q. Difference between pv valve of crude oil tanker and product carrier and its values are same or difference


Q. Explain pnp with diagram and show current direction

Q. Draw circuit of vfd drive and what are the values of voltage and frequency

Q. Draw plc diagram and explain its parts

Q. what is high and low selector switch in boiler for

Q. What is the purpose of aux. contact in a contactor.

Date – 16-03-20

External – Pakrasi sir

Function-4b, 6

Q. What is significance of mean piston speed, advantages and disadvantages.

Q. Double evaporation boiler

Q. Auto tensioning system on winches in tankers.

Q. Types of vibration in main engine and dampers and de-tuners.

Q. what is creep and where does it occur in main engine.

Q. What is certificate of class and what are its advantages?

Q. De-rating of boiler and why it’s done.

Q. CPR and advancements in it.

Q. What is polishing of liner and why it happens.

Q. Main engine exhaust valve checks and grinding method. Draw cross section of seat mounted on grinding machine.

Q. Propeller fitting methods, what is SKF coupling, draw pilgrim nut method and what type of thread is there? Explain different types of threads.

Date – Unknown

Internal – Srinivas sir


Q. Liner fault

Q. Liner removal and running in

Q. Alpha lubrication complete, HMI purpose

Q. Cetane no

Q. Axial vibration and damper

Q. Economiser faults and actions

Internal questions;-

Q. Main engine performance

Q. Draw card, power card, power calculation

Q. Engine efficiency how to calculate

Date – 17-03-2020.


Q. What is intact stability and dynamic stability,

Q. What is free surface effect and what happens if more and less. cross questions. stiff ship, tender ship..

Q. Apart from the general certificates what other certificates will you carry specific to tankers..

Q. What insurance covers and deals with the oil pollution part. be specific.

Q. What type of vessels you have done and which tier does my ship fall under. How many tier do we have and what are they.


Q. Trickle charging of battery, how it is done, draw and explain and what are the values of voltage at the inlet till it reaches the battery.

Q. Intrinsically safe circuit, draw and explain, difference between exd and exi.

Q. What is the difference between open circuit and short circuit. How will you know whether a motor is open circuited or short circuited. what terminals you will take measurement and how with precise values what you will get.

Q. How will you earth the MSB. What is NER and how does it work. what type of neutral system was there on board. and some cross questions.

Q. How will you take care of the static electricity when you connect hose to the manifold. what arrangement is made..

Date – 19-03-2020

Internal – Srinavasan sir


Q. Follow up and non follow up steering gear explain working. And lot of cross questions then hunting gear arrangement change in fulcrum point.

Q. Steering gear emergency operation. Basics he want’s to know.

Q. ME engine reversing.

Q. MC engine reversing basic explanation he wants. Sulzer engine reversing basic difference

Q. Starting air distributor draw and explain

Q. Draw and explain starting air valve. Few cross questions.

Q. Boiler water test and cross questions on it.

Date – 19-03-2020


Q. Inclining  experiment

Q. Draw web frames

Q. III code

Q. Fire bulkheads

Q. Tacit acceptance

Q. Solas Chapter 14


Q. AVR full explain cross questions 

Q. Emergency generator requirements as per solas

Q. Plc

Q. Vfd

Date – Unknown


Q. Gas tankers esd 1 and 2 explain

Q. latest fss amendment in igc

Q. Inclining experiment and effects of negative gm

Q. As 2/E sequentialsurvey

Q. As 2E how to make sure the sms is being followed the moment you get on board

Q. Tank capacities how will you confirm with IOPP certificate


Q. Dry dock checks on rudder and clearances.

Q. Cast iron welding and precautions?

Q. Boiler survey ?

Q. Stern tube water leaking in engine room what to do ?

Q. Main engine trouble how will to act if you cannot stop engine(he wanted to hear generally what all steps in general you would take in such situation)

Q. Compressors valves plates why so many ?

Date – Unknown

Internal – Mukopadhay sir

External – Gadkar sir


Q. Inclining experiment

Q. Dry docking certificates and plans

Q. Things to do  before and after entering dry dock

Q. Ism non conformity

Q. Enclosed spaced entry cross questions

Q. A60 test

Q. Safety equipment survey what you will do

Q. Statutory certificates

Q. Free surface effect cross questions

Q. Latest amendment in marpol

Q. Co2 room regular checks

Q. Emergency generator location

Q. Nox file which components are included

Q. Is turbocharger included in nox

Q. Who issue enclosed space permit

Q. What is fobas

Q. Imo documents


Q. Boiler water test

Q. Turn down ratio

Q. Fresh water generator no vacuum

Q. Pump clearance

Q. Governor cross questions


Q. Piston checks

Q. Scavenge space inspection

Q. Liner crack

Q. Bearing clearance

Q. Rt flex common rail pressure. How to vent

Q. Tribo pack

Date – Unknown

External – Gupta sir

Internal – Wankhede sir


Q. Annealing? Where in ER?where in engine components?

Q. Boiler accumulation test why?

Q. Purifier desludge sequence? Some cross questions

Q. Air compressor safeties? Some cross questions

Q. 10mm & 16mm plate welding preparation? Draw?

Date – Unknown

Internal – Wankhade sir

External – Gadkar sir


Q. What is IMO

Q. Mlc rest and working hours

Q. Dry docking plans & certificates

Q. Co2 10 yearly checks

Q. How will you do hydrostatic testing of co2 bottle

Q. How many bottles you do hydraulic testing

Q. Certificates under SOLAS

Q. Categories of garbage

Q. Solas requirement for survival craft

Q. Load test on survival craft

Q. Cross curves of stability

Q. What component u will keep ready before entering DD AS 2nd eng

Q. As 2/E what you will do in safety construction survey

Q. If any discrepancy in rest hrs what you will do as 2/E?

Q. launching of free fall life boat

Q. How will you make fast yourself in free fall life boat

Q. What do you find in capacity plan

Q. What you will get from shell expansion plan

Q. Garboard strake

Q. How give heat number to plates

Q. Different classification of steel used in ship construction

Q. Where you find D type steel

Date – Unknown

Internal – Wankhade sir

External – Gadkar sir


Q. Type of vessels done .

Q. Damage stability requirement for bulk carrier? Structural requirements for bulk carrier as per solas ?

Q. Chapter 12  of solas. regulations 12 for alarm systems explain?

Q. Co2 system maintenance ? Monthly? Annually ? 2 yearly ? 5 yearly ? 10 yearly ? Cross question in which schedule to open cabinet of co2 alarm panel ? What happens when you open the co2 release cabinet panel ?

Q. Co2 alarm time delay ? How much?

Q. How to know if bottle is leaking just after servicing ?

Q. Hydrostatic pressure testing stamp what you will come to know  ?

Q. Name some Statuatory certificates ?

Q. Load line survey as 2/E ? Cross question does deck sounding pipes have self closing arrangements ?

Q. Maintainance done on lifeboat davit ?.

Q. A60 bulkhead explain?

Q. Free surface effect ? How it effects stability of vessel?

Q. Imo 2020?