Date – Unknown

Internal – Mukopadhay Sir

External: Gadkar Sir


Q. Inclining experiment

Q. Dry docking certificates and plans

Q. Things to do  before and after entering dry dock

Q. Ism non conformity

Q. Enclosed spaced entry cross questions

Q. A60 test

Q. Safety equipment survey what you will do

Q. Statutory certificates

Q. Free surface effect  & cross questions

Q. Latest amendment in marpol

Q. Co2 room regular checks

Q. Emergency generator location

Q. Nox file which components are included

Q. Is t/c included in nox

Q. Who issue enclosed space permit

Q. What is fobas

Q. Imo documents


Q. Boiler water test

Q. Turn down ratio

Q. Fwg no vacuum

Q. Pump clearance

Q. Governor cross questions


Q. Which engine

Q. Piston checks

Q. Scavenge space inspection

Q. Liner crack

Q. Bearing clearance

Q. Rt flex common rail pressure.

Q. Tribo pack

Date – Unknown

Internal : Wankhede sir

External:  Gadkar sir


Q. What is IMO

Q. Convention

Q. Mlc rest and working hours

Q. Dry dock plans and certificates

Q. Co2 10 yearly checks

Q. How will you do hydrostatic testing of co2 bottle

Q. HOW many bottles you do hydrostatic Testing

Q. Certificates under SOLAS

Q. Categories of garbage

Q. Solas regulations For survival craft

Q. Load test on survival craft

Q. Cross curves of stability

Q. What component u will keep ready before entering DD AS 2nd eng

Q. As  a second engineer what you will do for safety construction survey

Q. Launching of free fall life boat

Q. How will you make fast yourself in free fall life boat

Q. What do you find in capacity plan

Q. What you will get from shell expansion plan

Q. Garboard strake

Q. How give heat number to plates

Q. Different classification of steel used in ship construction

Q. Where you find D type steel

Date – Unknown

External – Pakrasi Sir

Internal – Subbarao Sir                                   


Q. Definition of bulk carrier according to solas . which chapter in solas is it mentioned

Q. Additional safety for bulk carrier mentioned in solas

Q. Different types of bulk carrier

Q. Mlc all titles in details. What certificates. Who issues

Q. Harmonization survey

Q. What are disadvantages of chemical properties of co2 used .

Q. Latest MEPC .which year and what discussed                                                                                   

Q. How is stern frame attached to bulkhead, types of stern

Q. Ship going to dry dock and need to change steel plate . From which plan you will come to know different grade of steel used  shear strake made of which steel                           

Q. Fire pump requiremnt for passenger ship and other ships based on GT. Regulation for emergency fire pump                                                    

Q. Difference between class survey and statuotory survey survey                      


Q. Different types of refractory used in boiler

Q. What is vit ..and different ways to change vit …fqs setting

Q. Stokes formula

Q. Types of bedplate


Q. Piston ring material and composition. Liner material. Grey cast iron and graphite cast iron.

Q. Turbocharger nozzle ring and impeller material

Q. Which type of bilge pump you had. In piston type bilge pump how will you overhaul

Q. Hull painting. what is the instrument to measure paint thickness. what is latest paint used

Q. What type of rudder you had on ship. rudder pintle bearing clearance where it is taken. what are different clearance take on rudder. what is the value of jumping clearance .

Date – Unknown

Internal – Kamat Sir

External – Kapoor Sir


Q. High-voltage system Megger testing

Q. Alternator system checks maintenance carried out.

Q. Single phasing.

Q. Full form of the following terms MCCB , Mcb


Q. He asked with type of engines when I said ME  and mcc he started asking All questions on it how it works about the system.  ELVA. ELFI. FIVA. Their functioning.  How they work. Advantages of me engines

Q. Design changes with respect to mc engines

Q. How the exhaust valve and fuel valve operates in me engines. 

Q. Frosting of refrigeration suction line

Q. What is the location of thermostat

Q. How is the refrigeration plant actually working

Q. Gas charging in refrigeration system. How will you come to know how much to charge


Q. Overhauling of liner in AE checks while removing and Putting back how will you know that liner is sitting in place and how will you ensure. 

Q. What you put on o-rings while putting. 

Q. Stuffing box overhaul

Q. How will you come to know that stuffing box is leaking

Q. Checks in stuffing box

Q. Will the butt clearance increase or decrease

Q. Why ship goes to dry dock and what checks you do in dry dock and it’s interval

Q. How will you set marvs,  with what you change setting and how much it is

Q. On deck motor has low insulation how will you ensure. 

Q. How will you overhaul deck motor. 

Date – 2-01-2020

External – Kapoor sir


Q. Working of fuel pump.

Q. Why we done chemical treatment on boiler.

Q. Working of centrifugal pump and why we use multistage pump.

Q. How we done the survey on main bearing in main engine.

Q. Bearing layers.


Q. Why we did the dry dock and their requirement.

Q. How to check propeller drop.

Q. Major repair on ship.

Q. How you inspect tail shaft monitoring.

Q. Difference between vit and super vit.

Q. Wear ring material in centrifugal pump.

Q. If wear ring damaged u have not spare how you will make on board.

Q. Crane motion like slewing hoisting

Date – Unknown

Internal – Senthil sir


Q. Types of sewage treatment plant, explain and draw

Q. Types of boiler safety valve and draw improved high lift safety valve, accumulation pressure test procedure, what if safety valve doesn’t lift during procedure, at what pressure high pressure alarm is set & cross question

Q. Refer system, how unloading takes place, why belt driven and cross questions

Q. Crank shaft deflection why to take ,how do you know that what you have taken is correct

Q. Methods to control nox

Q. Types of maintenance system

Q. What changes will be done on engine for low sulpher fuel

Date – Unknown

Internal – Senthil Sir.


Q. Cargo pumping arrangement on your vessel. Draw and explain. Lots of cross questions regarding this.

Q. Rotary cup burner. Draw and explain.

Q. Stuffing box diagram and cross questions.

Q. ME engine safeties.

Q. Criteria for efficient purification.

Q. How NOx was controlled in your last ship. 

Q. What is methane slip.

Q. Boiler leaky tube detection. How you know exact pipe.