Date – 22-01-19

External – Yadav sir

Internal – Vikrant Rai sir


Q. EEOI and EEDI, differences and where used ?

Q. Marpol annex 6 ?

Q. If ER is on fire and your 3/E is trapped , and chief has ordered you to release co2 , as 2nd what will you do ?

Q. After drydock where major repair work carried out at stern tube , before flooding – critical items to be checked apart from all the overboard valves,  sea chest and pump casings?

Q. After bunkering entries to made in orb part 1 ?  Which figure you will write in orb1? Suppose you write received figure  what is written in bdn and after lab analysis you found the change in specific gravity and after recalculation you found you received less – how to correct this difference in orb ?


Q. Me engine , hps oil flow direction on reversal and how reversing is achieved – cross questions.

Q. Piston ring groove clearances .

Q. Maximum permissible  Liner wear and why to check for ovality .

Q. Stuffing box lamellas worn out and no spares available. How to deal with this situation.

Q. Crankpin clearances in main engine ( values)

Q. Main bearing clearances. Mainly he was more interested into values . .


Q. Regenerative braking


Q. HRC fuses


Q. 3 port 2 position , solenoid operated spring return MANUAL OVERIDE  diagram.

Q. Fuel oil sp. Gravity changed from 0.95 to 0.98, what effect it will have on peak pressure .

Q. Big end bearing not sliding on crankshaft , reasons

Q. P alkalinity and t alkalinity are same – your actions .

Q. What is superheated steam, definition.

Q. Ovality limit in piston pin ( DG , values)

Q. Air compressor crankcase getting pressurised, reasons

Q. Checking of cooler water low level alarm from dp cell.

Date – 23-01-2020

Internal – Vikrant Rai sir


Q. Definition of vibration , static balancing?

Q. First moment compensator? where it is used?

Q. What is node antinode?

Q. Detuner and dampers ?

Q. 2nd order moments

Q. Floating ring in shell and tube heat exchanger diagram

Q. Hot and cold corrosion explain with chemical reaction and where it happens location and reduction methods

Q. Bursting disc function and where it is used?

Q. Difference between bursting disc and  relief valve

Date – 20-01-2019

External – Pakrasi Sir


Q. Operating elements of ism

Q. New firefighting gas 1301. replacement for halons

Q. Ionization smoke detector circuit diagram

Q. what is profile of panting stringer?

Q. Imo structure


Q. Insulation class with temp ? at what point temp is measured

Q. Ac drives( pwm, cycloconverter) .explanation for pwm

Q. PID controller

Q. Navigational light circuit diagram

Q. Reverse power trip circuit diagram

Q. Gmdss equipment

Q. Alternator voltage not coming? where flashing is done and for what time?

Q. New alternator load test? what all load banks you will connect?

Q. Why motor rating in kw and generator in kva?

Date – 23-01-2020


Q. Shell expansion plan

Q. Condition of assignments

Q. Loadline survey

Q. Solas regulations for fire detection of ums ship

Q. Risk assessment

Q. Deficiencies as per mlc 2006.

Q. Make shell expansion plan diagram

Q. Write about keel plate, garboard strake, sheer strake, bilge keel,

Q. Test on plates- NDT – radiography, dye panitration, ultrasound, magnetic partical test. and Distructive test- UTS, banding, hardness test, notch test, etc

Date – 27-01-2020

External – Kapoor sir

Internal – Kamat sir


Q. What type of ship

Q. TEU and feu.    

Q. Torsion box full, draw, why require.

Q. Different resistance to ship, what is formula for that

Q. Tell me 4 codes and 4 conventions

Q. Polar code full

Q. Twist lock


Q. MLC 2006 how many titles? & certificates under this


Q. Refer gas leaking, how to detect and methods

Q. Purifier rpm?

Q. Purifier rpm not coming up?

Q. Work done by me?

Q. Liner removal and fitting

Q. Big end bearing clearance how to take, will it change when piston is at TDC and when bdc

Q. Meat room temp not coming?

Q. Short cycling of refer compressor.

Date – 27-01-2019

Internal – Kamath sir

External – kapoor sir


Q. Marpol 73/78

Q. All annex by name and enforcement dates

Q. Annex 5 garbage categories & all new amendments

Q. Garbage record book entrieies

Q. Annex 6 what all in it

Q. SEEMP, EEDI, EEOI in details their units


Q. Solas all chapters by name

Q. Solas chapter 3

Q. Regulation related to free fall life boat, emergency launching procedure.

Internal kamat sir questions

Q. How will u convince psc that ur complying with nox regulation

Q. Imo New regulations, what problems onboard.

Date – 8-01-2020

External – Vishwanathan sir

Internal – Vikrant rai sir


Q. Mast riser fire, your action

Q. Lastest solas regulation which came in jan 2020

Q. Bracket floor and solid floor


Q. Draw chain drive, and explain camshaft drive

Q. Top bracing

Q. v belt, when you will change

Q. Copt steam inlet type of valve


Q. Explain brushless excitation, then where dc exitor is fitted.

Q. Exi and exd, where used and how exi works, why motors cannot have exi, how much voltage we keep in exi.

Q. Regulations for emergency power for pessanger ship

Q. How you will test emergency generator


Q. Why vacuum condenser is used. Why not atm condenser instead of vacuum condenser. Why not vaccum condenser instead of atm condenser.

Q. Your actions if vacuum is droping.

Q. Explain water washing of ig blower

Q. Checks on rudder, how pressure testing is done at 2.5 bar.

Q. Why we use aftercooler in air compressor

Date – 22-01-2019

External – Yadav sir

Internal – Vikrant Rai


Q. How does anti-heeling system work on your ship?

Q. Explain with a rough sketch.

Q. What is fail safe steering gear system mean?

Q. Oil in cascade tank .from where it came and how you will find which tank?

Q. Boiler rating?

Q. Fwg vacuum  dropping reasons…

Q. If P alk. And T alk. Came same on boiler water testing..wht could be the reason?

Date – 20-01-2020

Internal – Kamat sir

External – Saini sir


Q. Ig system regulations

Q. O2 content increasing reasons

Q. Function of Scrubber tower



Q. Difference between life buoy on bridge and one on deck

Q. Life jacket regulations

Q. Copt safeties

Q. How to try out over speed trip of copt

Q. D1 and D2 standards for ballast water treatment

Q. All you know about sulphur 0.5 % regulation


Q. Draw brushless alternator

Q. ICCP working

Q. Draw Close loop control for boiler feed water system

Q. Alternator not showing any voltage reasons.

Date – 23-01-2020


Q. Cavitation, definition, place where it is most, what if propeller has crack consequences

Q. IOPP statements

Q. Nox regulations, which tier in use

Q. Safety survey of engine room preparation

Q. Some more questions I don’t remember


Q. Shaft earthing in detail

Q. Zener diode in details where used and how it works

Q. why single phase motors have capacitors.

Q. DOL starter box , what all inside starter box something specific what you see when you open starter box

Q. Battery how will you check voltage drop in battery cell.