Q. How will you confirm that pump room ventilation 20 air changes are taking place?

Q. Draw deck seal on your ship and also draw if any alarms or trips on it.

Q. Pump room blower capacity and regulations?

Q. GAS CARRIER: Draw and explain fixed DCP fire fighting system on deck & cargo space

Q. GAS CARRIER: LPG cargo containment system?

Q. GAS CARRIER: MARVS setting on cargo tanks.

Q. GAS CARRIER: Material of tank insulation – what is there in the space between primary barrier & secondary barrier of cargo tank?

Q. GAS CARRIER: When you carry propane in cargo tanks, what arrangement is provided for expansion of tanK?

Q. GAS CARRIER: : Draw cross section of cargo tank? Material of chokes on which tank is supported. Cargo Boil off rate for your ship?

Q. GAS CARRIER: Loading and discharging operation. What safeties provided and all alarms and trips. Details.

Q. Gas Carrier: Why do we have booster pumps and heat exchanger in cargo line?

Q. GAS CARRIER: Air lock arrangement explain with diagram and regulations regarding the same.

Q. GAS CARRIER: Types of gas carrier.

Q. Gas Carrier: Types of cargo pumps you had on-board.

Q. COPT Trips

Q. OIL Tanker: Hazards on crude oil tanker

Q. What do u mean by Aframax tankers?

Q. What pressure and vacuum values are there for PV valve and PV breaker?

Q. CHEM TKR: Difference between BCH & IBC code?

Q. CHEM TKR: Draw cross section of type 2 tanker along with constructional details

Q. CHEM TKR: How many cargo tanks?

Q. CHEM TKR: How many manifolds?

Q. CHEM TKR: Which cargo needs water padding?

Q. CHEM TKR: Which category does vegetable oil falls in?

Q. CHEM TKR: Major hazard on chemical tanker

Q. CHEM TKR: Type 1 chemical tanker draw how tank is arranged?

Q. What checks you make on p/v breaker?

Q. What is the function of mast riser?

Q. Pump room ventilation, blower interlocks

Q. Why oil does not come out of PV valve or vents though tank pressure is more than the atmospheric pressure?

Q. What is the Difference between the IGG and IGGS?

Q. (Safety)Regulations for IG?

Q. Why IG not required below 20000 DWT?

Q.  Why IG not in bunker tanks?

Q. Scrubber tower with diagram

Q. What is safety on IG line?

Q. What is used to prevent the back flow from cargo tanks?

Q. Where you have read about the regulation of IG?

Q. Above what flash point IG is used? Why not for F/O? Is there any fuel less than 60 deg. What? And how much is the flash point? Used in what?

Q. Why IG used for COW? (static electricity)

Q. Inert gas purpose, what was system on your ship?

Q. Draw IG system and many cross questions in it – like type of water filled in deck seal (SW or FW)? Function of vent v/v on the line? Difference in pv valve and pv breaker? Reasons for high oxygen % in inert gas?

Q. IG below 20000DWT. What to do if IG is not there? How to carry cargo(on less than 2000DWT)? Arrangements and their details

Q. Visual inspection of IG furnace and Demister

Q. Deck seal as on your ship – draw it

Q. IG Alarms & Trips

Q. What are the pressure limits for p-v valve and p-v breaker on IG system?

Q. Draw Mast Riser. How is Mast Riser connected to all tanks? How is the Vapour Emitted from Mast Riser? How is the Pressure given to the vapours?

Q. Safeties devices in IG system, trips

Q. What is the purpose for mast riser ? Does mastriser function same as High Velocity Vent Valve (HVVV) ?

Q. What is the difference between PV breaker and PV valve ?

Q. Why do we inert the tanks in oil tanker?

Q. Inert gas plant

Q. Which person on ship is not a passenger

Q. What does PSC inspector checks on ship?

Q. What is risk analysis? If you have to do hot work on bottom platform then how will u do risk analysis?

Q. What is STCW? 1995 ammendments? 2010 ammendments? Why 2010 ammendments?

Q. Full form of function 3? Name all the subject which function 3 covers?

Q. Difference b/w Flag state and PSC

Q. What is PSC and its functions?

Q. Name a few conventions? What are conventions?

Q. What is classification society and its function? How Lloyd’s Register started?

Q. What is the speciality of SCBA compressor ?

Q. What is meant by White list?

Q. What is there to check cargo density if cargo pump is tripping on overload?

Q. Saturday routines ? please enlist

Q. What is LANE METER?

Q. Bunkering safeties

Q.  Actions after getting OMD alarm?

Q. E/R flooding – Actions? While answering he asked All Requirements of Bilge Injection Valve

Q. Bad weather precautions and actions

Q. Actions taken when there is an oil spill

Q. Bunker hose bursts while bunkering; actions to be taken

Q. What is major non conformity ?

Q. SO2 What is the non conformity and who all can find these?

Q. Regulations for Emergency generator?

Q. What are the documents issued under ISM code (lots of cross questions on this)

Q. ISM certificates and when they shall be revoked prior to 5 years

Q. What is the difference between cargo and passenger ship?

Q. Where do you find your duties on board?

Q. What all is there in SMS manual?

Q. Who issues DOC and SMC and validity and to whom it is issued.

Q. What are the differences in life boat and rescue boat?

Q. What is Chapter 9 of SOLAS?

Q. What are SOLAS Chapter 5 new amendments?

Q. How will you know that the copy of DOC on-board is concerned to that vessel only?

Q. What is the non-conformity and who all can find these?


Q. Name SOLAS Chapters & Explain Ch 12. How you will detect fire in cargo hold?

Q. Certificates carried on board

Q. What is ISM code and why it came into action? Tell me at least three main objectives of ISM? If two hrs notice is given what will be your first action?

Q. ISPS – how the system works, depth

Q. AIS Details? How it works? What identifications you are getting? Use of AIS?

Q. What all certificates should be carried by ship?

Q. What is the difference between the CODE and the Convention?

Q. Name 6 codes and 6 conventions?

Q. What is SOLAS Ch IX? Tell me about that

Q. SOLAS chapter 11. Explain everything whatever it deals with. Both parts.

Q. What is chapter 9? How many regulations of ISM?

Q. Emergency fire pump regulation i

Q. Explain ISPS and lot of cross questions?

Q. Have you ever followed ISM code on-board? Under which SOLAS chapter ISM Code included?

Q. Latest amendment in SOLAS regarding Lifeboat New

Q. Duty of DPA? What is non-conformity?

Q. Emergency generator and emergency fire pump regulations?

Q. Bulk carrier transverse stability Chapter in SOLAS

Q. ISM code new amendment (energy efficiency)

Q. ISPS – Basic/General

Q. What are the emergency fire pump regulations and working? (means of starting and at what distance how much pressure this is what he wanted)

Q. New Amendments in SOLAS

Q. SOLAS Ch 11 – B, some certificate, who assigns it, validity.

Q. ISM objectives? How will you make sure that it’s being followed?

Q.  ISM Details : What is ISM? History of ISM. Which SOLAS Chapter? What certificates / verifications/ validity/ issuing authority? Difference between SMC & DOC? Similar items in SMC & DOC? How do you know ISM is implemented on a ship when you join?

Q. Functional requirement of ISM? (one sentence answer). How ISM maintained and monitored onboard? Certificates Issued and other things like audits, management review etc.

Q. What is IMDG and IBC code? What certificates are issued under these codes?

Q. In which chapters of SOLAS and Annexures of MARPOL do IBC and IMDG code related?

Q. What is ISPS code (full form) when it came into force, what certificates? Who were your DPA, CSO, and SSO? What are their responsibilities (each of them) where is their name posted?

Q. What are security levels, how these were maintained on-board? Your responsibilities?

Q. What is VRP?