Date – Unknown

Internal – Senthil sir

External – Sudhir sir


Q. You joined as 2E reported uptake fire occuring frequently. why?

Q. Refer oil carry over reason

Q. Boiler refractory breaking frequently

Q. Boiler refractory types


Q. Overboard valve is leaking exactly at bend on ship side .action

Q. Modification in crankcase after low sulphur adopted.

Q. Turbocharger how bearing is cooling.

Q. Lube oil analysis report received for all machineries your action.

Date – 21-07-2020


Q. Msb safeties

Q. Deadfront

Q. Mat requirements

Q. Ums alarm system

Q. Pressure transmitter and transducer

Q. Shore power box

Q. Why phase sequence important

Q. Batteries maintenance

Q. Battery reaction

Q. Reverse power trip

Date – Unknown

External – Pakrasi sir

Internal – Kamath sir


Q. When did RA got ammended in ISM chapter

Q. ISPS chapters

Q. What is DOS? when do we sign DOS? if port at security level 1 & ship at level 2 then do we need to sign DOS with port?

Q. SOLAS regulation for sprinkler head? water pressure at sprinkler? how automatic sprinkler system is activated in engine room?

Q. Freefall lifeboat annual maintenance and launching procedure? how to check release mechanism?

Q. Types of resistance

Q. Construction of bulbous bow and how it is connected to hull? uses of bulbous bow

Q. What is bleve? where comes in picture in case of bulk carrier


Q. Difference between MC and MCC

Q. Chain drive? how many chains?

Q. Cold corrosion and hot corrosion and where it takes place

Q. Brinelling

Q. Accumulation pressure test


Q. Brushless alternator and AVR function? what is the voltage sensing value of AVR?

Q. Insulation test of motor

Q. Safeties on motor

Q. Preferential trip

Q. Difference between HRC and MCB? value of HRC for sea water pump


Q. How to do cross blowdown of boiler guage glass

Q. Main bearing removal of 4 stroke engine procedure? tool used

Date – 19-03-2020


Q. Inclining  experiment

Q. Web frames to draw

Q. III code

Q. Fire bulkheads

Q. Tacit acceptance

Q. Solas chapter 14


Q. AVR full explain & cross questions 

Q. Emergency generator requirements as per solas

Q. Plc

Q. Vfd

Date – Unknown


Q. Type of vessel (crude oil tanker)

Q. Types of certificate carried onboard, name all the convention under which all the certificate are coming

Q. ISM in detail, functional requirements, doc , smc, guidelines under part a

Q. Co2 room safeties, safeties on bottles, checks as per intervals

Q. What does ex mean exi, exd , explain in detail


Q. Type of engine, mc stroke bore ratio

Q. Detuners, dampers, axial vibration dampers, hydraulic top bracing in detail, working, construction

Q. Thick shell and thin shell bearing, details, difference

Q. Part load operation, vit, working

Q. How to isolate a single unit, what all you will do


Q. Regulations for emergency power onboard

Q. Battery charging, trickle charging with circuit diagram

Q. Acb maintenance, checks to be carried out

Q. How will you Carry out work on an ex type equipment

Q. IR test


Q. Crank pin bearing clearance

Q. Main bearing removal procedure and checks

Q. Fuel pump overhaul for a/e, checks and markings, why rack and pinion matching is done

Q. Mechanical seal drawing and explain working

Date – 06-07-2020


Q. Margin line

Q. MLC titles, role of flag state for MLC written in convention

Q. Factor of subdivision

Q. Certificate only issued by class

Q. CO2 bottle head assembly, how CO2 come out.


Q. Transistor

Q. Cascade control

Q. Battery load test for an old battery

Q. Iccp

Q. Msb maintenance


Q. Oros piston purpose and what is topland of piston.

Q. Boiler feed water control explain.

Q. What is purpose of economize

Q. What is zero setting of fuel pump and significance.

Q. vit and super vit and break point.

Date – 06-07-2020


Q. Propeller drop? Inspection before fitting key propeller.

Q. Tricing pendant, function. Inspection before lowering a lifeboat.

Q. DCP portable extinguisher construction and Long term maintenance

Q. AIS details.

Q. Contrarotating Propeller

Date – 09-07-2020

Internal – Choudhary sir

External – Chakraborty sir


Q. Fatigue failure, and endurance limit, an curve.

Q. Fitted bolts, how fitted, why used

Q. Boiler gauge glass empty as watchkeeper what is your action.

Q. Normalising, where used in engine room

Q. Can normalising be done to stainless steel

Q. Stainless steel where used in e/r

Date – Unknown

Internal – Mukopadhay sir

External – Gadkar sir


Q. Inclining experiment

Q. Dry docking certificates and plans

Q. Things to do  before and after entering dry dock

Q. Ism non conformity

Q. Enclosed spaced entry cross questions

Q. A60 test

Q. Safety equipment survey what you will do

Q. Statutory certificates

Q. Free surface effect cross questions

Q. Latest amendment in marpol

Q. Co2 room regular checks

Q. Emergency generator location

Q. Nox file which components are included

Q. Is turbocharger included in nox

Q. Who issue enclosed space permit

Q. What is fobas

Q. Imo documents.


Q. Boiler water test

Q. Turn down ratio

Q. Fwg no vacuum

Q. Pump clearance

Q. Governor cross questions


Q. Piston checks

Q. Scavenge space inspection

Q. Liner crack

Q. Bearing clearance

Q. Rt flex common rail pressure

Q. How to vent

Q. Tribo pack

Date – Unknown

External – S Rajendran sir

Internal – Kamat sir


Q. What is Marpol? Annex II, how much residual oil can be allowed to retain.

Q. Marpol discharge criteria for annex II., Categories X,Y,Z. Marpol regulation for Slop tanks

Q. Static stability, gz curve, angle of vanishing stability

Q. Lifeboat lowering procedure, how centrifugal breaks work.

Q. CO2 system high pressure, mid press and low pressure lines and their pressures


Q. Bottom end bearing clearance

Q. Variable geometry turbocharger

Q. How turbocharger gets chocked

Q. Load dependent cylinder lubrication.

Q. Caustic embritlement


Q. AVR, drawing and explain

Q. Insulation classes used on ship. Tell only which are used on ship.

Q. Intrinsically safe circuit

Q. Acb protective devices



Q. How turbocharger k value is measured

Q. Stuffing box overhauling

Q. Checking leaking start air valve when in port. You will engage t/g or not.

Q. Purifier not picking speed. Reasons. If friction pads worn out and you don’t have spare on board. Your action.


Date – 03-01-2020

Internal – Kamath sir

External – Vishawanathan sir


Q. What is bleve? How it happens? Possibility in lng ships? Why no bleve in lng?

Q. Ballast water management conventions

Q. Load line survey

Q. Emergency fire pump priming device testing during loaded condition. How will you drain the suction side?

Q. Fixed fire fighting system for ER in crude tanker?

Q. What kind of foam used? Chemical name for foam? How you decide whether high expansion to use or low expansion?

Q. What kind of tests do you carry out on the foam


Q. Specification of main engine, generator and boiler

Q. Explanation of ME and boiler specification

Q. Location of boiler soot blower. How do you carry out sootblowing. Sootblowing sequence. What changes do you do during sootblowing.

Q. Boiler water tests. What tests carried out. Types of alkalinity. Why different types of alkalinity. Ratio of p to t alkalinity.

Q. How do you do boiler water tests. How you take sample. Why sample is cooled. What is flash off ratio. 1 part water equals how many parts steam

Q. How has burning carried out in main engine.

Q. What is FiVA valve.

Q. How ME engine is working if it doesn’t have fuel pump

Q. Control oil system is ME engine. Type of pump used. Why swash plate pump used. What is minimum swash plate position. What happens during failure of swash plate.

Q. Explain propeller slip


 Q. How will you overhaul a gate valve.

 Q. What actions will you take if you notice exhaust smell on deck near tank vents while taking deck rounds.

 Q. Auxiliary engine shell and tube type line oil cooler leaking. How will you find the leak.

 Q. You cleaned turbocharger filter in port. Now while engine is running differential pressure is showing 0. What does that indicate.