Date – 28.09.18


Q. Safeties in LNG line from tank to e/r in LNG carrier

Q. Difference between statuary and class survey.

Q. Tank safeties on gas carrier.

Q. Annex 5 latest amendments.

Date – Unknown


Q. LNG PPE Regulation.

Q.Sewage treatment plant vent regulations, construction?

Q. Enclosed space entry permit?

Q. Scba test and explosimeter working?

Q. Risk assessment general and for enclosed space?

Q. Risk when entering sludge tank?

Q. Drydock regulations as per solas?

Q. Do solas include tail shaft monitoring?

Q. Annex 1 ammendments?

Q. Solas chapters and certificate included in each chapter?

Q. Where can u find certificate lists?

Q. Certificates as per ism?

Q. Explanation of each?

Date – Unknown


Q. Ig system safeties

Q. Marpol annex 1 and annex 37

Q. How to carry out risk assessment

Date – 27/09/2018

1st attempt

Q. Introduce yourself?

Q. Which was your last ship? Brief particulars


Q. IGC code– Name some chapters?

Q. Tell about the regulation for DCP fire fighting?

Q. As a new joiner how will you know that ISM is being implemented onboard your ship?

Q. How much sludge is permitted to carry when you depart from a port for another port?

Q. What is the requirement for Sea chest on gas carriers?

Q. What was system onboard your ship to deal with the cargo vapours?

Date – Unknown


Q. Lifeboat complete launching regulations – maintenance enclosed and freefall

Q. Drills as per solas complete both for cargo and passenger ships

Q. Annex 5 complete, how comply in accordance with marpol

Q. O2 analyser working calibration construction

Q. Water ingress alarm

Q. Baseline, territorial water, contiguous water

Q. Ism all chapters explain chap 5 and 12. how to make Sure Ism is followed

Q. Solas chapter 2

Date – 25/09/2018


Q. Blackout to show surveyor. what is the means of connection to msb.

Q. Two generators running in parallel one is taking less load .reason and how to handle it.

Q. What all things on ESB panel near emergency generator.

Function-4b, 6 (Motor and mep)

Q. Which engine you have done. difference between elfi and fiva.which was on your ship. how to overhaul exhaust valve. how many hydraulic nuts in exhaust valve.

Q. What all to check in bottom end bearing inspection before surveyor comes for survey.

Q. Ships ows not working. who all to inform. and can the vessel sail if ows spares can’t be delivered for another 15 days. how will you convince port state control.

Q. Extended dry dock of ships. Does all ship can extend or it is limited to some ships.

Q. Difference between oxyacetylene welding torch and oxyacetylene cutting torch.

Q. Which bolts are used to tighten exhaust manifold of generator to the cylinder head what is special in those

Date – Unknown


Q. Annex 6 iapp renewal survey what will surveyor check. How will you present documents

Q. Difference between product and crude oil tanker

Q. Pump room safeties

Q. Marpol annex 1 reg 13, 14, 15, 16

Q. Seemp eedi eeoi

Date – Unknown


Q. Latest ammendment for marpol annex 1.

Q. Regulations for rescue boat and specific regulation for lifeboat engine if going to colder regions

Q. Ship security alert switch working procedure.

Q. Mob marker smoke emitting chemical ( name of chemical which emits smoke for mob marker)

Q. Fire lines regulations for engine room.

Date – 16/08/2018


Q. Marpol annex 4, effluent test standards, discharge criteria, why 4 knots ship speed for discharging

Q. Drydock criteria, what all checks when afloat, in detail inspection for sea chest

Q. marpol annex 1 IOPP renewal survey is due, As a 2E how will u prepare. all orb enteries and which operations code and item no., how to make entry if water is stored in FO tank?

Date – Unknown


Q. Risk assessment

Q. Poker gauge n it’s use

Q. Engine room flooding what will happen to ships

Q. stability

Q. Resource management

Q. Fire extinguisher requirement in engine room

Date – Unknown

Function-3 & 4b

Q. GRT, NRT, DWT, cross questions

Q. difference between freefall & davit operated lifeboat

Q. What is onload and offload release of lifeboat

Q. why oxygen cyl. Provided in logeboat , its pressure and pressure maintained inside lifeboat

Date – Unknown

Function – 3

Q. IG system cmplete, start from engine room to cargo tank,PV valve , PV breaker setting working.

Q. Flammable chart for oil tanker

Q. Double bottom tank construction for oil tanker,sounding pipe arrangement entire safeties.

Q. Sludge tank cleaning preparation, procedure.

Q. ISM in detail.

Date – Unknown

Function- 5

Q. 440 voltage low insulation, what is your action.

Q. Emergency generator regulations and can emergency generator & main generator run parallel?

Q. Explosimeter working, drawing?

Date – Unknown


Q. Me sump transverse diagram

Q. Co2 10 years check and all certificates

Q. Purifier room fire and your actions as you are on watch

Q. Light weight dead weight how much light weight you are allowed to add

Q. Nox complete

Date – Unknown


Q. Propeller dia increased effect on sfoc

Q. Ism chapter 9

Q. Fire in purifier room actions

Q. Anti fouling convention

Q. Enclosed space drill requirement

Function- 4b, 6

Q. What is magnetic coupling in pumps

Q. Types of intermediate bearings

Q. Types of boiler refractory

Q. Types of bearing used in main bearing