A fishing ship carrying 12 people lost contact in water off Bali resort island of Indonesia, reports Xinhuanet.

What happened?

A ship carrying 12 people has lost contact in the water off Bali resort island of Indonesia. According to a top rescuer, Search and rescue operation is underway.

According to the Head of Operational Unit of Search and Rescue Office in Bali Anak Agung Ketut Alif Supartana, the fishing ship, KM Tanjung Permai, last communicated with the firm at 9:00 pm local time Monday.

According to the rescuer, during the communication with the company, a crew reported that sea water had entered into the ship.

What is the reason?

Supartana said it was not certain whether the ship was leaked or huge waves hit the vessel.

Ship’s last location

The fishing ship had fished in the southern Badung Strait of Southern Bali island before losing contact, Supartana said.

He said that the weather condition has been unfavorable in the area since days ago, with huge waves occurring in the territory. “All the sailors here have been informally warned by the weather agency. They are urged to delay fishing.”

Search and rescue operations

A helicopter, two ships, personnel from the local search and rescue office, the navy and police, have been deployed in the search and rescue mission, he said.

At the sea, Captain of Rescuing Ship Arief Yulianto along with other rescuers, navy personnel and policemen were also carrying the rescue around and in the southern Badung Strait.

He said, “It is still nil. We have asked all the vessels sailing around and in this territory, they have not seen the presence of the missing vessel.”

Source: Xinhuanet