Date – 05-02-2020

External – Pakrasi sir


Q. Functional requirements of ism code

Q. what are the conditions of in water survey with lots of cross questions

Q. Lifeboat testing and launching

Q. FSS code. What is the purpose. How Many chapters.

Q. Staturory survey and certificates


Q. induction motor torque and speed characteristics

Q. Soft starter. Where is it used

Q. Reverse power in detail

Q. Types of insulation.

Q. Armored cable

Internal questions:-

Q. Why positive GM is required for dry dock.

Q. Operation of dcp extinguisher

Q. Sprinkler and hypermist difference

Q. You have 2 batteries12v. I want a 24v supply with max AH. How will you connect it?

Q. Purpose of soft starter. Working.

Date – 07-02-2019


Q. Name of engine. Full detail about nomenclature

Q. What is marpol

Q. Annex 6

Q. Which all are pollutants

Q. All certificates

Q. Nox file what all written in it

Q. Tier 3

Q. The readings in tier 3 depends on what factors of engine

Q. Which all types of fixed foam fire fighting in your ship

Q. Co2 all maintenance

Q. What is sheer sttake garboard breast hook how it is welded in front floors


Q. What is insulation

Q. How its measured

Q. Minimum insulation

Q. When all will you take insulation reading

Q. Alternator maintenance

Q. How to measure air gap. Why air gap is there

Q. Maintenance on lead acid battery

Q. Half wave rectifier

Q. Full wave

Q. Avr functions

Q. If insulation alarm comes what all actions

Date – 10-02-2020

Internal – Srinivasan sir

Function-4b, 6

Q. Draw cross section of roller link

Q. How thin shell in thin shell bearing prevented from rotating inside the bearing

Q. What is lead and lag in a boiler

Q. Checks to be carried out after sailing in bad weather.

Q. Action in case of non flow of one unit cylinder lube oil.

Q. Use of aftercooler in compressor

Q. What is thermal and mechanical balancing of main engine

Q. Alignment check methods.

Q. AE running in method and how to find out if piston rings have run in or not?


Q. How to test a diode

Q. MGPS working. current and volt values

Q. Exd and exi explain

Q. AVR explain

Q. Checks before taking shore supply

Date – Unknown

Internal – Kar sir


Q. What is permeability, calculation parameters, engine Room permeability

Q. Rudder types, construction, forces

Q. Propeller characteristics, propeller skew etc

Q. Kyoto convention

Q. MEPC 155,

Q. OWS regulations, time for changeover in case alarm

Q. Nox

Q. Fuel mixed with Lube oil effects


Q. Main engine fuel pump construction, tests

Q. Fuel oil properties, most important properties of fuel as related to combustion,

Q. Main engine liner construction and cross question.

Q. Main engine crankshaft types, semi built up construction, dimensions

Q. Oros type piston construction and diagram etc

Q. Main engine piston mean speed relation between MAN Engine types K, L & S

Q. Light spring diagram explanations


Q. Types of motor speed control

Q. Vsd working, IGBT Construction, Vsd safeties like harmonic filter,

Q. Zener diode use explanation in AVR

Q. Electric cable  insulation  classes and material etc

Q. Deck Crane safeties

Q. Preferential trip, time between trips

Q. Transister and rectifiers

Q. Thermister working and uses


Q. Hydrophore pump frequent start causes

Q. 4 ram hydraulic malfunction faults

Q. Centrifugal pump characteristics and mouth ring wear down causes and effects

Q. ME piston  headland.

Q. Turbocharger matching with main engine

Q. Turbocharger K Value adjustment procedure

Q. Hydraulic line valves drawings

Q. Motor and pump flange alignment

Q. Refer system back pressure valve why?

Date – Unknown

External – Mohan Pal Singh

Internal – Kamat sir


Q. What is subdivisional loadline

Q. Define bulkhead deck. Is it same as freeboard deck

Q. How would you come to know on passenger ship the location of bulkhead deck if you are a layman.

Q. Difference between hypermist and sprinkler system

Q. Why we use hypermist in engine room and on deck sprinkler system

Function-4b, 6

Q. What is p and t alkilinity if high then what actions and if low what to do

Q. If p = t then is it acceptalble and what it indicates

Q. Acidic corrosion in boiler

Q. Oxidation process in boiler

Q. Caustic corrosion and means to prevent

Q. Vit and super vit

Q. In conventional vit if one unit exhaust temp is high what adjust to make it low

Q. Clearances in gear pump how to measure and questions on the paper gasket between the gear casing.

Q. What is clearance volume is it same as bumping clearance.

Q. He asked the size of lead ball and what if the size of ball is more will it make any difference.


Q. Switch board safety

Q. Draw diagram of reverse power trip

Q. How to synchronize generator without Syncroscope, without lamp method and also without voltmeter

Q. Explain phase difference and what happen what is in phase

Q. Will syncroscope say about phase difference or in phase

Q. Does it shows speed or relative speed Why

Date – 10-02-2020

Internal – Senthil sir


Q. Technical file details. What all components do you need to record?

Q. EEDI definition. What do you mean when you say EEDI is x GM’s of CO2 per ton mile

Q. MEPC 107(49)

Q. Sewage treatment plant tests and limits

Q. BDN? He wanted me to explain that declaration by supplier. Not just for Sulphur

Q. What is propeller theoretical speed, speed of advance and slip? Wake fraction?


Q. Sac volume. Why we have it. Are we reducing it now? Why? How is it reduced?

Q. RT flex rail pressure. How is it maintained? Why don’t we just let the pump pressurize the rail and release Do you have helix on these fuel pumps? Why?

Q. Types of crankshaft? Is there a tolerance for the shrink fit for semi built? What is it?

Q. Is there a piston design for reducing NOx?

Q. How does the oros piston design help reduce Nox?

Q. Broken tie rod. How to remove?


Q. I get new chemicals for boiler water testing. How do I make sure the concentration of the sulphuric acid or any other new chemical is correct?

Q. Lube oil test? How do you check viscosity?

Q. Hydraulic jacks process for removing cylinder head of generator? If my stud is already elongating why do I need to turn half a turn out before pressurizing?

Q. Dial gauge alignment for pump and motor. Explain showing rough sketch