Terms and conditions


For work up to 4 hours, half a day will be charged. For hours worked in excess of 4 hours up to 8 hours, a full day will be charged. Work carried out before and after normal working hours (08:00–17:00) and in excess of 8 hours per day will be charged as overtime hours. Minimum 12 hours per day are charged when our personnel are requested to sail with the vessel/stay on site. Note that acommodation suitable for an officer is expected. Meal break hours are not to be deducted from the attendance as these have been provided for in the fees. 10 waiting hours will be invoiced for a full waiting day due to delay caused by the customer.

In addition to the service fees, customers will be invoiced for travel expenses (train, bus, taxi, ferry, mileage).

For service rendered outside the home base of the respective service personnel, a per diem charge of EUR 95 will be added, together with expenses for hotels and transportation.

Mileage with company/private car will be charged EUR 1 per km. A 10% administration fee will be added to our outlays (hotel, flights, taxi, train, ferry, etc.).

Tools shipped in connection with the service work must be returned to MAN PrimeServ no later than 7 days after the repair is finished. If tools are returned late, MAN PrimeServ reserves the right to surcharge EUR 600 per day until the tools arrive at our facility in Denmark.

Working hours

Company policy dictates that the duties of our engineers cannot be extended beyond 12 working hours a day excluding travelling, transport and breaks. However, the working hours may be extended if unpredictable events cause delays and the captain/chief engineer give their written consent. No deductions for transport or breaks are to be made in the service fees as these have already been provided for in the fees.

To comply with international rules, it is required for jobs extending beyond two weeks that our engineers have a weekly day of rest. Diems will be invoiced, hours will not be invoice on a day of rest. Hours on the invoice will be rounded off to nearest half hour.

Supporting documents

Hotels and flight tickets will be booked by MAN Energy Solutions. Supporting documents, i.e. documentation for flight tickets and hotel accommodation, will only be made available if this is requested when the service visit is ordered. If such documents are ordered after the service attendance, a fee of EUR 350 will be charged. We also charge EUR 350 for changes to invoicing address, PO number, or similar that requires a new invoice due to missing information when the PO was issued.

Expenses in connection with special visa requirements, as regards the ISPS Code, etc., will be added on an actual cost basis + 10%.


Note that our personnel is not authorized to sign any forms releasing the customer, ship, or power plant from its responsibility towards our representative. If doubt occurs, our representative will be entitled to leave the site, and the customer will be invoiced in accordance with our normal fee, including travelling expenses.

In general

The exchange rate will be fixed on the date of issue of the order. On overseas flights our engineers will be travelling on lowest fare business class. Inside Europe, travelling will be on economy if available.

Invoices are exclusive of local taxes, such as VAT and sales tax (e.g. in China). Each service call will be followed up by a report covering the service rendered.

Service will be rendered in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is enclosed. When ordering, please provide the exact invoicing address.

The invoice will be forwarded electronically in PDF-format. An administration fee of EUR 10 will be added on the invoice if a paper copy is required.

We recommend liaising with the nearest PrimeServ Centre in order to reduce travelling time and cost.

However, attendance is always subject to competence, availability and capability. The contact details of the nearest PrimeServ Centre can be found at:

Safety when boarding

In accordance with our focus on safety, we underline the importance of checking and confirming the following five items when boarding a vessel from a launch boat:

1. SOLAS approved life jacket must be available for use when entering the pilot ladder/gangway and returned after arriving safely on the main deck of the vessel.

2. The launch boat must have a crew of minimum two members, who will assist during the transfer to the vessel or in case of an unlikely rescue operation.

3. The vessel pilot ladder and/or gangway must be arranged in accordance with SOLAS Regulation V/23 and IMO Resolution A.1045(27).

4. A vessel crew member must be posted at the access point to the vessel.

5. SOLAS survival suit must be available if the seawater temperature is below 10 degrees Celcius.

We reserve the right for our attending personnel to decide whether or not to board a vessel based on their evaluation of the weather and sea conditions and the equipment made available.

Our engineers can decline boarding/disembarking a vessel/site due to poor weather conditions, boarding facilities, seaworthiness of the launch boat, or if other safety issues warrant it.

Source – MAN Energy Solutions