Date – 06-03-2020

Kamat sir and Raut sir


Q. Full form of function

Q. What is work

Q. Fundamental requirements of MLC

Q. GZ curve

Q. Damage stability

Q. Types of stability

Q. Power and speed relation

Q. Frauds number

Q. Angle of Loll

Q. What you studied in NA what is the syllabus of NA why we study NA


Q. Marpol, New amendment

Q. What is camber

Q. What is raise of deck

Q. New sulphur cap

Function-4b, 6

Q. Types of engine

Q. MC and ME piston difference

Q. Types of crankshafts

Q. What you will do if crank pin scoring

Q. How to take tappet clearance

Q. How many revolution you have to turn 4-Stroke engine for tappet

Q. What is cold ironing

Q. Your main engine at 20°C for 1 month because of lay up . After 1 month when you warm up to 80°C what will be the change in bed plate

Q. Why W shape exhaust valve seat

Q. Drydock

Q. Types of paint

Date – 5-03-2020

S. Agnihotri sir


Q. Speed control of ac motor

Q. Asynchronous and synchronous motor

Q. Insulation classes

Q. Shore supply

Q. High voltage why use advantages

Date – Unknown

External :- Pakrasi sir

Internal :- Kamath sir


Q. when did RA got ammended in ISM chapter

Q. ISPS chapters

Q. what is DOS? when do we sign DOS? if port at security level 1 & ship at level 2 then do we need to sign DOS with port?

Q. SOLAS regulation for sprinkler head? water pressure at sprinkler? how automatic sprinkler system is activated in engine room?

Q. Freefall lifeboat annual maintenance and launching procedure? how to check release mechanism?

Q. Types of resistance

Q. construction of bulbous bow and how it is connected to hull? uses of bulbous bow

Q. what is bleve? where comes in picture in case of bulk carrier


Q. Difference between MC and MCC

Q. chain drive? how many chains?

Q. cold corrosion and hot corrosion and wer it takes place

Q. Brinelling

Q. Accumulation pressure test


Q. Brushless alternator and AVR function? what is the voltage sensing value of AVR?

Q. Insulation test of motor

Q. safeties on motor

Q. Preferential trip

Q. Difference between HRC and MCB? value of HRC for sea water pump


Q. How to do cross blowdown of boiler guage glass

Q. Main bearing removal of 4 stroke engine procedure? tool used

Date – Unknown


Q. Type of engine, mc, stroke bore ratio

Q. Detuners, dampers, axial vibration dampers, hydraulic top bracing in detail, working, construction

Q. Thick shell and thin shell bearing, details, difference

Q. Part load operation, vit, working

Q. How to isolate a single unit, what all you will do


Q. Regulations for emergency power onboard

Q. Battery, charging, trickle charging with circuit diagram

Q. Acb maintenance, checks to be carried out

Q. How will you Carry out work on an ex type equipment

Q. IR test


Q. Crank pin bearing clearance

Q. Main bearing removal procedure and checks

Q. Fuel pump overhaul for a/e, checks and markings, why rack and pinion matching is done

Q. Mechanical seal drawing and explain working

Date – Unknown


Q. What are conventions of imo

Q. Marpol annex 4

Q. Checks in rudder

Q. Things to be checked for safety equipment certificate


Q. Speed control of induction motor

Q. Acb maintenance

Q. You are on round and find a spray of sea water on motor. Step by step approach to rectify.


Internal-Srinivasan sir

Function-4b, 6

Q. Draw cross section of roller link

Q. How thin shell in thin shell bearing prevented from rotating inside the bearing

Q. What is lead and lag in a boiler

Q. Checks to be carried out after sailing in bad weather.

Q. Action in case of non flow of one unit cylinder lube oil.

Q. What is thermal and mechanical balancing of main engine

Q. Alignment check methods.

Q. AE running in method and how to find out if piston rings have run in or not?


Q. How to test a diode

Q. MGPS working.. current and volt values

Q. AVR explain

Q. Checks before taking shore supply

Date – 17-06-20

External Biswas sir

Internal- Rao sir



Q. Muff Coupling

Q. Why boiler end plates are curved?

Q. Admiralty Brass & Naval Brass diff.

Q. Hunting gear mechanism

Q. CPR ring

Q. what is oros combustion chamber.advantage of oros piston.

Q. what top land in piston.

Q. what is advantage of chain over gear ..and disadvantage..of chain ..

Q. what crystalline corrosion…in boiler..which is responsible for this.


Q. ICCP what is cathodic protection.

Q. Explain the working of iccp. Components material on anode and cathode.

Q. Batteries load test? How to carry out the test

Q. How to order the battery

Q. Transistors working of pnp

Q. How it is acting like a amplifier

Q. Dp transmitter working where it is used.



Q. which type of engine you worked.

Q. working and Design of 2-stroke exhaust valve. What is damping pin.

Q. why plate type valve used in 2nd stage air compressor.

Q. how we can maintain humidity in air conditioning system.

Q. what is caustic embrittlement, where it happened.

Q. 2-stroke engine turbocharger working, use of nozzle ring and types of lubrication in turbocharger.

Date – 17-06-2020

Internal- Rao sir

External- Biswas sir


Q. Potentiometer. Use in circuit. Where use on ship. Material. Value.

Q. Armoured cable. All details. Construction. How many cores. What special feature. Where used. What is special to resist bending.

Q. Shore supply. All details. How to connect . What is there in connection box. Phase sequence indicator. How you will ensure shore supply has correct phase sequence rather (not indicator) before connecting.

Q. ACB maintenance. Parts of acb. Function of the parts in ACB. What step you will take if arcing contact burnt.

Date – 16-06-2020

External-Bhowmik Sir


Q. Soft starting of induction motor

Q. Reverse power trip working

Q. Propeller shaft grounding system

Q. Alternator maintenance. which special feeler gauge is used to measure air gap