Function – 4b, 6

Surveyor – Sarkar sir

Q. Liner inspection.

Q. PID control details, where used

Q. IHL safety valve in boiler, What is COD, floating liner.

Q. Difference between ME and AE governor and cross Question

Q. when you overhaul a piston what all things you will check, mention all

Q. Why con rod bottom covers have serration in them, why con rod bolts need to be changed frequently in medium and high speed engines .

Q. What is the purpose of back pressure valve in refer plant

Q. what is osmosis, osmotic pressure, draw and explain RO plant

Q. Exhaust v/v failure for what chemical reaction in fuel?

Q. Reset control?

Q. Evaporator defrosting methods.

Q. Liner checks after overhaul.

Q. Dry dock plan and tools .

Q. AE running at 50% exhaust temp.

Q. Tools order procedure.

Q. Purifier, oil coming from water side reason.

Q. After fitting Propeller, how to know correctly fitted

Q. What is Endurance limit n cross questions.

Q. Liner wear where and cause of each ? Liner wear rate .

Q. During taking round, How you will come to know that chain is slacked ? Chain tightening criteria? Affect of chain slackness ?

Q. Tie rod tightening and checking interval and cross questions.

Q. Old AE only able to take 50 % load , it has been overhauled recently (decarbed) . What is the reason ? Give only one fundamental cause.

Q. Alpha lubricator and cross questions.

Q. Keyless propeller fitting, How to know that it has reached the exact position with diagram.

Q. Crane jib crack, How to repair ?

Q. Stuffing box parts & overhauling with asymetric diagram.

Function – 4b, 6

Surveyor – Banerjee Sir

Q. What is Universal Testing Machine

Q. What is high carbon steel, What is strength, Where it is used.

Q. Name a method how parts are reconditioned.

Q. What property of Radiographic testing equipment makes it possible to detect the flaws. What type of materials can’t be used for Radiographic test?

Q. How stern tube is lubricated.

Q. What is critical RPM of Engine…. How frequency matches.

Q. Various levels of risks.

Q. How to check the shaft alignment other than dial gauge.

Q. Mild steel composition and other types of steel as per carbon content. Stainless steel composition. What V, cr, mn do in alloy.

Q. Ways to improve hardness of any material.

Q. Safeties in s/g.

Q. Accumulation press test of boiler, Related cross questions.

Q. Frequency as per risk assessment.

Q. Primary risk assessment

Q. Classification of primary risk assessment

Q. S/g room flooded, your action

Q. Metal spray why it is done

Q. How to know exact amount of Water in fuel.

Q. Austenite and ferrite material, in austenite carbon is in which form.

Q. Modulus of toughness. What we get from this, and from tensile stress what we get.

Q. Centifugal pump characteristics curve.

Q. What are the 3 levels of risk.

Q. Residual fuel additives. Compound of sludge removal name.

Q. Main engine not picking up fuel. He wanted to know reasons for not picking rpm from slow speed.

Q. M/E starts on air bt not on fuel reason?

Q. Cavitation in centrifugal pump? Reason? What is vapour pr.?

Q. How humidity is controlled in a/c system? Tell me about humidity sensor?

Q. Crankshaft material? Property of alloy added.

Q. Difference Between steel and cast iron.

Q. What is plain carbon steel and types.

Q. What is charpy test.

Q. How thrust transmitted from propeller to thrust block.

Q. What is humidity and relative humidity.

Q. Eleven types of fuel oil additives.

Q. Major advantage of diesel electric propulsion.

Q. Hydraulic Pump casing corrosion, How to rectify

Q. Ballast pump shaft trueness

Q. Relationship between ism code and risk assessment. what is risk, how to quantify risk, what is event what consequence

Q. Refer line fully contaminated with crankcase lube oil, how to get rid of it??

Q. What is alloying of steel, What engineering property you will get

Q. Alcap principle, Total working

Q. Stokes law, Clarifier and purifier difference.

Q. Anaerobic microbial degradation where. How bacteria works difference between aerobic and anaerobic

Q. How to know chain in loose, How to tight

Q. Fuel oil additive.

Function – 4b, 6

Surveyor – Chakraborty sir

Q. What is fatique, how it is tested?

Q. While in rounds, Boiler guage glass empty, what is your immediate action?

Q. Ship side valve material? why not cast iron?

Q. What is the purpose of composite gauge in a domestic refrigerator?

Q. Fitted Bolts and location.

Q. During crankcase inspection you found Unit #2 one of the con rod bolts loose. Your action.

Q. 100% redundancy.4 Ram.

Q. How it is achieved in Rotary vane ?

Q. Fitted Bolts

Q. A/E crankcase inspection

Q. Normalising procedure and effects. Which parts in engine room are done?

Q. Axial pump & it’s peculiarities

Q. Crank pin ovality, procedure to check n what effects?

Q. Extreme pressure additives purpose and chemical names!

Q. OMD alarm and actions

Q. Define hydrostatic lubrication and where found

Q. 100 % redundancy and how achieved in Rotary vane type

Q. Dispersency property of lube oil

Q. Additives in Lube oil