Q. How to take butt clearance?

Q. Generator exhaust temp onboard

Q. Cooling water temp, pr onboard

Q. Lube oil temperature and pressure onboard

Q. How to measure ovality of connecting rod?

Q. How piston crown distortion measured?

Q. Function and checking of rotocap during overhaul

Q. Liner calibration

Q. How will you take butt clearance?

Q. What all checks you will make on piston when removed during decarb?

Q. Checks in Crankcase inspection? (Lots of cross questions on this)

Q. Piston checks and clearances

Q. Air cooler dirty – How will you come to know? Air Cooler cleaning

Q. How do you conclude your liner has got crack?

Q. How frequently you clean scavenge valves?

Q. Draw valve timing diagram of your ship n explain.

Q. Engine Holding down bolt torque

Q. Crankcase Inspection.

Q. Why Secondary Explosion in Engine?

Q. Cylinder head overhaul of AE

Q. Overhauling of fuel valve of both aux and main engine.

Q. Tappet detail.

Q. How is piston calibration done in A/E

Q. How butt clearance is taken

Q. Reasons for excessive LO consumption

Q. What type of edge does the oil scrapper ring has?

Q. What is surging? Then went deeper into surging topic came to surging graph about surge line & on graph what is plotted against what?

Q. If exhaust gas of M/E for a particular unit has gone up what are the reasons?

Q. How to adjust the tappet clearance?

Q. Have you taken crankshaft deflection in aux. engines? Where do you fit dial gauge and how it stays there? What locations to take deflections?

Q. How the inlet and exaust valve lapping in done?

Q. Liner calibration – how is done?

Q. Crank case inspection of main engine?

Q. Full generator decarb? Butt clearance/ tappet clearance.

Q. Liner gauging

Q. Cylinder head decarb – What are the things you will check? How will you clean all passages?

Q. Scavenge temperature of 1 unit increasing – reasons & actions

Q. Generator not starting on air , reason?

Q. How will you take crank shaft deflection. Why we take two readings in BDC not exactly on BDC reason,

Q. Tappet clearance procedure? Can you take tappet clearance of no. 1 unit inlet valve on different angles of flywheel other than normal tappet angle on flywheel?

Q. Tappet checking? If fitter does that, how will u verify that he is doing it properly?

Q. How to take compression pressure on running generator? What do you know by taking it? How will you take it?

Q. How reversing takes place?

Q. How to take Bottom end bearing clearance in aux. engine? What position is correct?

Q. ME main bearing bottom half end removal procedure?

Q. Crank web deflection taking procedure? How to take bottom readings? (Wanted to listen about the use of mirror)

Q. LO testing

Q. Stuffing box if butt clearance decrease and no spares

Q. Working of stuffing box? For what used?

Q. Crank case explosion

Q. Scavenge temperature of 1 unit increasing – reasons & actions

Q. Crankcase inspection

Q. Bottom end bearing checks after taking out con rod.

Q. How is con rod bolt fitted in bottom end bearing and checks made on it?

Q. Piston ring; what all clearances are taken and their significance?

Q. Scavenge piston space inspection and conclusions

Q. Tie rod tension – how u will check? Procedure?

Q. M/E Decarb: Piston and Liner (only checks to be made on piston and liner calibration and ovality)

Q. How to check tappet clearance? At what degree of crankshaft? How u will know without flywheel marking, without fuel pump inspection window, that your correct position is reached??

Q. What all clearances to check in piston rings, how to take, where to take?

Q. How will you come to know that piston rings blow past, when engine is running? & after opening crankcase?

Q. Checks made on a new liner before replacing

Q. How to put a new liner in a unit?

Q. How to take out the old liner? (whole procedure from removing exhaust valve)

Q. Indication of scavenge fire

Q. How to measure Compression pressure of AE?

Q. Hw to check main brg clearance of Aux. engine of underslung crankshaft?

Q. How will you check main bearing clearance for aux engine? What particular angle you prefer and why that angle is important?

Q. One unit exhaust temperature high during your watch, course of action?

Q. Methods for measuring TAPPET CLEARENCE in AE

Q. Routine maintenance of auxiliary engines

Q. AE clearances … bottom to top .. and how to take the gudgeon pin clearances.

Q. How to detect crankshaft bending? (He wanted to hear crankshaft deflection)

Q. What is wedge formation in liner at what position?

Q. How to know that there is instrumental error from crank web deflection and readings?

Q. How your engine measures NOx(engine parameter)?


Q. Engine room temperature

Q. How to convert Celcius to Fahrenheit

Q. My body temp

Q. Steam line leaking in bilges – how will you rectify ?

Q. Why is the service tank temperature maintained @ 98 deg and just before fuel pump/fuel injector it is brought to 145-148 deg? Why not maintain service tank @ 145-148 deg?

Q. Overhaul the sea water suction strainer and add lots of problems in it.

Q. The oil filter in emergency gen is jammed by which tool you will remove it without

Q. What is SDNR? How will u lap the valve seat and valve lid? What are the

Q. LO Cooler leak – How to find?

Q. Reamer, dye, hack saw, function, type , profile, how will you order?

Q. During sailing bridge reported that steering gear is not responding in both auto pilot and manual steering. What will you check if your steering gear is of latest

Q.  Hydraulic jack working with simple diagram.

Q. Welding of two metal pieces of diff thickness. What will you do for the surface preparation of those two metal pieces?

Q. Hot oil filter cleaning procedure that lies in main engine fuel line system?

Q. Your duty as a 4th engineer on ship?

Q. Bunkering sample analysis report; what all is there?

Q. Difference between safety and relief valve

Q. What are catfines and their relevance?

Q. Draw SDR valve. How the spindle is attached with valve?

Q. Overhauling of procedure of SDNR valve . How to open if bonnet is stuck?

Q. Overhauling of SDRV. Valve not coming out with valve stem. Tapping and jacking

Q. Least count of a 0-1inch outside micrometer

Q. Plate type HX overhaul

Q. Bearing nomenclature

Q. Different methods of fixing a leaking pipe – atleast 3

Q. How to calculate least count on micrometer?

Q. How will you order a high pressure pipe? Material and property? Construction?

Q. How will you replace joint in SW line without removing pipeline?

Q. If you have 200 MT in tank and another bunker came of 500 MT and your tank capacity is only 400 – what will you do?

Q. Sea water pipe, leakage at pipe flange edge and not possible to isolate, how to

Q. What is pin gauge?

Q. What is the composition of brass ,bronze and gunmetal?

Q. What is the type of lubrication in Gears?

Q. Why the cap of sounding pipe is spring loaded?