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Q. Exhaust temp of one unit fluctuating?

Q. Fwg principle? How vacuum is produced

Q. Bernoulli’s theorem, explain bernauilis theorem full

Q. What is mean effective pressure?

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Q. What is the diff between dwt and grt? Exact definition as per Solas

Q. Why freeboard is less for tankers?

Q. Engine room major fire, your action?

Q. IG regulations and what are the certificates regarding IG that are there

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Q. Type of ships

Q. Enhance survey of bulk career

Q. Fixed foam system 10 years routine


Q. HIgh pressure pipe Solas regulation

Q. Fuel pump which O ring used

Q. Relationship between SFOC vs BHP with diagram

Date – 10-04-2018


Q. New regulation for RO RO vessel?

Q. ISM audits name wise?

Q. New MEPC circular for OWS?

Q. Why bulk carriers sink?

Q. What is floodable length?

Q. Difference between stcw and mlc work hours?

Date – 8-02-2018


Q. Safeties on tank done of gas tanker. (fusible plug, safety valve, MARVS, dcp hose reels, fixed fire

Q. Say something about stability of a ship while docking.

Q. CO2 10 yearly routine.

Q. DB tank pressure testing.

Date – 12-10-2017


Q. Difference between product tanker and chemical tanker.

Q. Ism code with all chapters and contents.

Q. All fixed fire fighting installation regulations when inspections are carried out.

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Q. IG system solas requirement,

Q. Enclosed space entry new requirement,

Q. Risk assessment of cylinder head lifting of main engine,

Q. Bulbous bow?

Q. Familarization on board Why?

Q. DOC and SMC

Q. Free surface effect? Factors on which it depends

Date – 10-12-2018


Q. Intact stability of car carrier

Q. Co2 cylinder head , draw and explain

Q. Rudder weight taken by what? Draw and explain

Q. Enclosed space entry, risk assesment.

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Q. Complete enhanced survey for bulk carriers . why it was implemented and what all checks.

Q. Dynamical stability . how calculated and cross questions?

Q. Co2 fixed system checks ?

Q. Complete on ISM chapters, code and contents

Date – 10-10-2017


Q. solas chapter full

Q. Co2 line diagram with co2 bottle cross section

Q. Wave making resistances

Q. Ism chapters

Q. Stcw full

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Q. All regulations regarding survaval craft

Q. Difference between life boat and rescue boat

Q. what is damage stability and requirements for damag stability

Q. Psc inspection is applicable under which conventions

Q. what will psc inspector check under Stcw convention in an oil tanker

Q. Ship particulars

Q. Angle of lol. How to correct

Q. How you will verify ur ME comply with Marpol annex 6

Q. What is nox technical file

Date – 8-12-2017


Q. What is the latest amendment in MARPOL annex 6?

Q. What to do if OWS stop working  before arrival port?

Q. Departing port How much sludge can be carried to next port?

Q. Type of your last vessel-product tanker

Q. Steering gear regulations applicable

Q. What is 100% redundancy

Q. Draw the circuit showing features to achieve the same.

Q. How does the rudder turn, where does it rest.

Q. where are clearances provided -what is a pintle hole

Q. How would you prepare the ship for an SEQ survey.

Q. How is the life raft placed on the ship.

Q. What is the hru. What would you check in the hru

Q. with respect to the SEQ survey. How does it work?

Q. What is the metacentre. What is meta centric height.

Q. Does the ship have a metacentre when it is upright?

Q. Why do need to know all this?

Q. Intact stability. What is the angle of vanishing stability?

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Q. ISPS certifications

Q. On load test release of life boats

Q. Life boat brakes

Q. Additional safety of bulk carrier

Date – 4-12-2018


Q. Flash back arrestor flame screen flame arrestor there purpose where fitted .

Q. Acetylene bottle where and how stored

Q. Statical and dynamic stability

Q. Steering gear requirement for tanker above 1000grt

Q. Follow up non follow up

Q. Ig line with lot of cross questions

Q. Annex 6 certificates

Q. Nox sox regulations

Q. Panting pounding arrangement

Date – 1-1-2018


Q. Types of floors.

Q. How does longitudinal girder pass through solid floor.

Q. What are Intercourstals?

Q. what type of cargo pumping system? Said Framo., said draw that.

Q. Draw the Hydraulic motor used in Framo.

Q. what is deadwood and gunwale.

Q. What is follow up and non follow up?

Q. How is bed plate attached to the ship? Draw. Why

Q. chocks? Types of chocks.

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Q. Chapter 12 solas in full details and cross questions

Q. A hole in a ship’s side plating raise a requisition to superident What all specification to be mentioned.  What all drawings and plan to refer How to know if the steel plate is of correct grade and specifications…???

Q. Mid ship section of your last ship

Q. All certificates applicable to your ship

Q. Ballast water management in details

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Q. Marpol annex 2 & cross questions

Q. Cargo categories

Q. Certificates on board chemical tanker

Q. P&A manual x question

Q. Marpol annex 6

Q. Ism

Q. Midship of bulk carrier

Q. Additional measures for bulk carrier safety

Q. Ballast water managment convention

Q. NOx technical file

Date – Unknown


Q. Ships done after class4

Q. Fixed fire fighting system on board your ship. co2 for motor & comp room / dcp for deck) / high exp foam

Q. High expansion foam routine test / test done on foam sample/ types of foam concentrate

Q. Fire fighting system on boiler?

Q. Local fire fighting system on board ?/ hyper mist & draw ?

Q. Portable foam extinguisher types

Q. Types of smoke detector n draw

Q. Damage stability criteria / floodable length/ margin line

Q. Certificate under isps… what is written under ship identification no.

Date – Unknown


Q. Damage stabilty

Q. Subdivision of ship

Q. Types of stern with diagram

Q. Frames and spacing

Q. Panting and pounding arragemnt with diagram

Q. Web frames its spacing with diagram

Q. Types of frames with diagram

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Q. Bulk carrier cross-sectional diagram

Q. Single skin & dubble hull difference

Q. M/E beding arrangement

Q. Solid floor

Q. Duct keel

Q. Chapter 12 Solas

Q. For ur vessel as per convention all certificates

Q. Seemp

Q. Eedi

Q. NOx & sox ( tier & vallues) how confirm sulphur content in bdn

Q. certificate applicable to chemical tanker Validity, Who issues them

Q. When is survey carried out what all thing will surveyor check for MARPOL annex2 certificate