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Q. Have you done dry dock, What are all checks

Q. All plans to be given Side shell Plate renewal procedure

Q. Who will certify

Q. What test done on specimen for approval by class

Q. coffin plate

Q. Co2 fire fighting and maintenance checks

Q. Life raft attachment to deck

Q. Air bottle inspection safety precaution before opening

Q. Risk assessment etc

Q. Framo system its problems

Q. All convention their certificates

Q. Emergency fire pump all solas requirements

Q. Difference between product and crude carrier

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Q. All conventions and certificates related to it.

Q. CSR and ESP

Q. Dry dock plans required and its significance.

Q. How to order plate for renewal of shell plate. –

Q. Procedure for renewal.

Q. Welding procedure and defects. How to detect.

Q. Validity of all certificates.

Q. Types of survey

Q. Safety equipment survey

Q. SMC intermediate survey, what will surveyor check and how will you prepare E/r

Date – 10-12-2018


Q. Intact stability of car carrier

Q. Co2 cylinder head , draw and explain

Q. Rudder weight taken by what? Draw and explain

Q. Enclosed space entry, risk assessment.

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Q. IG system solas requirement,

Q. Enclosed space entry new requirement,

Q. Risk assessment of cylinder head lifting of main engine,

Q. Bulbous bow why fitted?,

Q. Familarization on board why?

Q. DOC and SMC

Q. Free surface effect? Factors on which it depends

Date – 14-09-2017


Q. Bulk carrier cross section

Q. Duct keel

Q. What is double hull, double skin, single skin bulk carrier

Q. Add measure for bulk carrier

Q. Cross curve stability curve and how will you calculate gm from the curve

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Q. Intact stability

Q. Damage stability

Q. Subdivision of vessel

Q. Cross curves of stability

Q. Inclining experiment complete with formula

Q. Marpol annex 6 certificates

Q. Nox technical file: what all is included

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Q. Additional safeties for bulk carriers

Q. Certificates carried onboard according to what conventions name all

Q. What framing is used in double skin, Distance between them

Q. Thickness of frames, Draw them

Q. What is bulb stiffners draw

Q. Co2 inspections year wise

Q. How would check bottle weight

Q. What is filling ratio

Q. Critical temperature of co2 and what’s critical temperature

Q. How engine is attached to ship draw that

Q. What are chokes and purpose

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Q. What are longitudinal

Q. What is webframe, draw and explain

Q. Certificates under chapter 11 of solas

Q. Free surface effect.

Date – 9-6-2017


Q. Curve of dynamic stability

Q. stability booklet

Q. Intact stability

Q. Isps certificate

Q. Static & dynamic stability, stability booklet

Q. Margin line, significance, reason if up or down

Q. Classification society

Q. Class

Q. Code

Q. All type of certificates, issue, renewal, who issue certificates

Q. All type of survey interval, survey conduct by whom, what all they see,

Q. Engine room various survey

Q. Condition monitoring

Q. Survey for machineries and certificate

Q. Inclination experiment

Q. Sheer strake and other definition

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Q. Free surface effect formulas, draw and explain

Q. Convention name with certificate

Q. As 2nd do load line survey of engine room equipment

Date – 14-09-2017


Q. What all the certificates you will carry before entering dry dock?

Q. Statutory certificates with convention?

Q. Loadline exemption certificate?

Q. Shell expansion plan and docking plan draw

Q. what all the data you will get from these plan??

Q. Survey to be carried out on co2 system??

Q. What type of detectors used for bulk carrier cargo hold and where it is located?

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Q. Which ship you work and then questions (I worked on oil tanker) he asked all statutory certificate on oil tanker.

Q. Difference bw DOC and SMC

Q. How to calculate co2 for fire figthing purposes and lost of cross questions

Q. Enclosed space entry

Q. Deck foam system


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Q. what all conventions apply to your ship and related certificates

Q. MLC complete details

Q. Intact and damage stability  & contents of damage stability booklet

Q. Static and dynamic stability and all the curves and what you get from the curves

Q. If your side shell plating is to be renewed due to rupture how will you order and where you will find

Q. Shell expansion plan

Q. Types of bulkhead, what is A60 bulkhead.

Q. Standard fire test

Q. Steering gear regulation of emergency source of power

Date – 12-09-2017


Q. Parametric rolling why on container ship only

Q. Web frame section where fitted frame spacing difference between frame and web frame

Q. Rudder Clearance where to measure advantage of semi balanced rudder and balanced rudder

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Q. Draw co2 system

Q. Diagram of Attachment of liferaft to ship

Q. Draw coffin plate

Q. Air bottle inspection

Q. How hru is connected to life raft

Q. Sart

Q. Epirb

Q. Cross curves

Q. Gunwale

Date – 14-09-2017


Q. Additional safety for bulk carrier

Q. Thickness of web frame and ordinary frame

Q. Difference between stiffner and frame .

Q. Draw free surface effect  & Inclination experiment.

Date – Unknown


Q. Intact stability

Q. Damage stability

Q. Subdivision of vessel

Q. Cross curves of stability

Q. Inclining experiment complete with formula

Q. Marpol annex 6 certificates

Q. Nox technical file: what all is included

Date – Unknown


Q. Fire line diagram and safeties

Q. Burst in fire line how will you fight fire on deck

Q. Bonding in hoses

Q. Description of bulkhead between engine room and accommodation