Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of:

  • Convention on Law of the Sea
  • Territorial Sea and the Contiguous Zone
  • International Straits
  • Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf
  • High Seas
  • Protection and Preservation of the Marine Environment

International Convention on the Load Lines, 1966, as modified states that no ship to which the Convention applicable may proceed to the sea on an international voyage except if it has been inspected, marked & provided with an international Load Line Certificate (1966) or an international Load Line Exemption Certificate, if suitable

  • Explains to which ships the Convention applies
  • Explains the duration of validity of an International Load Line Certificate (1966)
  • Explains the conditions in which an International Load Line Certificate (1966) would be cancelled by the Administration
  • States the control to which ships having an international Load Line Certificate (1966) are concerned when in the ports of the other Contracting Governments

Describes for the purposes of the Regulations concerning:

  • freeboard
  • freeboard deck
  • superstructure
  • Describes the position, dimensions and marking of:
  • the deck line
  • the Load Line Mark
  • lines can be used with the Load Line Mark
  • States that the circle lines & letters are to be painted in white or yellow on a dark background or in black on a light background & that they must be permanently marked on the sides of the ship
  • States that the international Load Line Certificate (1966) will not be given to the ship until the surveyor has approved that the marks are correctly & permanently marked on the ship’s sides
  • Describes the conditions regarding the provision of closing appliances for the ventilators
  • States that means should be provided for closing the openings of air pipes to ballast tanks & other tanks
  • Describes the provisions for the protection of the crew
  • States that deck cargo should be so stowed as to enable for the closing of openings giving access to crew’s quarters, machinery space & other parts used in the essential work of the ship