Date – 17-02-2020

Internal – Senthil sir

External – Iqbal sir


Q. Parametric Rolling and conditions it occurs?

Q. Codes of ORB and How to make an entry?

Q. Wht is MLC and how does it affects you?

Q. What are security levels and who set’s it and what is DOS?

Q. ISM code what does chapter 10 tell you about?

Date – Unknown


Q. Cargo hold structures of bulk carrier , construction of side hopper tanks & top side tanks,  reason of their shape and function?

Q. Additional safety measures of bulk carrier regulations ?

Q. How to detect a crack in shell plating and how to report?

Q. CO2 emission, EEDI and required EEDI difference ?

Q. Curve of statical stability, and related questions?

Date – 18-02-2020

External – Iqbal sir

Internal – Senthil sir


Q. Sludge tank capacity? Equation for calculating sludge tank capacity.

Q. Difference between probabilistic and Deterministic damage stability.

Q. Ballast water management plan on your ship? Which method was used on your ship for ballast exchange and all other methods.? Ballast water treatment plants? Types of plants you know?

Q. BDN entries and declaration. Why provided? Meaning of grade of fuel.

Q. corrugated bulk head? What is stool? Why its shape is slant in nature?

Date – 19-02-2020

External – Iqbal sir

Internal – Mukhopadhay sir


Q. What do mean by intact stability

Q. What is intact stability code

Q. Parametric rolling

Q. Tanker tank construction

Q. Igg safeties

Q. International shore connection

Q. Why freeboard of oil tanker less then bulk carrier

Q. Inclining experiment

Q. What do you understand by major non confirmity


Q. What type of ME

Q. Details of Main engine like slow steaming

Q. 2020 changeover effect on Main engine

Q. Compressor safeties

Q. Annex 1 for chemical tanker

Q.  Difference between Conventional engine, MEB and MEC engine

Date – Unknown

Internal – Raut sir

External – Gadkar sir.


Q. Types of engine worked on.

Q. Why bore of engine 350/400/450/980..why not randomly any no. Then went into stroke to borr ratio.

Q. Developments in Man b and w  engines. mc and mcc and electronic.

Q. Crank case inspection.

Q. Turbocharger. 2 stroke and 4 stroke which one has higher rpm t/c

Q. Matching of propeller and engine.

Q. Engine derating. How and why. 

Q. Engine bed plate material.

Date – 11-02-2020

Internal – Senthil sir


Q. Ig regulation and related cross questions

Q. Slop tank requirements

Q. Copt overspeed trip how to check

Q. Ism objectives related cross questions

Q. Annex 4 related cross questions

Q. Firefighting arrangements onboard

Q. Foam system regulation

Q. Foam testing related cross questions


Q. Long wire on deck 3 phase check continuity

Q. Msb safeties

Q. Preferential trip

Q. Overcurrent

Q. Working on live equipment safety

Date – 20-02-2020

Internal – Senthil


Q. 2020 amendments of marpol

Q. If you have 3.5% fuel how can you use it(Via scrubber)

Q. Types of scrubbers

Q. Discharge criteria for scrubbers

Q. Definition of amendment protocol and tacit acceptance

Q. Mou and name 5 mou’s

Q. Instruments of IMO

Q. Stcw and how many chapters

Q. Difference between stcw 95 and 2010


Q. Difference between ME-b and ME-c

Q. Difference between ME AND MC and what all components are omitted ME Engines

Q. FIVA valve and functions

Q. Interlocks in the conventional MC engine


Q. What is high voltage advantages of high voltage

Q. WHat type of IR applied on HV system for checking insulation

Q. What is single phasing ?

Q. What is frequency, slip and synchronous speed with formula

Q. AVR and working


Q. Asked me what all repair and maintenance I have done on the ship

Q. Main bearing survey

Q. Bottom end bearing survey

Q. Centrifugal pump survey

Q. Questions on refrigeration about how do you set the temp. and what exactly happens in the system

Q. Purpose of T-X valve

Q. Icing on suction pipe of refrigerating compressor reasons

Date – Unknown


Q. Defects of cylinder liner in detail and calibration

Q. Smoke tube and watertube constructional difference, construction of stay and smoke tube

Q. Properties of refrigerant in detail,

Q. Cascade control, range splitter purpose

Q. Reverse osmosis principle

Q. Fuel quality setting in super vit

Date – Unknown

External – Kapoor sir

Internal – Mukopadhyay sir


Q. Boiler Flame Flickering Reason

Q. Icing of Suction side in Reefer Compressor

Q. Leak Detection Method in Reefer System

Q. Main Bearing Overhaul

Q. Shaft Earth System in detail

Internal questions:-

Q. Accumulation of pressure test, Why, How, and for What reason.

Q. What plan you need for Drydock. How you will know Tail Shaft Survey is Due.

Q. Who issues Tail Shaft Survey Certificate. What is the Certificate name.

Date – 24-02-2020

Internal – Senthil sir


Q. ME rpm not increasing, reasons? With every reason, cross questions

Q. Boiler survey, beginning to end. Too many cross questions including everything in boiler.

Q. Crankshaft slippage, how would you know and cross questions.?

Q. Functioning of TEV.?

Q. Reversing in Sulzer engine.

Q. What all to check in gear drive of engine.

Date – Unknown

Internal – Senthil sir


Q. Pv vlv pv breaker difference

Q. Pressure sensor in oil tanker

Q. Ig line safeties

Q. Fire line requirements

Q. International shore connection why

Q. Type of foam on deck and testing

Q. Co2 10 years maintenance and what maintenance on valve head on the bottle during test, did not know about this.

Q. Mandatory and statuary certificates.

Q. ISM complete.

Date – Unknown

Internal – Senthil sir

External – Chada Sir


Q. Constructional difference between Crude oil tanker  and product tanker

Q. what is IG, why it is required ,type of ig , safeties  in IG line, difference between  pv valve & pv breaker there lifting value ?

Q. Explain annex 6 , what to do if complaint fuel not received in port, Explain FONAR

Q. What is BWM, What is the regulations what is  d1, d2?

Q. What is SEEMP, steps in Seemp ?

Q. Unit of eedi?


Q. Steering gear regulations, steering gear motor regulations ?

Q. Sluge tank regulations, what is  there inside in sludge tank

Q. Explain safety of boiler gauge glass ,? boiler gauge glass tightening procedure ?

Q. How to overhaul centrifugal pump as 2nd Eng?

Q. What are the safeties of acetylene bottle?