Function – 4b

Surveyor – Bannerjee sir

Q. Type of M/E

Q. Function of entablature, what it does, why given

Q. what is light spring diagram, what information it gives, what is light spring, why light spring is used in this

Q. Material of steering gear ram cylinders.

Q. Screw p/p advantages, gear p/p and screw p/p which one you will choose why, why you rejected gear p/p

Q. Rudder turning angle, specified time

Q. Your ship is in dry dock rudder taking more time, specific reasons

Q. Longstroke advantages

Q. Stroke bore ratio

Q. Ignition delay

Q. Brake point

Q. Crankshaft deflection

Q. Axial vibration

Q. What all stresses on crosshead, significance of compression ratio, gear pump and it’s overhaul and all clearance also upper limit of clearance.

Q. What as a second engineer i will check on piston, piston ring, many cross question.

Q. DP transmitter.

Q. Condition monitoring in main engine.

Q. Stern tube system.

Q. What type of engine would you use for main propulsion? (2s or 4s) Give reasons why?

Q. Screw pump working. Explain arrangement of twin and triple screws. Material of screw, Composition.

Q. Explain working of clarifier. Why used. Alcap  principle. cross questions.

Q. Steering gear safeties explain.

Q. Working of auto backwash filters. Explain differential pressure. How auto backwash takes place explain.

Q. Different types of stresses in a crosshead bearing

Q. What is Turbo compounding system

Q. What is the purpose of crankshaft deflection and how to evaluate readings taken

Q. Why is it difficult to take indicator diagram on a medium speed engine

Q. Disadvantages of pulse turbocharger system

Q. Why we use boiler accumulation pressure testing

Q. What is the advantages of 4s engine use in propulsion

Q. What is the main use of air distributor in 4s engine

Q. What steel use in ship building

Q. Diffuser functions

Q. Boiler water tests

Q. LO Additives

Q. ISM and based on this machinery maintenance

Q. Super long stroke benefits, prove every point how?

Q. ME lube oil additives, contaminants source, sea water ingress to ME sump, your action without stopping engine?

Q. New  addition to ME increase fuel efficiency except FWG & waste heat recovery through T/C & Economizer

Q. Miller cycle significance

Q. Diesel engine driven emergency fire pump not starting, causes, action as 2nd & remedy

Q. Lube oil additive

Q. Pour point

Q. Stresses in crosshead bearing

Q. Crankshaft material

Q. Humidity control

Q. Boiler feed water line diagram

Q. Nox reduction technique

Q. Which engine you worked

Q. How is cam fitted to camshaft?

Q. Where is back pressure valve fitted in refrigeration system? Why?

Q. Critical rpm?

Q. Why centrifugal pump made of cast iron?

Q. Main Engine suddenly dropping speed reasons?

Q. Preserving boiler for one month, tell two methods?

Q. Heleshaw pump how variable delivery is achieved?

Q. Main Engine starting air valve leaking what will happen?

Q. Scavenge efficiency?

Q. Gear pump material?

Q. Ni, Cr., Mo properties? and lot of cross questions.

Q. M/E while running, stopped suddenly. What will you check? Puncture valve working.

Q. Gear pump working. What will happen if we reverse direction of motor?

Q. Damper in main engine. what is the primary vibration in engine? details and cross questions.

Q. Material of impeller in Ballast pump. Difference between stainless steel and bronze. composition of bronze.

Q. Boiler refractory coming out. Causes,  too many cross questions.

Q. Why we use Multistage compressor? cross questions.

Q. Checks to be done on main engine during turbocharger surging

Q. Material of crankshaft and how it is made

Q. Characteristics of axial flow pump

Q. Properties of steering gear lube oil

Q. How hot gas defrosting is carried out

Q. Reciprocating p/p major defect

Q. Liner calibration

Q. Mouth ring clearance and one important function. How it maintain that function (want to know how clearance can prevent water from passing)

Q. Single failure criteria

Q. M/E shows initial high pick up speed then reduces. causes

Q. What is hunting in s/g

Q. Working of tev and why required

Q. A/E crankshaft deflection. How to find fault by looking at the graph plotted by junior engineer.

Q. Accumulation pressure test & why?

Q. Crosshead lubrication, difficulties and lubrication principle?

Q. Crank pin ovality, how to measure, and which position of crankshaft you will take ovality?

Q. Bilge pump piston ring material and how the ductility of the material helps in sealing??

Q. Shock valve in steering gear, function.

Q. Thin shell bearing advantage

Q. Accumulation pressure testing

Q. Liner running in procedure

Q. Modification on mc engine

Q. Moment compensator

Q. Type of engine

Q. Cut outs of main engine

Q. Why priming in centrifugal pump and no in reciprocating pump

Q. Cooling water treatment, chemical and purpose

Q. Bypass and relief valve in steering gear

Q. Engine to be run after scavenge fire extinction.. Precautioary measures and inspections during running of engine. In full details.

2.Accumulation of pressure test of boiler why, how, what checks to be done. Precaution and safety measures during test.

Q. Function of reservoir in discharge of reciprocating pump. Operation  and working  of reciprocating ring. Material of bucket ring.

Q. Asked about type of ship.

Q. Have you heard of alkene.( Hydrocarbon of empirical formula CnH2n, unsaturated hydrocarbon) Any idea where it is used as fuel?

Q. Effects of high ash content in fuel (Abrasive wear) Source of ash in fuel? he wanted the exact source how it comes in fuel? if in refinery then how it comes there?

Q. Maintenance of stuffing box??

Q. Hunting of steering gear. Actions as 2/E.

Q. Welding current how to determine? How to do it practically?

Q. how to select welding electrode? welding current? difference between lap and butt weld? advantages and disadvantages of both.

Q. Thrust bearing type. Clearance value.. Why clearance is required. What if less and more. Method to take thrust clearance value of M/E and generators separate. Why thrust bearing high temperature shut down. How to reset it’s alarm

Q. Thin shell bearing full in detail. Bearing material. material property details. Why called thin shell. Its Advantages over thick shell bearing. Method of its  fitting to bearing housing. Why this way fitted?