Q. Power imbalance and catalytic fines xyz

Q.  Draw manoeuvring diagram, tell the position of fuel cam while stopping and few more question on it.

Q. Draw lube oil circuit of your main engine and what are the alarms and trips provided for lube oil only for main engine?

Q. V/v timing diagram of 2-stroke, p-v diagram of same and draw card for 2-stroke and then the postion of TDC on draw card?

Q. How is chain case lubricated?

Q.  How can the chain be tightened if it has become loose?

Q. What is the sac volume in a fuel injector?

Q. What is the pressure of lube oil at ME main bearings?

Q. The line from the expansion tank enter to the suction side or discharge side of the JCW pump and explain the reason for that

Q. Draw main engine lube oil line

Q. What is the purpose of having back flush filter in LO line?

Q. What is the pressure of lube oil at ME main bearings?

Q. What is VIT and cross questions?

Q.  How reversing takes place?

Q. What type of lubrication used for thrust bearing? Hydrodynamic or hydrostatic lub?

Q. LO test report from shore- what all are the contaminants? If iron n copper present in LO test report

Q. wat will you check in engine(which part)? If sodium is present what is the cause?

Q. Procedure for taking indicator card

Q. How peak pressure measured in generator? Can we use same instrument for ME?

Q. What is the material of crosshead bearing, telescopic pipe, articulated pipe?

Q. What is piston slap?

Q. Not all ships are provided with planimeter. How to calculate power in that case? Also the procedure to find SFOC?

Q. MCR, NCR – Definitions? Your ship MCR. NCR?

Q. Stresses in A/E and M/E starting frm piston to propeller?

Q. The line from the expansion tank enter to the suction side or discharge side of the JCW pump and explain the reason for that

Q. How to check the integrity of piston rod gland without opening it?

Q. Why 1.4mm lift is given for injectors? Why not more or less?

Q. How is the Tie rod attached to the Bedplate?

4ME160 What UEC stands for ?

Q. How to find the elongation of chain in chain case? How to measure percentage elongation?

Q. What is Mark-1,2,3,4& 5 engine?

Q. What is MC,ME,MCC,MCE?

Q. What is oil analysis? How it can be used for engine condition monitoring?

Q. How will you know without opening anything that it is two stroke or 4 stroke Engine?

Q. What is priming of fuel injector?

Q. Difference between lubrication of X-HD in sulzer RTA n B&W MC engines. Construction and operational differences?

Q. How to confirm exhaust valve rotation?

Q. Why Pulse type T/C used in AE and Constant Pressure T/C in ME?

Q. How to adjust timing of cam shaft relative to crank shaft?

Q. Difference between super VIT and VIT?

Q. Difference between specific fuel consumption and total fuel consumption?

Q. Excessive honing of liner will lead to?

Q. What is supercharging? Construction of turbochager, function of each parts,

Q.  JCW Expansion tank- why it is provided? Suppose oil is there from where it can come?

Q. 6S60MC-C8 wat does C8 stand foR?

Q. In man B&W L-MC engine I saw that the fuel recirculation was through the fuel injector when the engine is stopped . Although on Sulzer RTA i was told that the recirculation takes place by keeping the suction valve open hence shorting the fuel through the pump itslef and no fuel goes through the injectors. Any comments on the same?

Q. What is detuner?

Q. Can any one explain the Main engine air fuel interlock, more specifically how does the air get cut off and fuel injected during starting of the main engine. any diagrams would be helpful

Q. Man b&w 7k80mcc-mk6 engine – mk6 is the mark number. But what it indicates and what changes are made in engine compare to same series previous engine?


Q. What to do if cam of fuel pump of one of d unit of Aux. engine is corroded?

Q. Tappet clearance? How will you ensure that the v/v seats are closed (to take tappet)?

Q. Tappet Adjustment. How is it done? Where all it can be checked? What happens if wrongly adjusted? If no indication on flywheel, how will you do?

Q. How to adjust compression pressure when generator is running?

Q.  How is camshaft & crankshaft connected in A/E? Lubrication arrangement for them

Q. How starting air is supplied to aux engine? Draw & explain. Function of air distributor.

Q. Tappet clearance. Everything in depth (start to end)

Q. 4-stroke bottom end bearing clearance. How to take and position of piston?

Q. Draw timing and PV diagram along with piston movements of 4 stroke engine? Dual, Diesel & Otto cycles

Q. Draw/explain LO circuit for AE. How does liner get lubricated?

Q. AE – how fuel goes inside? Diagram? Injector overhaul?

Q. Additives of A/E L.O.TBN of AE oil ?

Q. Aux engine liner lubrication

Q. Crankcase inspection in auxiliary engine,

Q. How lubrication of liner is done in aux engine?

Q. How to test lub oil trip and over speed trip in aux engine?

Q. What impurities can be found in the LO of a generator

Q. How does A/E LO get dirty?

Q. How does piston gets lubricated in 2s & 4s? With figure

Q. Lube oil consumption increases of generator after 1000 hrs of decarb ? What all possible reason ?

Q. Overspeed Trip Testing for AE

Q. Why 2 springs for 4S valve arrangement?

Q. How to identify a unit at TDC without refering to flywheel marking?

Q. Why gudgeon pin in compressor is fixed and free floating in AE?

Q. Difference between auxiliary engine governor and main engine governor.

Q. Why we can’t reverse 4 stroke engine directly?

Q. Engine is running but not taking load. What may be the reason?