Date – 17-6-2020

External- Biswas sir


Q. Condition of assignment.(wants to hear some specific values like height of hatch cover or sounding pipe etc)

Q. Angle of Loll

Q. Recognized organization.

Date – Unknown

Internal: Rao Sir

External: Banerjee Sir


Q. Name some Emergency shutdown?

Q. What is an alarm system?

Q. Basic of speed control of induction motor? Pole change.

Q. How flame resistant cable works?

Q. What is current transformer?

Date – 18-06-2020

Internal -Rao Sir

External-Banarjee Sir

Function-4b, 6

Q. Type of engine on your last vessel, how much power in bhp, all time all unit power why not same tell reasons so many cross questions

Q. Scavenge fire reasons and extinguishing methods, how steam extinguish the fire

Q. Fire rectangle fourth pillar, about chain reaction, how reaction happen

Q. Compressor crankcase explosion reasons, how oil mist is formed

Q. D.P.T test precautions one major precaution

Q. How to adjust compressor final stage relief valve setting

Q. Screw pump one major defect

Q. How to co-relate maintenance to ism

Q. Fuel injector major developments

Q. Stress on crosshead

Date – Unknown

External- Banerjee Sir

Internal – Rao Sir


Q. Solid fire special consideration which not applicable for oil or other type of fire

Q. VOC exact Marpol definition

Q. EEDI What factor we can manipulate to reduce EEDI


Q. ICCP components excluding anodes ref anode and current supply system

Q. How current travels & how electric shock is felt

Q. 4/3 solenoid valve symbol

Q. Proportional gain

Date – Unknown

External – Banerjee Sir

Internal – Rao Sir


Q. Reynolds number

Q. Definition of effective power

Q. Rise of floor, from where it rises

Q. In what case we can ballast cargo hold

Q. What is the alternative given on board for oil filtering equipment

Function-4b, 6

Q. Purpose of supercharging, main purpose.

Q. Main component Jacket water controller, 

Q. Jacket water testing and cross ques.

Q. Boiler safety valve adjusting and cross question, what is the first thing to do.

Q. Crosshead bearing latest development and cross ques.

Q. Bend test how to do bend test.

Q. What is difference between planning and execution in drydock.

Q. What is propulsive characteristics of ship and main engine.

Q. What is statutory certificate.

Q. Engine room flooding what is your first action.

Date – Unknown


Q. Additional safety of bulk carrier

Q. Inclination experiment complete in details and calculation of BM.

Q. Management review, who carries out this review

Q. CO2 room maintenance? pipe line regulation?

Q. Liferaft HRU


Q. Different ways to take M/E main bearing clearances.

Q. Keyless propeller fitting, after fitting what checks will you do to confirm its correctly fitted.

Q. What all special tools you keep ready for dry dock. How to use them.

Q. Metal stitching on T/C casing.

Q. Air recovery from refrigerant system.

Date – 24-06-2020

Internal- Senthil Sir

External- S. Chaudhary Sir


Q. As a second engineer what are your duties in load line survey

Q. What all things you check in fixed CO2 fire extinguisher

Q. What is location of isolation v/v in fire line.

Q. What is relation between pipe dia of main and emergency fire pp


Q. Major conformity and non conformity

Q. Latest MEPC

Q. Elements of MLC

Q. What are water tight doors.? How many on your ship and location? How many types? How to check integrity?

Q. How to check as second engineer water tightness of door on board

Q. Solas chapter 12, important points ?


Q. Generator started but voltage not coming up. Also AVR function diode check methods

Q. How to order lifeboat battery

Q. What is ampere hour. How to identify if one cell is fault. MCA , How to identify which cell is faulty,

Q. Why capacitor given in ceiling fan

Q. Iccp all values and their range. If hull is painted then why it is required

Q. What is KVA Kwa kvar

Q. What is split phase

Q. What is thyristor? What do you mean by firing of thyristor?

Date – UNknown

Function-4b, 6

Q. Significance of compression ratio? Max compression ratio of which engine onboard? Reason for high comp ratio?

Q. Deaeration tank in boiler? Why deaeration needed? How deaeration is done?

Q. Purpose of phosphate addition? Level of phosphate in boiler water?

Q. Dispersion property of LO, how it is achieved, why needed? Additive name?

Q. Muff coupling? Where used?

Q. OMD alarm? Course of action?

Q. Screw pump used where and why? Single screw pump working? Material?

Q. Stellite coating? Name the process?

Date – 06-07-2020


Q. Margin line

Q. MLC titles, role of flag state for MLC written in convention

Q. Factor of subdivision and cross ABT floodable length

Q. CO2 bottle head assembly, how CO2 come out.


Q. Transistor

Q. Cascade control

Q. Battery load test for an old battery

Q. Iccp

Q. Msb maintenance


Q. Oros piston purpose and what is top land of piston.

Q. Boiler feed water control explain.

Q. What is purpose of economize and turn ratio.

Q. What is zero setting of fuel pump and significance.

Q. Vit and super vit and break point.

Date – 06-07-2020

Biswas.& Chaki Sir


Q. Propeller drop? Inspection before fitting key propeller .

Q. Browsing tackle, tricing pendant. Function Inspection before lowering a lifeboat.

Q. DCP portable extinguisher construction. and Long term maintenance

Q. AIS details

Q. Contra-rotating Propeller

Date – 9-07-2020

Internal- Choudhary Sir

External- Chakraborty Sir


Q. Fatigue failure, and endurance limit curve.

Q. Fitted bolts , how fitted, why used

Q. Boiler gauge glass empty as watch keeper

Q. Normalising, where used in e/r

Q. Can normalising be done to stainless steel

Q. Stainless steel where used in e/r