According to a recent article published in Splash 247, 2020 could be on track to exceed ship sales seen in 2019.

Second hand tonnage prices

Secondhand containerships are fetching high prices and charter rates too have gone high in the chaotic pandemic year.

According to Alphaliner, boxship sales have surged back to pre-Covid-19 levels. 22 ships were sold per month in the third quarter.

2020 could be on track to exceed ship sales seen in 2019, the box shipping analysts noted.

Classic panamaxes have seen new record rates achieved, with one 5,000 teu ship obtaining a “stunning” $25,000 per day, the highest level for this type of ship in nearly a decade.

Renewed demand

Alphaliner noted that renewed demand has resulted in a recovery in prices for classic panamaxes rising up to 30% between the end of May and today.

Liners have been enjoying record freight rates on many tradelanes in recent weeks. The buoyant times have spilled over onto the charter scene too where rates continue to rise for all ship types on the back of an increasingly tight supply.

Alphaliner analyst said, “In the larger sizes rates are going through the roof, having increased by several thousands of dollars over the last two weeks.“

Source: Splash 247