Q. Different types of keel (function of bilge keel)

Q. How is bilge keel attached to hull

Q. Why dry dock required

Q. Collision bulkhead

Q. Why tankers have less freeboard?

Q. Electrical safeties in steering gear sys?

Q. What do you check in keyless propeller when it is removed in dry dock just after inspection? How will you make sure that it is fitted properly?

Q. Which is continuous tank top or bulkhead?

Q. What is special about collision bulkhead and where it is placed?

Q. What do you check in keyless propeller when it is removed in dry dock just after inspection? How will you make sure that it is fitted properly?

Q. Do you know what is reverse transom stern. Draw its structure.

Q. GRT, GT, Deadwt, Tonnage, NT, Lightwt, Displacement, TEU

Q. Draw cross section of bulk carrier and explain

Q. Load line draw n explain.

Q.  Duct keel define and give measurements of it. Where it opens up and what is the use of it?

Q. Camber, sheer

Q. Bilge keel; draw how it is attached to the ship.

Q. Are stiffeners used for collision bulkhead? What is the spacing b’n stiffeners?

Q. What is apparent slip?

Q. Importance of freeboard, and some cross question.

Q. Function of floors.

Q. What is fresh water allowance, and some cross question.

Q. Midship Section of Bulk carrier

Q. Angle of Lol and what is GM , at angle of Lol.

Q. Plimsoll marking

Q. What is Garboard strake, sheer strake, bilge strake?

Q. What is buttock line in ship?

Q. What are the diagrams on your ship posted in alleyways regarding ships structure

Q. Reserve buoyancy

Q. Lightweight, Deadweight (cross questions).

Q.  Angle of Loll. What happens when ship rolls now?

Q. Watertight Bulkheads its uses, from where to where it extends?

Q. What is TEU & FEU?

Q. How container is loaded in hold and on top of container.

Q. How is locking of container is done. Name of that device.

Q. Safeties of deck crane and what all safeties are provided in operator’s cabin?

Q. What is hose test for cargo hold and how it is done and on which all parts of cargo hold/hatch cover

Q. Torsion box. Diagram and purpose. What is torsion box? All the details with diagram and cross questions

Q. What is Metacentric Height? What is the effect of large / small Metacentric Height?

Q. How where to calculate rudder drop using trammel guage and propeller drop using poker guage?

Q. GRT, NRT, DWT, LWT & Calculation

Q. What is function of Bilge Keel? What is length and width of Bilge Keel on your ship?

Q. What are other means of damping the rolling of ship?

Q. Rudder Construction

Q. GZ and GM curves, explain stability in it, at what angle will vessel lose its stability?

Q. Draw cargo hold & show all components & attachments

Q. Garboard strake, freeing port?

Q. Safeties provided on sounding pipe

Q. Draw and explain construction of double bottom tank. Show all frames used

Q. Corrugated bulkheads and what advantages over normal bulkheads?

Q. Forces acting on fwd part of ship in heavy weather? What is bulbous bow?

Q. Types of stabilizers

Q. Definition – hawse pipe, spurling pipe, sole piece

Q. What type of crane on deck ?

Q. Various types of keel? Explain duct keel in detail?

Q. Define deadweight

Q. Free surface effect. How to reduce in tankers and in bulk carriers? What are the processes?

Q. Difference b/w cargo and passenger ship

Q. What is floors? Where are they located? There types?

Q. Pounding and Panting? Discuss in details. Explain the arrangement in fwd part of ship’s structure to counteract the same.

Q. Inclining experiment? What is inclining angle? (Cross questions)

Q. How do calculate freeboard?

Q. What is free surface effect and in which ship?

Q. Where is bulbow bow and what’s that for ? Have to explain no drawing?

Q. Collision Bulkhead: location and function

Q. Stable and Unstable Ship with diagram

Q. How keyless propellers doesn’t slip, what principle?

Q. Draw the mid-section of bulk carrier. Lots of cross question regarding framing, floors, use of hopper tanks?

Q. Strengthening of rudder. Where is load taken?

Q. Draw load lines. Significance.

Q. Aft end arrangement drawing with provision to show strengthening for taking the rudder weight.

Q. How is propeller fitting done? Procedure? How is it secured? The nut name?

Q. Draw shafting and propeller diagram

Q. Panting? Draw panting region. All the stiffeners names.

Q. Drawing of shell plating in NA – What is that drawing called?

Q. Draw quick closing valve and explain the mechanism

Q. What is Aframax, Panamax, Suezmax, Kamsarmax? What is being done to Panama Canal resently?

Q. Free surface effect

Q. If the hatch cover is closed, how will you know hatch cover is not leaking?

Q. At what pressure bulk carrier cargo hold is tested for its integrity.?

Q. Which type of windlass onboard?

Q. Which type of windlass pump and what is the motor rating? Type of starter?

Q. Load line curve

Q. What is gunwale?

Q. What is Camber?

Q. What are the types of floors?

Q. In double bottoms what arrangement is provided to subdivide the tanks e. g. (db tk1, db tk2, db tk3 etc.)?

Q.  Transverse bulkhead diagram

Q. Transverse bulkhead oil tanker draw it

Q. Draw fwd and aft part of ship

Q. Type of keels and draw bilge keel. Types of keel? Cross section of bilge keel. What are the dimensions of bilge (plate/keel)?

Q. What difference between product tanker and crude carrier?

Q. Deck crane – if it rotates 360 degrees then how the flexible hydraulic hose does not gets entangled?

Q. How will you make sure if hatch covers are seal tight? Which test? Explain fire hose test?

Q. If GZ is more, what does it indicate? It’s a stiff ship or tender ship?

Q. Stability of a ship,

Q. Free surface effect, how can you reduce free surface effect?

Q. When a surveyor comes for loadline markings, what he checks with respect to engine room equipments for load line?

Q. How is watertightness of a Bulk Head tested?

Q. GZ curve and cross curves of stability

Q. Why minimum bunker is maintained before entering into drydock?

Q. Inspection of sea chest in drydock

Q. How will you find out if rudder is cracked in dry dock? How will you fix the crack?

Q.  What is rudder balancing?

Q. What happens to GM of ship, when ship moves from water to dock?

Q. What is loadicator?

Q.  In the threaded portion of the propellershaft which diameter is bigger : fwd or aft?

Q. What is singing of propeller?

Q. How to know ship sagged or hogged?

Q. Why tanker having less freeboard

Q. During fooding of ER, the aft end sinks first, still the emergency bilge suction valve and the emergency bilge pump are situated to forwd end of the engine. Why?

Q. Differentiate between crane and derrick

Q. What is the difference between watertight door and weathertight door?

Q. Safety Features of Engine Room Crane