Boiler Casing:-

Mild steel plates (low carbon) C, Si, Mn, (Hot finished rolled plates)

Steam Drum:-

Mild steel plates (low carbon) TS-430-490MN/m2 C, Si, Mn (Hot finished)

Fire Row & Gen. Row Tubes:-

Cold drawn seamless (low carbon steel) C, Si, Mn, S, P (cold draw

Superheater Tubes:-

Cr, Mo alloy steel Cr, Mo, C, Si, Mn, Mi (cold finished)

Superheater Tube Support :-

Heat resistant austenitic steel C, Si, Mn, Ni, Cr, P, S (hot finished)

Steam Piping (Superheater range upto 9500F):-  

Cr-Mo low carbon alloy steel, C, Si, Mn, P, S, Ni, Cr, Mo (cold finished)

Economiser Tubes:-

Cold drawn seamless steel C, Si, Mn, P (stud resistance welded to tube)

Water Drum:-

Mild steel plates (low carbon) C, Si, Mn (hot finished rolled plate)

Boiler Refractory Materials:-

oxides of aluminium (alumina), silicon (silica), magnesium (magnesia), calcium (lime), Fire clays, Silicon carbide, carbon (graphite), Zirconia etc. 

Types of refractory

  1. Acid materials: clay, silica, quartz, sandstone etc
  2. Neutral materials: chromite, graphite, plumbag, alumina
  3. Alkaline or base material: lime, magnesia, zirconia


  • Fire bricks
  • Monolithic
  • Mouldable
  • Plastic chrome ore
  • Castable refractory
  • Insulating material