Date – 27-01-2020

External – Kapoor sir

Internal – Kamat sir


Q. What type of ship

Q. Torsion box complete details, draw, why require.

Q. Different resistance to ship

Q. Tell me 4 codes and 4 conventions

Q. Polar code full

Q. Twist lock


Q. MLC 2006 how many titles? & certificates under this


Q. Refer gas leaking, how to detect and methods

Q. Purifier rpm?

Q. Purifier rpm not coming up?

Q. Work done by main engine?

Q. Liner removal and fitting

Q. Big end bearing clearance how to take, will it change when piston is at TDC and when bdc

Q. Meat room temp not coming?

Q. Short cycling of refer compressor.

Date – 27-01-2019

Internal – Kamath sir

External – Kapoor sir


Q. Marpol 73/78

Q. All annex by name and enforcement dates

Q. Annex 5 garbage categories n all new amendments

Q. Garbage record book entrieies

Q. Annex 6 what all in it

Q. SEEMP, EEDI, EEOI in details their units


Q. Solas all chapters by name

Q. Solas chapter 3

Q. Regulation related to free fall life boat, emergency launching procedure.

Internal questions:-

Q. How will you convince psc that you are complying with nox regulation

Q. IMO New regulations, what problems onboard.

Date – 08-01-2020

External – Vishwanathan sir

Internal – Vikrant rai sir


Q. Mast riser fire, your action

Q. Lastest solas regulation which came in jan 2020

Q. Bracket floor and solid floor


Q. Draw chain drive, and explain camshaft drive

Q. Top bracing

Q. v belt, when you will change

Q. copt steam inlet type of valve


Q. Explain brushless excitation, then where dc exciter is fitted.

Q. Exi and exd, where used and how exi works, why motors cannot have exi, how much voltage we keep in exi.

Q. Regulations for emergency power for passenger ship

Q. How you will test emergency generator


Q. Why vacuum condensor is used. Why not atm condenser instead of vacuum condensor. Why not vaccum condenser instead of atm condensor. Your actions if vacuum is droping.

Q. Explain water washing of ig blower

Q. Checks on rudder, how pressure testing is done at 2.5 bar.

Q. why we use aftercooler in air compressor

Date – 27-01-2020

External – Kapoor sir

Internal – kamat sir


Q. New regulations after 2020 and what problems companies are facing? Told about Sox

Q. Code and conventions

Q. Polar code

Q. Solas chapters

Q. Stcw code or convention? Chapters in it?

Q. Manila amendments

Q. Certificates under marpol annex1

Q. Odmcs?


Q. Stern tube purpose

Q. Chrome liner

Q. Propeller removal and fitting

Q. How to reduce Sox Nox?

Q. Accumulation pressure ?


Q. Portable measuring equipments

Q. Principal working of ammmeter?

Q. How to check?

Q. Preferntial tripping?

Q. Essential loads , non essential loads? Trip sequence?

Q. High voltage all advantages , disadvantages, mcb used in high voltage, megger test

Q. Emergency generator all regulations


Q. Refrigeration?

Q. How will you increase fish room temp? What actually happens?

Q. Location of thermostat?

Q. Cylinder liner removal procedure and fitting back? Checks ?

Q. Drydock?

Q. What checks you will do on rudder? Testing?

Q. Pintle clearance? Cross queetions.

Q. Rudder drop?

Date – 28-01-2020

External – Rawat sir


Q. What are the content of SMS?

Q. Free surface effect & how to reduce in detail.

Q. Risk assessment how you do onboard.

Q. Make a risk assessment for working aloft now.

Q. New amendment in annex 6.

Q. What are difficulties faced due to low sulphur fuel.

Q. How lubricity of low sulphur is taken care.

Q. Draw fwd peak tank & all strengthing members.

Q. Draw panting stringers and explain it’s purpose.

Q. What is breast hook, purpose of it? how it is arranged?

Q. Solid floor draw and explain.

Q. Hypermist system explain. how it is tested?

Internal questions:-

Q. How lifeboat is lower?  What arrangements is provided ? Explain the mechanism ?  Lowering Is instantaneous or gradual explain why?

Q. Marpol annex 5 ? Special areas?

Q. What all we can throw? Garbage categories?

Q. Marpol annex 6, sources of pollution.

Q. What you do of VOC from your ship?

Q. Nox tier 3.

Q. Bilge water discharge criteria? What is special area? Can you discharge in special area if yes what is the regulation.

Date – Unknown


Q. Mlc

Q. Igs, types of seal

Q. Steering gear requirements as per solas.

Q. Setting of relief valve in steering gear.

Q. Co2 system working, safeties, certification

Q. Mob marker. Chemical name

Q. Types of deck seal.

Q. Ballast water management

Q. Class and statutory certificates

Q. BDN checks as second engineer.

Q. Dynamic stability and damage stability.

Q. Sulphur cap.

Q. Eedi and Eeoi.

Q. ISM application onboard.

Q. Orb entries, how to instruct juniors to fill entries in it.

Q. Ffa amendments.

Date – 28-01-2020

Internal – Srinivasan Sir


Q. Free surface effect & how to reduce it for tankers and cross questions

Q. Maintenance on Total co2 flooding system, function of dip tube.

Q. New amendment in annex6?

Q. What is breast hook, purpose of it? how it is arranged?

Q. Some definitions like Shear strake, gardbourad strake, coffin plate

Q. Discharge regulation as per Annex 1 for machinery space .What is special area & some more cross questions.

Q. Security level2? If receive important spares received, what will you do? You will take spares or not

Internal questions:-

Q. Components of Annex6 & some cross questions

Q. Explain GZ curve and angle of vanishing stability.

Date – Unknown

External – Prakrasi sir


Q. Last MEPC held on which date. What are the point discuss

Q. Smoke detector types .

Q. In Ionization type which material is used.

Q. How fire extinguisher performance will check

Q. Significance of III code

Q. Arrangements for pounding

Q. What is bleve in sprinkler system

Q. Coefficients of forms

Q. Enclosed space definition as per rules.

Q. What are all the gases found  in enclosed space with limits and effects

Q. Functional requirements of ism code.

Q. Solas 13 chapter

Date – 05-02-2020

Internal – Mukhopadhyay sir

External – Vishwanathan sir


Q. Draw shafting arrangement for main engine showing thrust block stern tube propeller..

Q. Thrust block diagrams and transmission.

Q. Thrust power calculations.

Q. What are the methods for arrangement of tube expansion in shell and tube heat exchangers..

Q. Safeties of main engine. What type of spring in case of relief valve

Q. Draw centrifugal pump characteristics curve. some cross questions..


Q. I told him I worked on hv systems and electric propulsion. so he asked some basic questions regarding that. How hv system is earthed.

Q. Specifications of welding transformer in your workshop..

Q. How to test diode with multimeter. if diode mode not given. what value of resistance will you get.

Q. Intrinsically safe circuit. zener barrier.

Q. What is free excitation.


Q. Refer oil charging with pump and without pump, method of purging air.

Q. Pump and motor horizontal alignment.

Q. If while taking round you see generator oil on dipstick black in color. what will you do.

Q. How will you reuse copper washer.