•Navtor, has released a new ship performance optimisation and fleet management system, NavFleet, based on a cyber secure platform.
•The platform integrates real-time data from ships, fleets, company offices and other business-critical sources within one shoreside application.
•The company claims that a new level of real-time operational insight for owners of ships across all sizes and segments will enhance performance and improve decision making.

e-Navigation solutions provider NAVTOR has announced the launch of NavFleet, a fleet management and performance optimisation solution, reports Seatrade Maritime News.

•Fleet management solution

The application, developed over the past two years in collaboration with key shipowners, opens up a new horizon of possibilities for users – enabling real-time operational insight, performance optimization and enhanced business decision making.

NAVTOR CEO Tor Svanes says the product heralds “a future of efficiency, performance, intelligence and cost control” for owners of all sizes and segments.

NAVTOR has developed a suite of e-Navigation products, delivered, updated and connected through a cyber secure ecosystem that unites shoreside and vessel teams. This provides the platform for NavFleet, which seamlessly integrates real-time data from vessels, fleets, offices and an array of business-critical sources within a single, user-friendly, shoreside application.

The result is a complete, common situational awareness, with the ability to continually monitor and refine vessel performance.

-Secure and rapid data access

“Our e-Navigation mission has always been to simplify operational tasks, while enhancing efficiency, safety and business performance. This may be a new arena for NAVTOR, but it’s built on those same principles and utilises our proven technology, infrastructure and expertise to deliver huge benefits for shipowners targeting improved ship management,” said CEO Tor Svanes.

He added, “Using our cyber-secure certified gateway, NavBox, and cloud computing resources we can enable remote teams to work as one – accessing data relating to, for example, vessel sensors, weather, passage planning, route optimisation, engines and fuel consumption, in real-time.”

“In this way, users have a simplified interface where everything is connected, enabling them to see the ‘big picture’ rather than working to gather and analyse separate data streams in isolation. This unlocks smarter shipping for everyone… and the benefits of that are almost unlimited,” he further said.

-Performance optimisation

Performance optimisation is a key NavFleet selling point, with the ability to benchmark, troubleshoot, refine and share best practices across fleets, while solving individual vessel issues.

The new awareness also enables easier compliance, alongside simplified reporting and administration, with the ability to automate key reports. Amongst these will be the mandated EU MRV/IMO DCS reports, which can be produced at the touch of a NavFleet button from later in 2021. A new approach to operational report handling will allow reports (e.g. noon reports) to be sent directly from vessels, but accessed from anywhere through the application.

-Real-time monitoring

In addition, NavFleet’s real-time monitoring capabilities will help office-based teams determine if vessels are falling short of KPIs or deviating from passage plans, facilitating swift remedial action. This ability makes it easier for owners to adhere to the covenants in charter party agreements, potentially avoiding performance claims and strengthening working relationships.

“We’ve listened to our customers and the officers on the thousands of vessels we deliver services to and tailored a solution that helps them tackle some of their most pressing everyday challenges,” said Mr Svanes.

He added, “We see this as a natural progression for NAVTOR and a further means of translating some of the principal benefits we’ve brought to e-Navigation into the context of overall fleet and business management. This is a new chapter for our company and, we believe, an essential application for enabling smarter, more sustainable and profitable shipping organizations.”

Source: Seatrade Maritime News