1. Check that all access openings at the ends of enclosed structures are in good conditions. All dogs, clamps and hinges should free and well greased. All gaskets and the water-tight seals should be crack free. Ensure that the doors open from both sides

2. Check all the cargo hatches and access to holds for weather tightness

3. Check the efficiency and securing capacity of portable beams

4. If portable wooden hatch covers are used then check that they are in good condition

5. If tarpaulins are used then at least two should be provided for each hatch and in good condition

6. Inspect all  the machinery space opening on exposed deck

7. Check that any manholes and flush scuttles can be made watertight

8. Check that all the ventilator openings are provided with efficient weather tight closing appliance

9. All air pipe should be provided with satisfactory means for closing & opening

10. Inspect any cargo ports below freeboard deck and ensure that all of them are watertight

11. Ensure that all non return valves on overboard valves are operating in a satisfactory manner

12. Side scuttles and openings below freeboard deck must have efficient internal watertight deadlights

13. Check that all freeing ports are working in satisfactory conditions

14. All guard-rails and bulwarks should be in satisfactory condition

15. Derust and paint the deck line, loadline marks, load line and the draught marks