Function – 4b

Surveyor – Biswas & Rao sir

Q. VIT in Sulzer. How fuel quantity is adjusted. How Eccentric is connected. Where connected.

Q. Boiler tubes Construction. Draw. Material.

Q. What is Caustic Embrittlement. Which area, what happens, causes. Remedies.

Q. Wet bulb temperature and dry bulb temperature in refrigeration?

Q. In Turbocharger how blades are connected.

Q. Babbit metal composition, name different type of babbit metal

Q. Exhaust valve is leaking, what are the indications? Give one sure shot way of finding out exhaust valve is leaking.

 Q. Cross questions on draw card and all

Q. Explain exhaust valve shrouding

Q. Explain exhaust valve tuning?

Q. which type of engine done, with long stroke engine what are the advantages? what is the advantage for the ship due to long stroke

Q. Stay tube in boiler

Q. Ogee ring in boiler

Q. Cylinder lubricator

Q. Fuel oil circulation through fuel injector

Q. Muff coupling

Q. Mischell thrust block

Q. Arrangement for quick lifting and quick closing of safety valve

Q. Common rail system all details. how fuel oil timing and index done in this system.

Q. Shock valve in steering gear

Q. Closed and open loop system. explain with example.

Q. Exhaust tuning system explain how it functions and effects.

Q. Caustic embrittlement details.

Q. Advantage of high topland in piston, why earlier manufacture did not do this?

Q. What is intelligent engine, what conditions it has to satisfy to be called intelligent engine?

Q. Cylinder lubrication in ME,How oil is supplied to individual piston pump of quills?

Q. why trunk type boilers are curved at ends.

Q. Working of axial piston pump.

Q. Draw and explain working of vane pump.

Q. Advantage of jack down bolts over holding down bolts

Q. vit& super vit

Q. Secondary form of refrigeration ,

Q. Boiler burners and how they work

Q. Fuel pump lead

Q. Variable pressure injection

Q. Keyless propeller vs keyed propeller

Q. Pressure jet burner, turn down ratio

Q. Oros combustion space.

Q. Attachment of fir tree blades on rotor of turbochrger.

Q. Fqs working and why

Q.  Exhaust v/v shrouding with proper drawing.

Q. What is intelligent engine

Q. Main engine exhaust valve and valve seat, are they inclined at same angle?

Q. Comfort zone…what is it? Range? How humidity controlled in summer and winter?

Q. Advantages of chain and sprocket over gears.

Q. Superheating of steam. how superheating is controlled.

Q. What is Running Direction Interlock, purpose and what will be your action if there is no response when you switch for one direction to another, what will you check in the control room. Cam actuator working in Sulzer or B&W?

Q. VIT in Sulzer, explain?

Q. What is Muff Coupling and where is it used?

Q. What is Michell Thrust Block?

Q. What is Caustic Imbrittlement in Boilers?

Q. How is quick action achieved in an Improved High Lift Safety Valve?

Q. OROS piston and advantage

Q. ALCAP purifier in detail

Q. Radial piston pump working

Q. Thermostatic valve, superheat, subcooling,

Q. Why boiler drum manhole is elliptical and stresses acting on it also boiler drum manufacturing process

Q. Shrouding is done where & how

Q. Muff coupling

Q. Secondary refrigeration what are they other than brine and how containers different temp maintained

Q. Hole major axis on which side if cut on boiler

Q. How fuel is circulated upto fuel injector in man b& w engine in standby condition.

Q. Arrangement of tube expansion in heat exchanger.

Q. Propeller draw.

Q. Tertiary cooling system.

Q. What is secondary refrigeration system. How temperature of different compartments maintained.

Q. Casutic embrittlement

Q. Shock valve- construction details and working

Q. Reversing interlock arrangement

Q. How vit works in man b&w?

Q. Type of bunker you took onboard

Q. What do you check in bunker quality and all about standards

Q. ISO Standards values for HFO. particular about catfines limit

Q. Where damages by cat fines in engine.

Q. Improved high lift safety valve, how fast action occur for lifting and seating.

Q. How to improve combustion in engine.

Q. Exhaust system tuning

Q. Generator rpm fluctuating two main reason only.and some cross question

Q. Liner running in process. some cross question.

Q. Crankshaft  construction semi built type .

Q. Safety valve floating  how to do.

Q. Types of engine did? Do you know about sulzer engine?

Q. How gas forces transferred in 2 stroke engine.

Q. Diagram of how it is transferred in 4 stroke engine?

Q. What is tertiary cooling in main engine?

Q. Draw a graph of refrigeration cycle and show degree of superheat?

Q. Draw a diagram of axial flow pump and explain how rotation is varied?

Q. Why hemispherical ends given in boiler? Draw diagram of forces acting on it and explain?

Q. Electronic governor

Q. DP controller

Q. Oros combustion chamber and advantages

Q. How rotor blades fixed on turbocharger.

Q. What is hunting lever

Q. Boiler manhole axis and arrangement

Q. Exhaust valve why has double springs.

Q. Turbo charger and rotor arrangement.